How Long Does Better Than Bouillon Last After Opened?

How Long Does Better Than Bouillon Last After Opened?

Better than boullion is an essential ingredient for your soup base, sauces, and other dishes, as it contains just the right ingredients needed.

Although it has a long shelf life, you may want to know how long it lasts, after it opening it. In this post, we have provided answers to these and also highlighted some preservation methods, alongside some signs to tell when better than bullion has gone bad.

How long does better than bouillon last after opening? Better than boullion can last as long as 18 months after it has been opened. If it is being kept in the fridge, it is suggested that you use it within 12 months of opening, but if you are going to store it in a pantry, then you should consider using it within 6 months of opening. 

Better than boullion is a mixture of spices, meat, and vegetables, with just enough salt, to enhance the taste and flavor of your broth or sauce. Better than boullion is relatively safe for eating, as it does not contain MSG, and is also gluten-free, which makes it healthy for people with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease.

How Better Than Boullion Is Preserved

Better than boullion can be preserved through refrigeration, freezing, or even by placing it in a pantry. To store in a refrigerator, just keep it in a cool part of the fridge, and make it to be airtight, so it does not spoil.

In addition, to store better than bullion in the freezer, keep it for as long as you like, but when you thaw it, you should use it within one week of opening it.

Lastly, to store in a pantry, keep in a cool and dry place, and use up within 6 months after opening.

How To Know If Better Than Boullion Has Gone Bad

Since it contains natural ingredients such as meat, spices, and vegetables, you should check to see if the better than boullion has gone bad. You can easily tell from the appearance and smell.

To check, observe the content, and see for molds or white stains on it, and also you can perceive the odor. Once it has a foul smell, you can be sure that it has gone bad, and is unsafe for consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Better Than Boullion Product Changing Colour?

The color change in your better than boullion is perfectly normal, as it is due to the ingredients used in making it, and the storage. Then the longer it stays, the darker it gets, and you should not be scared of using it, as far as it is before the expiry date. 

What Is The Shelf Life For Better Than Boullion?

The shelf life for better than boullion is about two years from its production date, and about 18 months after it has been opened.

Does The Better Than Boullion Product Need To Be Refrigerated?

Yes. The better than boullion product needs to be refrigerated, as this is the best way to preserve it.

Can You Freeze Better Than Boullion?

Yes, you can freeze better than boullion. You should make sure you however use it a week after it is thawed because its shelf life declines after it is removed from the freezer. This is why it is advised that you store it in a fridge, rather than a freezer.

Is Better Than Boullion Safe For Eating?

Yes, better than boullion and is safe for eating. The ingredients used in making it has been carefully processed, and this makes it safe for it.

Does Better Than Boullion Go Bad?

Yes. Better than boullion goes bad, and this is why you should always check for expiry dates, and also check for the signs of a bad better than boullion product.

Can I Use Better Than Boullion After The Expiry Date?

It is suggested that you do not use any product after its expiry date, because it can cause harm to you, and this also includes better than boullion.


If stored well in a refrigerator, better than boullion and can last as long as 18 months.

If you are just keeping it in a pantry, it will last for 6 months. As we have stated, do not use better than boullion after its expiry date, and you should always check to see if it has gone bad before usage. 

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