The Best Heat Shield For Protecting Behind Your Gas Grill

The Best Heat Shield For Protecting Behind Your Gas Grill

Do you need a heat shield for your grill? Yes, you do need a heat plate to protect what is behind your gas grill from damage by dispersing heat evenly.

Heat shields are meant to disperse heat across the cooking surface evenly which in turn will prevent your grill from becoming too hot and protects the burner from food drippings as well.

Although heat shields have been around for a while, not everyone understands why it’s needed. Pretty hard not to have a heat shield especially if you love grilling as this means you will be doing quite a lot of grilling. If you want to enjoy every process of grilling then they are certain things you need to ensure are in place.

Grill heat shield comes in various sizes and designs but one thing they all have in common is protecting your grill siding from flame up. With a heat shield, you can also prevent your tabletop from being damaged.

There are lots of manufactured heat shields out there, however, choosing one has been proven to be complex. Making one at home can easily be done, but you need to take lots of precautions doing that as well. This is why we have a complete buying guide for you and also all you need to know about heat shields.

What Is A Grill Heat Shield?

Grill heat shield is known by different names, which includes flavored bars, heat tents, Briquette trays, heat plates, and flame tamers.

The heat shield is meant to disperse the heat from your burner evenly across the grilling surface.

This can also be described as a layer for your grill, it is a long angled piece of metal that is meant to protect the burner from any splatter of food falling into the flame.

The Benefits Of Using Heat Shields When Grilling

What are the benefits of using heat shields for a grill? Heat shields are an outer covering and an effective heat shield can be of great benefit to your grill especially if you are using it indoors.

For a simple understanding of what a heat shield is, it is any kind of barrier that stops heat from getting through.

The functions of heat shields are pretty simple, but many people still don’t understand why they need them. A grill heat shield is an essential accessory and below are some benefits attached to using it.

  • It absorbs heat and then disperses it evenly throughout the grilling surface to prevent uneven cooking
  • It prevents splattering and debris from falling into the flame
  • Prolongs your grill and burner lifespan and effectiveness
  • Helps with the cooling process of your grill
  • Protects the siding of your gas grill on rainy days
  • Protects the outdoor kitchen sides from heat
  • Heat shields do not harbor bacteria, unlike rocks.

9 Best Grill Heat Shields

Drippings can cause corrosion which is why of the reasons you do need a grill heat shield. There are so many things that can lead to a fire when it comes to a grill and one of the ways you can limit the causes is to get a heat shield.

Heat shields can be made of materials like steel, aluminum, cast iron, or chrome-plated steel. Knowing which to choose can be quite overwhelming, so not to worry, after careful evaluation, we have selected 9 of the best grill heat shields for you to choose from.

1. Utheer Universal Adjustable Flavor Bars – Best Overall

Utheer Universal Adjustable Flavor Heat Grill Shield is one of the popular types of heat shields to go for. This is a heavy-duty grill shield with porcelain steel replacements as well. This is made of durable material and paired with its strong corrosion, resistance, it can help resist heat from your grill.

This heat shield is specifically made for your food safety. It is made with porcelain steel, so you can expect it to last longer while distributing heat evenly. This extends from 11.5 inches up to 21 inches long which is enough fit for most BBQs.


This heat grill shield is thick enough to spread heat evenly and installing it shouldn’t be a hassle either. Ensure to dry the heat plate completely after washing.

The Utheer Adjustable heat shield is built to last, and it’s a fireproof heat shield, so it can be easily used to protect your grill siding. Another reason it’s on the best list of heat shields is that it is very easy to clean. This can make every grilling process exciting, and as the name implies, it is adjustable and hence can fit any gas grill design.

2. Direct Stainless Steel Heat Shield – Best Budget Option

Does your Nexgrill heat shield need a replacement? The Direct Part Stainless Steel Heat Grill Shield is the ideal choice for Nexgrill. The dimension of this grill heat shield is 14 9/16″ x 3 3/8”. It is made with stainless steel material, so you can be sure of its durability. This is mainly a replacement for the Nexgrill heat shield.

This is also very easy to clean and if you are up for a smooth heat shield grill, this is a cool choice. This is a thick heavy plate hence be careful when installing. This is designed to also protect your table-top from the heat coming from gas grills, so damages can be avoided.


If you do need a heat shield grill basically to replace one from your Nexgrill, this is the ideal option.

This is a popular heat grill that works for your budget as well. The design is simply basic, but it gets the job done and can withstand high-temperature settings as well. It protects wood and coated tabletops from heat damage.

3. MixRBBQ Stainless Steel Heat Plate Flame Tamer – Best High Temp Heat Shield

Here is another heat grill plate that can change how your food cooks and stop overheating as well. This is a great heat shield replacement that can help prevent flare-ups and with the 26pcs ceramic briquettes, it is effective enough for any temperature setting.

This is made with stainless steel hence it can even radiate heat and prevent constant food burn as well.


This is not an adjustable design so ensure that it works with the shape and size of your grill. It is also designed to hold the temperature inside your grill for a very long time.

This is on the list of the best heat shield grill you can go for, this is a bit pricey, but it’s a heavy-duty shield worth investing in. This is a premium ceramic briquette hence it can easily distribute the heat within your grill and the high heat corrosion resistance is another reason to add it to your shopping list.

4. YOUFIRE Heat Plate Shield Tent – Best Stainless Steel Heat Grill

Not all heat shields are built to last and this can easily make shopping for a replacement overwhelming. However, according to reviewers, this is a durable and efficient grill heat shield to go for. This is a premium heat tent shield, and it is made with heavy-duty construction material.

This is a great heat shield grill, and it is built to last. Another advantage of a grill like this is that it is resistant to corrosion and rust. Due to the material, it has superior heat plates, and you don’t have to worry about consistent cleaning, it is, however, easy to clean when you have to.


The YOUFIRE Burner Plates are designed to keep anything at the back of your grill protected and evenly radiate heat as well. It is engineered and built to last and be resistant to rust as well.

Furthermore, it does have a high-quality appearance and the unique angle also helps prevent flare-ups inside the grill.

5. KEESHA Universal Heat Plate – Best Heat Shield For Gas Grill

KEESHA Universal Heat Plate is another unique heat shield that changes the way heat is distributed on your grill. The dimension of this grill extends from 11.5 inches up to 21 inches long. This is made with high-quality porcelain stainless steel and happens to be the best in the market for gas grills.

This is designed in an adjustable size, so you can have it fit any type of gas grill. This should have your gas grill protected from damage, and you can easily cook without burning anything.


This heat grill shield also protects your grill from direct exposure to flame. You can be sure it will protect your burner from dripping grease and this can protect your burner from flare-ups.

The great heat distribution is one of the reasons this is highly recommended. This is an upgraded heat shield grill so, it’s designed to take care of most of your heat grilling needs and prevent direct exposure to heat as well. It can help prolong the life of your burners too.

6. Hongso Porcelain Steel Grill Heat Plates Shield – Best Rated Heat Grill Shield

Hongso Porcelain is another steel grill that can help control your grilling temperature and distribute heat effectively. This grill heat shield is a great replacement, and it is easy to install as well. This is made of porcelain steel, and it’s a heavy-duty heat shield, so it’s certain to keep your grill from flaming up.

The smooth surface of the flame tamer is easy to clean and not susceptible to rust either. You need to measure the size of your heat shield to help determine the ideal size you should order.


The features of this grill heat shield not only make it easy to install but will protect your burner from burning the orifice. This is one of the highly-rated heart shields to protect anything at the back of your grill and it is quite affordable too.

7. Kalomo 15″ Stainless Steel Grill Heat Plates Shield – Best Enameled Heat Shield

Here is another highly rated and great budget heat shield for you. This stainless steel grill heat plate is meant to protect anything close to your grill, and it also helps distribute heat evenly. It is a 15-inch grill heat shield with strong oxidation.

This is a premium gas grill heat tent replacement, and it is easy to install.


This heat shield can come in handy not only as a tent replacement, but it is also thicker and stronger than other grill parts, so it can make your grill flame tamer, and you worry less about constant changing.

This is just the ideal heat grill shield needed to extend the life of your grill. Kalomo stainless steel heat grill can help catch any drippings, debris, and oil. In addition, it is a great choice to help heat your food evenly and ensure you get that delicious smoky flavor at all times.

8. Cookingstar New Upgrade Stainless Steel Heat Plate – Best Heat Shield For Vinyl Siding

You must protect your house siding from the heat of the grill. This is one of the benefits attached to getting a heat shield. With Cookingstar New Upgrade Stainless steel heat plate, heat can be circulated to your burner while it also ensures the back of your gas grill is protected from any flare-ups.

This is a versatile heat shield. It is built to also protect the siding of your house. It can ensure the heat radiating from your grill does not affect your walls and protect it from rain as well.


This should be on the top of your shopping list for heat shields. This has a reputation for preventing heat damage on your grill, and it’s an ideal choice for any kind of barbecue outdoor grill.

Furthermore, it is designed to protect your food from burning by maintaining even distribution of heat throughout the whole cooking process.

9. Plowo Stainless Steel Heat Plate Shield – Best For Bull BBQ Grills

If your bull BBQ Grill heat shield needs a replacement then Plowo stainless steel is an ideal one to consider.

This heat shield grill has been around for a while, and it’s not just for Bull BBQ Grills alone but other types of grills as well. This helps vaporize drippings and enhances the taste of your smoked meat in the process.


This heat shield gives you all the reasons why you need the back of your grill protected. It is an excellent grill tent replacement and will prevent direct exposure to heat. It has a non-sticky feature as well, so you can worry less about constant cleaning.

The good quality material is the first notable thing about this heat shield. This can also help extend your grill lifespan, and it is also very affordable compared to the local type of heat shield. This comes in highly recommended for protecting your vinyl siding from heat damage.

There are no sharp edges to worry about either.

What You Need To Know When Using Heat Shields

Note that there are many types of heat shields out there, although they do have the same purpose.

The best way you can keep your grill from your house is to give it space, while heat grills can help distribute heat evenly, they can protect your house completely from the heat.

Another vital thing to know is when to replace your heat shield. While some are built to last, some are not. If your grill plates are no longer protecting the back of your grill or making your food taste great anymore then this means a replacement is needed.

Here are tips to help you decide if your heat shield needs a replacement:

  • Heatshield in good shape should be able to add flavor to your food without including any chemical
  • It should not have any adverse effect on the environment
  • Grill won’t light
  • Lots of smoke
  • Uneven heating
  • Dirty or damaged the venturi tube.

What to Consider When Buying Grill Heat Shield

What you need to consider when buying a grill heat shield is pretty obvious. However, if you want to ensure its functionality then here are things you should put into consideration instead.

1. Heat Distribution

For outdoor grills, the heat distribution setting of the heat shield is vital. Ensure that there are reviews that state the heat shield distributes heat uniformly and also that the range of weather like rain or wind won’t control the temperature.

2. Eco-Friendly Design

You need to make sure your choice of the heat shield is safe for the environment. Using homemade heat shields is believed to be at risk of fire so when buying one, make sure it is made with material that can be used in any environment and is resistant to corrosion.

3. Stability

Since your heat shield will be used on hot flames then you need to make sure it has the stamina and stability to withstand it. The material has to be durable enough to stand the high heat and some cooking will require stable energy from your heat shield.

How To Fix Grill Heat Shields

How do you replace your grill heat shield? There are lots of things you can use as a heat shield on your gas grill however it’s best to simply have a replacement bought. Many avoid having a replacement bought due to knowing how to fix it. But not to worry this is not as complex as it sounds.

You have every reason to have your heat shield fixed and below is how to do that.

  • Take the measurement of the grill body, length, and width between the burner and bottom to make sure you are buying the right size.
  • Make sure your propane or gas line is turned off
  • Lift out the old heat shield
  • Next is to adjust your heat shield to that size or not if you already have the correct size
  • Place the stainless on the rest of the burner and slide it into the slot if it has one
  • Do this for each of the heat shields
  • Replace the cooking grates after they are all in place and turn on your burner to test them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping for the right heat shield for protecting what is behind your gas grill will be a lot easier with these FAQs and answers.

What does a heat shield do on a grill?

A heat shield does a lot on a grill, it can help save your house siding from the heat coming from the grill. It evenly distributes heat, so you can get that smoky flavor, and most importantly it can hold temperatures at different ranges. It can also prevent the drippings at the back of your grill that can cause corrosion.

What can I put between grill and house?

Space is the most recommended thing you can put between your grill and house. Grills generate too much heat and if they are in proximity to the house, they can melt the siding. Heat shields can help protect and are quite effective on rainy days, however, don’t hesitate to put enough space between your grill and house.

Do you need a heat shield on a grill?

Yes, you do need a heat shield on a grill if you want to improve the heat distribution on your grill. A heat shield might not sound important, but you do need it to prevent flare-ups and drippings that can cause corrosion, so it’s great to have a heat shield in place for that.

Where does a heat shield go on a grill?

Keep in mind that there are several types of heat shields for a grill, so it can go where you are trying to protect. Most are installed to rest on the edge of the burner or some grills have pegs or slots, and you can slide the heat shields into them.

Final Thoughts

If you are going to be doing lots of grilling then you need heat shields.

The benefits of heat shields are numerous and one of them that is vital in extending the life of your grill. All grills are meant to generate lots of heat, but a gas grill specifically can generate enough heat to melt the vinyl siding of your house which is why you do need to have a heat shield in place.

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