We create and serve great street food with a bit of personality.

Flatbreads & soups

Since we started up in May 2013, we have tried out a variety of street food items to see what customers like. We started off with handmade flatbreads and they continue to be popular.

We fill them with the likes of slow-cooked pulled pork with our house mayo-free slaw, falafel, halloumi with harissa, capers and spinach, chicken tinga and our new meatloaf with onion marmalade amongst others.

Our soups are handmade every day and we source and work with local suppliers to bring fresh and nutricious flavours including: carrot & lemon, mushroom dhal, garden pea & mint, Hungarian smoked sausage, bsarra (Moroccan), cannellini & leek and some more wild ones like bangers & mash and tortilla.

Tacos and sliders

Creating great fillings or taking a twist on old favourites seems to go down well. For example, we sell tacos with a range of fillings including roasted butternut squash & garlic, chicken tinga, shredded beef with cheese but also haggis or veggie haggis with pico de gallo salsa and roasted nuts and seeds. All worth a try.

Sliders (small brioche buns) have become another favourite and we've taken this concept and created both meat and vegetarian fillings. In particular for the vegetarians, our breaded aubergine steak with mango salsa and chimichurri sauce hits the mark.

On the meat side we have shredded beef with smoked cheddar, meatballs with marinara sauce, and chicken with bubble & squeak amongst others.


In an equatorial climate stews are probably for the winter months. We are taking a HUGE risk on perhaps thinking the Scottish climate may prove stews are almost an all year thang. So risky business means we’ll be concocting:


As with everything we do at Loving Food, we make our cakes from scratch daily to serve on Hervé. We also bake our cakes for our outside catering menu and all the events we attend. We do some old favourites like scones and muffins but also pimp up and create new varieties.

We tried the Brazilian street sweet called brigadeiros and made nut dust, cocoa and icing sugar versions and they are really delicious. A few of our regular customers buy lots to take home for their families.

The Italian bombolinis are also popular. They are small dougnut like cakes that we fill with different fillings. Most popular is banana cream at the minute.