Can You Use Cooking Spray On Cast Iron?

Can You Use Cooking Spray On Cast Iron?

Can you use cooking spray on cast iron? There are many ways you can season a cast iron before cooking with it and a cooking spray is one of the ideal options. A cooking spray is simply oil in a can, but it also contains lecithin which is an anti-forming agent and has the purpose to prevent food from sticking to the cast iron.

All kinds of cooking oil can be used in seasoning cast iron but when it comes to cooking spray, you need to choose this carefully. A cast iron is unlike other types of thinner pots and one of the reasons it is popular is its high volumetric heat capacity.

Once cast iron is hot, it stays out and can be used in cooking quite a lot of things.

When it comes to using cast iron for cooking, there are a couple of mistakes you need to avoid making with them. While cast-irons are affordable and effective for lots of cooking, the kind of oil used in seasoning can determine how long it will last.

Cooking spray is also called nonstick cooking spry and as the name implies, it prevents food from sticking to your pan. Generally, any type of oil will work for cooking in cast iron depending on the smoke point.

Before using cooking spray on your cast iron, this article contains all you should know.

Cooking Spray Explained

Many are often confused on why there is a specific cooking spray and if it contains just oil.

Oil happens to be a key component in cooking with cast iron, just a thin layer of oil will be enough for seasoning cast iron. The cooking spray has a high smoke point which is why they are not recommended for nonstick pans.

Cooking spray is simply a can with oil and an ingredient called lecithin which can be harmless on some cookware and can stick to the nonstick coating. There are different brands with their cooking spray and while some use plain oil, some do not.

Switching from butter and oil to a cooking spray when seasoning means fewer calories in your cooking. The main purpose of cooking spray is to prevent food from sticking to your pan, and you have to ensure not to spray too much on your pan.

Can You Use Cooking Spray On Cast Iron?

Can You Use Cooking Spray On Cast Iron?

Yes, you can spray your cast iron with cooking spray, but it has to be done properly. Also keep in mind that cast iron is bad at heating evenly, so you have to be careful what kind of cooking spray you are using and most have lecithin which will only stick to nonstick cast iron coating.

If your cooking spray is made with a thin nice layer then you shouldn’t have a problem spraying your cast iron. Fortunately, some cast iron also comes pre-seasoned, so you do not have to worry about that.

A well-seasoned cast-iron should be nonstick hence your cooking spray should e safe to use on it. You need to also preheat it properly before adding any food to it, or it will end up sticking to the pan.

You don’t need a cooking spray to maintain the surface of a cast iron. To season cast iron, you need to use oil with a high smoke point and preheat it on low heat before cooking with it.

Can you use cooking spray in a cast-iron skillet?

A cast-iron skillet needs to be properly seasoned, but not use a non-stick spray, and you need to also preheat it with regular oil. Cast iron skillets are an all-around great option, and you can use cooking spray in them. Only a thin coat of cooking spray is needed in a cast-iron skillet however olive oil and butter are considered perfect for seasoning a cast-iron skillet.

Do you spray a cast-iron skillet before cooking?

Most cast-iron skillets come already seasoned, so you might have to spray them before cooking. Cast iron skillet needs to be properly taken care of to prevent it from scratching and to do that, you should spray it before cooking. All cooking oils can be used to season cast iron skillets, and you can also oil your meat or vegetable instead before cooking them.

Can you use butter spray on cast iron?

Yes, you can use butter spray on cast iron. However, you should know that butter burns at temperatures above 350 degrees, so the butter can melt fast and turn the pan hot in no time. While butter is okay to be used in cast iron, you need to keep it on low heat or simply substitute it for oil with a high smoke point instead.

How To Season Cast Iron Properly

How do you spray cast iron properly? Cast iron is quite different from regular pans hence why you have to season it the right way. You need to avoid using nonstick spray on your cast iron.

Seasoning cast iron is the ideal way to protect it from rust, so below is the proper way to season a cast-iron skillet.

  • Soak in soap water and scrub then rinse to get rid of any sediments or rust
  • Dry thoroughly afterward with paper towel or dish linen
  • Drop one teaspoon of oil (oil with high smoke point). Add more oil until it is evenly distributed
  • Put the cast iron in the oven for an hour, place the skillet upside down and place foil on a lower rack to catch oil drip
  • Carefully remove after and let it cool
  • With each cooking section, the seasoning will improve and ensure to maintain properly.

Wrapping Up

Seasoning cast iron with cooking spray or oil is not as complex as it sounds.

This is just a way to add some layer of protection to your pan before using it to cook. In conclusion, most cast iron has a non-stick surface, so it’s best not to use cooking spray on it and rather go for oil with a high smoke point such as vegetable oil, olive oil, almond oil, and avocado.

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