Can You Fry Potatoes In Lard?

Can You Fry Potatoes In Lard?

Whenever the thought of fries comes to mind, vegetable oil is usually the first resort because it is the most conventional. Besides, fries especially one as potatoes are very wonderful to have and you do not want to ruin that experience because of the wrong choice of oil.

Are you contemplating making your potato fries in pork lard? You have nothing to worry about anymore. In this article, we would reveal to you the possibility and suitability of frying your potatoes in lard.

We would briefly take you through the process and share some of the benefits you must’ve been missing all this while.

Potatoes can be fried in lard. It is one of the methods some people prefer. Apart from the naturally sweet taste of fried potatoes, the lard complements the fries with a softer texture.

Lard Explained

Lard is the fat gotten from pork. It is soft, white, and solid.

Just like other animal fats like beef tallow, duck fat, and chicken schmaltz which have their flavor and add a unique taste to whatever fries they are used for, pork lard is a good option for potatoes because it imparts some flavor into the fries.

Interestingly, it is argued to be healthier than regular vegetable oil.

How To Fry Potatoes In Lard

Frying potatoes is not so much of a complicated process once the procedures are understood.

To get the best-fried potatoes, you must be meticulous and pay attention to details. We will be sharing with you, steps to follow to fry potatoes in lard.

One of the hacks of best best-fried potatoes is frying them twice. These are called first fry (also referred to as flash fry) and final fry. Each stage of the process has its bit to the fries. We will discuss these in detail.


Below are easy steps you need to follow while you prepare to fry your potatoes in pork lard.

  • Step 1: Preheat the lard in an oven to about 370°F.
  • Step 2: Peel the potatoes.
  • Step 3: Slice the potatoes into thin strips.
  • Step 4: Soak the finely cut potatoes in aver average of water for about 20 minutes (This is to remove some of the starch from the potatoes).
  • Step 5: Remove the water from the potatoes, rinse them again and drain them (To do a thorough drying and achieve crispiness, make use of a paper towel to ensure all form of moisture is removed).


As earlier mentioned, lard potatoes are an outcome of two stages of frying; the first fry and the final fry.

1. First Fry

Carefully arrange the potatoes into the already heated lard and allow them to fry for about 10 minutes. Afterward, gently remove the ‘half-fried’ fries, arrange them on parchment paper, then, transfer them to the freezer for about 30-35 minutes.

2. Second/Final Fry

After about 35 minutes of putting the fries in the freezer, remove them, and fry in the hot lard for about 7 minutes.

Tip 1: The best temperature to work with when frying your potatoes in lard is 375 degrees. Therefore, ensure that the temperature of the lard is always recovered back to 375 while you fry in batches.

Tip 2: Well-fried potatoes have a crispy golden color.

Why Fry Potatoes Twice?

When you fry any substance in oil for the first time, the water from the food gets trapped in the oil, causing a difference in the texture of the fries.

The first fry is to ensure that the potatoes are cooked on the inside. At this stage, the goal is to have a well-cooked fried potato; soft and delicious.

For the second fry, the focus is on the outside of the fried potatoes; achieving some crispiness in addition to the softness.

Tip: Frying your potatoes twice is a secret to well-cooked and crispy potatoes.

Why Lard Might Be A Problem

Lard has a low smoke point of about 370°F. The implication of this is that it will start to break down at a lower temperature. When that happens, it imparts the fries with an undesirable taste.

The way around this to get crispy fries is to ensure that the temperature of the lard is maintained at 375°F. This way, the oil is kept at an effective temperature and the crispiness of the fries is maintained.

Tip: When frying potatoes in lard, you need a finishing temperature of at least 375°F  (191°C).


When frying your potatoes in lard, you cannot be too careful with the temperature as this can be the only source of concern.

Always ensure that the temperature is maintained at 375°F between frying in batches. Frying your potatoes twice is a secret to well-cooked and crispy potatoes, never slack on this.  While cutting your potatoes, note that the thinner the potatoes, the faster they fry.

Also, you should turn them often to ensure they are cooked from the inside out.

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