Does Soup Hydrate You? (Guide)

Does Soup Hydrate You? Guide

One of the most important things you need to do daily to stay healthy is to be constantly hydrated, your body needs water and nutritious liquids to function properly every day, and denying your body of these would take a toll on your health.

If soups are one of your favorite types of meals, you just be wondering if it also hydrates you, let’s get you up to speed on that.

Yes! Soups help you keep you hydrated because they contain over 90% of water as their main ingredient. Soups are liquid-based and contain fewer solid foods and the solid foods that makeup soups are usually vegetables which contributes to the rich nutrients that are gotten from consuming soups alongside the hydration quality it holds.

Staying hydrated is very crucial to your health, your body requires constant hydration to keep your joints lubricated, prevent the growth of infections, regulate the temperature of your body, and keep the entire body system functioning properly.

It does not always have to be the water you consume for hydration, with a regular intake of nutritious soups you can keep your body hydrated, let’s learn more about that, shall we? 

What Happens When I Eat Soup Left Overnight?
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Does Soup Really Hydrate You?

It is impossible to stress how good it feels to recline in a chair by the fireplace, have your heater on, and be comforted by a healthy bowl of soup during the winter.

Soup is one of those underrated comfort foods that some people only take often when they are sick, but it is so much more than a meal to revive you from a bad cold, the flu,  or a long day. 

Soups are also a healthy and hydrating meal option that should be taken often because of how easily they fill you up, how fast they are to whip up, and how notorious they are. Soups have a high concentration of water, 92% of a bowl of soup is based on its water content.

When you are dehydrated and you consume a bowl of soup, you gain a lot of water content which tends to replenish your electrolytes and instantly rehydrate your body system.

What Soups Are Good For Hydration? 

While we have generalized above by reassuring you that soup is a great means of hydration, it is important that we narrow down the list of soups that are effective for hydrating your body system.

This is because some soups may be thick and creamy and end up leaving you thirsty instead of hydrated, so we have put together a list of some soups that are guaranteed to hydrate your body when you consume them. 

  1. Chicken noodle soup 
  2. 2. Vegetable soups (light)
  3. Chicken soup broth
  4. Red lentil soup
  5. Chickpea minestrone soup
  6. White bean soup
  7. White chicken chili soup
  8. Chickpea soup
  9. Spinach tortellini soup
  10. Curried pumpkin and lentil soup 
Do You Drink or Eat Soup?
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What Other Foods Hydrate You?

Soups are an easy, nutritious and satisfying way to hydrate your body, but there are other options that you can explore if you are not in the mood to pull together a bowl of homemade soup or the weather is hot and you would prefer something more refreshing as a means to get hydrated.

Well, here are some great options! 

  1. Coconut water 
  2. Strawberries
  3. Cucumber 
  4. Lettuce
  5. Cantaloupe
  6. Oranges
  7. Peaches
  8. Watermelon  
  9. Smoothies.

Which Foods Should You Avoid When Dehydrated? 

Just as there are ideal foods that you should consume while dehydrated to get rehydrated, there are also certain foods or drinks you should avoid because they would only worsen your plight.

Some of these foods are listed below; 

  1. Soda
  2. Alcohol
  3. Coffee 
  4. Detox tea
  5. Energy drinks 
  6. Caffeinated drinks.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is soup good for dehydration? 

Yes, soup is an amazing meal for dehydration because of its large water content and its light nature, unlike solid foods. 

Does broth count as water intake? 

Absolutely, water supplies the necessary fluids to your body system and so do broths because they are made primarily of water. 

Which soup is best for dehydration? 

The best type of soups for dehydration are broth-based soups such as chicken broth or chicken noodle soup. This is because they are rich in nutrients, they are easy to digest, replenish your electrolytes,  and have your body feeling alive in no time.


There is no way you would reject a steaming hot bowl of soup when you are desperately looking out for some warmth when the weather is cold.

But this should not be the only time when a bowl of soup seems appealing to you, you should also seek to include them in your weekly meals at least twice or thrice a week to strike a healthy balance. 

As we have proven above, soups can also be a source of hydration when your body needs more water contents, health soups are also packed with protein and other nutrients which gives you an added advantage asides from the comfort you feel afterward.

Just make sure that you follow the guidelines we have highlighted above to ensure you are making the right decisions.

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