Is Korean BBQ Healthy? What You Should Know

Is Korean BBQ Healthy?

Is Korean BBQ really healthy? Korean BBQ has always been found on the list of the healthier barbecues to go regardless of its taste and method of cooking. The recipe used in making it determines how healthy it will be.

It is also noted that Korean BBQ contains a small amount of oil-packed filled with vegetables, so it can be said to be generally healthy.

Before making promises not to go near those tasty Korean BBQs anymore. Do you know you can make it healthier? if you are planning to include it in your diet plan. Compared to other countries’ food, Korea is leading the list of healthier food options.

Studies show that ingredients used in their BBQ play lots of important roles in your health which can explain why they can be included in any diet plan. Korean BBQ is quite delicious however some people still make this meal with too much oil or their recipe which is unlikely to be the healthy version.

If you are someone who loves Korean BBQ, there are a couple of things you want to keep in mind. This article provides you with an overview of the world of Korean BBQ and if you really should consider them for a healthy diet.

A Quick Guide To Making Korean BBQ

Introduction And Guide To Making Korean BBQ
Source: Time Out

Have you tried making Korean BBQ at home yourself? Ordering Korean BBQ for a large group is often considered a hassle which can explain why many people are looking to create this dish themselves. Making Korean BBQ yourself is not as complicated as it sounds.

If you are attempting to throw a large party for the Korean and Non-Korean community, the knowledge of Korean BBQ can help save the day. This is a dish that is becoming a staple not in Korea alone but in other countries as well. Koreans have the art needed to create this meal.

Korean BBQ with the right sauce has a sophisticated sweet taste and below are some essential ingredients and things used in making it.

  • A grill/hot plate
  • Marinated meat of your choice
  • Variety of vegetables
  • Banchan or side dishes (optional)

Ingredients for Korean BBQ sauce:

  • Garlic
  • Soy Sauce
  • Honey
  • Ground pear
  • Sesame oil
  • Sugar.

Korean diet generally has been associated with being delicious, and it doesn’t matter if you are making it at home yourself or enjoying it at a Korean restaurant.

In restaurants, a grill built into the table is used, but you can recreate yours at home by using a portable butane stove with grill plates or an indoor portable grill. The kind of meat and variety of vegetables you choose is up to you.

Check out the Korean-style BBQ recipe here.

Is Korean BBQ Really Healthy?

Introduction And Guide To Making Korean BBQ
Source: Allrecipes

Korean BBQ is surely healthy and should be on the list of your diet foods.

However, before doing that, there are things you should know. Korean BBQ is easy put-together food, and it doesn’t need an introduction to a lot of people since it plays a lot of roles at a family gathering. Korean foods generally are believed to be healthy.

One serving of Korean BBQ has 6 calories which is lower compared to other countries’ BBQ. Most traditional Korean BBQs are packed and filled with vegetables and very little oil is used as well. You can choose a healthy meat option for this.

In addition, vegans and vegetarians can go for the meatless options available at the Korean barbecue spot.

Beef and pork are great options for ensuring your Korean BBQ has enough protein. Vegetables are served as the side dishes or the main course and although it’s often accompanied by rice which you can choose to enjoy or not. Korean BBQ is delicious food you can share with friends and family.

The flavor of pork or beef not only makes Korean Barbecue better, but it’s a much healthier option as well. Galbi (short ribs) and Bulgogi (rib-eye, brisket, or sirloin) are ideal and common choices. You can go with a marinade of your choice or try the common Korean marinade which includes savory sweet soy sauce marinade.

This dish is high in fiber and can help improve your overall digestion since it contains a good amount of vegetables. Although it is not optimal for weight loss and should be consumed moderately.

The smoky Mailliard charged meat plays a significant role in Korean BBQ which can contain a lot of calories but the soup and veggies can help balance it out.

What Makes Korean BBQ So Good?

Whether you are enjoying Korean BBQ with chicken or beef, it does have an exquisite rich taste gotten from the Korean sauce.

The sauce specifically provides a sweet-savory taste to the BBQ which is not the only reason why it tastes good, there are also garnishes sprinkled on the veggies or on each slice to make it even tastier.

The garnishes often include sliced garlic cloves, scallions, toasted sesame seeds, or other things that are available to make Korean BBQ flavorful and bubbly. There is also the Banchan which is another vital side dish that is meant to complement every bite of BBQ you take.

Here are lists of some of the things that accompany Korean BBQ and make it so good.

  • Banchan(rolled omelets, stir-fried dried anchovies, marinated greens like spinach, and many more)
  • Garnishes(sliced Korean chilies, scallions, garlic, or toasted sesame seed)
  • Perilla leaves and lettuces
  • Sauce
  • Kimchi
  • Stir-fried zucchini
  • Dried seaweed
  • Rice
  • Drinks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you describe Korean BBQ?

Korean BBQ which is also known as Gogi-Gui locally is a delicious barbecue that consists of thin slices of meat that are cooked at the table. The Korean cuisine method is simply sued in grilling meat such as beef, pork, or chicken on a grill which is often attached to the table.

What is good with Korean BBQ?

You can enjoy your Korean BBQ with cucumber, salad, kimchi, and rice. Some dishes complement a Korean BBQ. You can also enjoy making it into different meals like tacos and lettuce wrap.

What vegetable is used for Korean BBQ?

The vegetable used for Korean BBQ is called Ssam which means wrapped. Other varieties of vegetables can be used but Ssam is a leafy vegetable used in strapping the pork, meat, or other fillings.


Korean BBQ can change how you feel about meat and barbecues generally. It is not just an enjoyable meal in Korea but lots of non-Koreans find it enjoyable, and it sure makes the perfect food for sharing with friends and families.

Furthermore, if you are enjoying this in a Korean restaurant, you can choose any type of meat, and whichever way they are served, they are always delicious.

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