Our story

While thinking about launching a new bistro, we had the idea to start up a food truck in Stirling.

Our plan is hatched

November 2011

Still looking for bistro premises that suit what we want to do. Been a bit of a struggle but we are not deterred. So, me, that is I, had a thought. I have many usually, but not all of them make it out of my mouth. 95% of the time that is for the best but this one I felt strongly enough about to include it in the 5%. “How about we make the bistro mobile?”.

“An edible mobile phone?” was the response.

At least that’s how I viewed the response but probably wasn’t that at all. Was far more likely to be annoyingly logical and concise. “Why can’t I be that logical?” I thought to myself as I continued to fill the wellington boot up with water.

Anyhoo, our idea was hatched and off we went to start our research into food trucks and the maximum volume a size 9 welly can contain…

When is a van not a van?

February 2012

We’ve been looking at a suitable vehicle for our Loving Food venture. There’s quite a lot of choice out there but nothing has captured our imagination as much as the old Citroen H Van.

They seem to be quite hard to come by now, at least without having to undertake a complete renovation. Started chatting to Alan Lloyd at H Van World , seems promising and will need to get down for a visit to see what he’s got.

Summer’s gone

August 2012


The summer is just about over and life has gotten in the way of progression. We’ve progressed, but just not as fast as we thought. What with school holidays, welly water weighing etc.

Time to crack on and push for a Christmas completion of our plans.

H Van World

September 2012

Went down to Surrey and met Alan from H Van World to have a look at his stock. He had a few in stock but felt the love for this 1972 one. This has got Loving Food written all over it. Well it will have soon, but in a very tasteful way!

We have a van!

28 September 2012

We’ve bought the Loving Food truck! Just need to plan out the equipment and source a company to help us out.

Innards and outards

28 October 2012

Had quite a few discussions with companies around fitting out our truck. Have gone with Wilkinson Catering. Mike at Wilkinson’s was great chatting through ideas and they get what we’re going to do. Just need to get the van up to him.

Well fit

16 November 2012

Had a great visit to see Mike at Wilkinson’s and discuss our requirements. Very accommodating and helpful. Was even around to witness a lady in tears collecting her Caribbean smoke van. The tears I should add were tears of joy, not pain at seeing me wearing brown boots with black jeans.

Looking a bit pasty

5 December 2012

Just had latest photos of truck conversion from Wilkinson’s. Looks a bit pasty but am sure he feels ok.

Even more pasty!

6 December 2012

Some more photos from Wilkinson’s, needs some colour.

Who loves two-tone?

7 December 2012

Looks amazing! We’re really happy with the paint job. We did think about perhaps the sunbed look but that’s unhealthy and certainly not what we’re going for.

He's here!

20 February 2013

After a slightly longer period than we thought, our 'new' street food truck is with us and standing proud outside our house.

We love him like a long-lost French brother we once knew but were never introduced to until now :)

He now just needs to start making people happy and passionate about street food, and we'll certainly help him with that.