The Best Bags For Scalloping (2022)

The Best Bags For Scalloping

Bags are on the top list of things you need when you go for scalloping, and you do need one that has plenty of room for as many scallops as you plan to pack. Here are the best bags for scalloping to get today.

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Just like you do not want to forget sunscreen when you go out swimming on the beach, so also is the need to pick a bag that can accommodate all the things you will be harvesting while scalloping.

First, you might want to find out what it is you are hunting, which is scallops but knowing what it exactly enables you to pack your gear accordingly.

Are you going scalloping for the first time? A bag or cubes is one thing most do not put into consideration however it will come in handy for packing your gears and harvesting your scallops as well. You should also know that there is quite an interesting history surrounding scallops which can explain your interest in them, so you might look forward to picking some while you go scalloping.

Scallops were discovered 200 million years ago, and it’s only a common name for any of the marine bivalve mollusks. Scallops live near a shore, but you will be needing a boat to ensure better access to them.

Based on how fascinating scallops are, we have to agree that scalloping is the most fun and rewarding activity you can enjoy with loved ones. Scalloping is also easy to learn and regardless of your abilities, it is safe.

So, if you are planning to go scalloping soon, we have compiled a list of the best bags to use.

What is Scalloping?

Scalloping is compared to an Easter egg hunt, but this is way simpler.

Scalloping is just floating or swimming along the surface of the water which is usually three to six feet of water with grassy bottoms.

While floating on the surface, you search for scallops that are hidden in the grass below hence why it is being referred to as scalloping. Scalloping can be a really fun activity to enjoy with families on vacation, it is a team-building experience that kids can enjoy as well.

Things you need when you go scalloping include;

  • Hat and sunscreen
  • Dip net to harvest scallops/mesh bags
  • Gloves (optional)
  • Plenty of water
  • Snorkel gear (mask, fins, snorkel)
  • Shirt or sunsuit
  • wetsuit of about 1-3 mm if you tend to get cold.

Why You Need Bag For Scalloping

Before you head over there to have some fun, you do need a bag large enough to carry your gear and also be used in packing some scallops while being lightweight.

From spotting wildlife to boating, you can have as much fun as you want, and when it comes time for packing those scallops, you will be needed a collection bag to make things easier and smoother. You can use gloves or a fishing net to scoop them up and then drop them in the bag.

Harvesting of scallops and chum is not the only reason you will need a bag for scalloping, you can keep the bag handy if you need to collect trash found on the sand or water. Anyone harvesting scallops need to go with a suitable bag for it and a mesh bag is the most suitable option.

Lastly, having to hold a collection bag while you swim or dive can be all kinds of stressful and this is one of the top reasons you need a hands-free scalloping bag. It is convenient for collecting all kinds of gear, for holding shrimps, snails, shellfish, and many more.

7 Best Bags For Scalloping

Now that you do know you need an extra bag with your gears for harvesting scallops, knowing which bag is ideal is the next stage to go.

Bags for scalloping are by far the cheapest types of bags to buy but not all are designed to hold much weight. Many bags designed for scalloping has also been discovered to be difficult to open. Hence, below are the best bags for harvesting scallops and packing your gear as well.

1. Yizerel Mesh Gear Bag

The Yizerel mesh gear bag can do more than just be used in harvesting scallops. It is a simple scuba diving bag but can be used for packing sports and beach equipment. This scalloping bag is made with polyester, so you can worry less about a rip while you packed it full of your scallops.

It is suitable for storing your scalloping gears as well.

You must pick a bag that lets you enjoy swimming no matter how many scallops you put into it. This mesh bag is designed with high-quality material that makes it breathable and lightweight. In addition, you can adjust the shoulder strap to the length that suits you.

2. Mesh Drawstring Bag With Clip

While we do agree that hands-free mesh bags are the best choice for scalloping, many people do report this mesh drawstring bag to be cool for scalloping.

You will have to slug this over your shoulder while you dive but not to worry, it is lightweight, soft, and pliable. This bag can make things easier to find, you can easily have any small things you plan to carry around the store in it, and it is a multifunctional bag.

This is a see-through mesh drawstring bag, and it comes with a clip to keep stuff from falling out. You can enjoy your time scalloping or at the beach while using this to harvest scallops, shrimps, shellfish, and snails. It is available in multiple sizes.

3. BeeGreen Mesh Drawstring Bag with Zipper Pocket

You can’t go wrong with picking a BeeGreen mesh bag to accompany you when you go scalloping.

This bag has an extra large capacity, so it is suitable for getting your scalloping/diving gear to the beach, and it does have a zipper pocket, so you can put your valuable items in it as well. This swim bag is made with breathable materials, so your scallop should be fine, and it is also easy to fold which makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

According to reviews, this is a well-customized material, and it does add a reflective strip to the design to enhance high visibility in the dark or dusk. It adopts a design that is different from the traditional mesh bag, so you can be sure, you will have lots of fun scalloping with it.

4. KUFA Clam Bag Diving Bag

The Kufa clam bag is another bag you will find quite suitable for scalloping. This bag is a simple bag that can be used as a chum, so it is great for securing your catch while you are still underwater.

This is made of mesh material, so you can be sure of its durability however this might not be the ideal choice for carrying your gear to the beach. It comes with a two-piece handle to access the bag opening faster and secure it as well.

It’s just what you need to secure those scallops underwater.

5. Paxilang Large Mesh Bag

Bags for scalloping are not limited to small mesh bags, you can also consider going for this large mesh bag as it lets you pack any gear of your choice.

This is a simple backpack that is suitable for gym, sports, camping, hiking, yoga, dance, and many more. This mesh bag is large but also lightweight, and it features a multi-pocket design, so you can consider it the best bag for storing all of your scalloping essentials.

Paxilang’s large mesh bag is large enough to hold valuables as well. It’s mainly a transparent tote bag men and women that can be used for carrying equipment. It makes the perfect scallop harvesting bag or chum bag.

6. Bluecell Nylon Mesh Storage Ditty Bag

Bluecell Nylon mesh storage ditty bag is another bag we highly recommended for scalloping. You get 5 pcs of this for an affordable price, and it can be used for travel or any outdoor activity.

Not many people like going scalloping with a large bag and here is one that suits that description.

This comes in different sizes so be sure to choose a size you find suitable for your scalloping adventures. This is a great option for hunting mushrooms and storing scallops as well.

7. iMucci 12 Pcs Drawstring Mesh Bag

Having as many drawstring bags as possible can come in handy.

Each of the bags is made with high-quality material that makes them durable and lightweight enough for harvesting scallops. The drawstring is a sliding one, so you can be sure your scallops or item stored in it can stay securely.

This is a cool multifunctional mesh bag, other uses include; carrying gym equipment, shower, delicate, washing toys, and beach gear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need gloves for scalloping?

Some prefer using gloves while scalloping, although this is not exactly necessary. Scallops don’t technically bite, but they can sometimes close their shells on your finger and while this doesn’t hurt, it can pinch and be uncomfortable. You can simply scoop them with a net or wear gloves.

Can you go scalloping without a boat?

You can access scallops from an open area and go back to your boat however it is still advised you get a boat when you go scalloping. If you are without boats, there are areas you can wade out of the beach and scallop, there are areas you can easily scallop without having to use a boat.

What do you need when you go scalloping?

There are quite a lot of things you will need when you go scalloping however the vital ones you will be needing are reef-safe sunscreens, snorkel, mask, bag, fins, snorkel vest, gloves, spoon, or knife to extract the scallop meat.

Wrapping Up

Mesh materials are synthetic materials that will last a very long time hence when picking materials for scalloping bags, it’s best to choose mesh materials.

Mesh sure have the same structure, but they can vary and also differ in thickness, weight, color, and finish. When you are finished scalloping, you can always transfer your scallop into your gear bag, but the mesh drawstring bags are the perfect option for harvesting scallops while you float.

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