Can You Use Distilled Vinegar For Cooking?

Can You Use Distilled Vinegar For Cooking?

Is using Distilled Vinegar or Vinegar safe for cooking? Vinegar is a common household item that plays a vital role in cooking and household cleaning. For a long time, people have used vinegar for culinary and medicinal uses.

As time progress, we have learned to produce a diverse variant of vinegar too. Also, from historic research, it has been established that vinegar making is as old as alcohol brewing.

In short: Yes, distilled vinegar can be used in some cooking preparations. Distilled vinegar is majorly used for industrial food preparations; like canned goods, frozen foods like ice cream, pastries, jams, cheese making, or cereals gotten at your local supermarket. Distilled vinegar also contains acetic acid which is useful for herbal or medicinal production.

There are about 21 varieties of vinegar available commercially, excluding the homemade types. Out of these wide variants, white and distilled vinegar is the most commonly used for cooking, and household activities.

If you are wondering what distilled vinegar is or how it can be imparted into cooking, the basic difference between white and distilled vinegar, and how best to use it in your cooking, continue reading this article.

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Can You Use Distilled Vinegar For Cooking?

Distilled vinegar is one of the purest forms of vinegar, they are also called “Virgin Vinegar”. They can be made from rice, wine, apple cider, alcohol, beer, honey, grains, sugar canes, and many more. It is referred to as Distilled because they are purified from ethanol, this goes further to produce a colorless solution that is relatively weaker than White Vinegar and contains a lesser acidic component in them.

Most Distilled kinds of Vinegar are produced in distilleries through industrial processes. The fermentation process of distilled vinegar takes about 72 hours, due to how it is distilled, and they come out odorless and colorless. Many distilled vinegar is gotten from sugarcane and grains as well.

Lastly, Distilled Vinegar is described as a clear, colorless pure-looking kind of vinegar. It is created from pure ethanol and can be found in recipes used for ketchup, salad dressings, or pickle storage. It can also be used as a household cleaning agent when diluted with water.

It is also strongly recommended, that distilled vinegar is not directly consumed due to its clear harsh flavor.

Direct consumption could lead to stomach upset, bloating, and indigestion. Instead, they can be used for light cooking like dressing for salads, industrial baking processes, pickling, or added into boiling simple dishes like rice or pasta.

How Distilled Vinegar is Imparted into Foods

Distilled Vinegar being the milder and less acidic variant, is more suitable for food flavoring, as a food preservative, cooking, and industrial food production.

Additionally, it can be used as a household remedy, for instance, it can be used to cure athletes’ feet, helps relieve sunburn, or protects the skin from blistering or peeling.

Distilled Vinegar is used for not cooking alone, it can be used for baking, food preservation, storing pickles, and sometimes for laboratory and easy medicinal remedies. They also contain nutritional benefits such as aiding in weight loss, controlling sugar and cholesterol levels, and encouraging healthy living.

Lastly, they can be easily stored for a long time without refrigeration, seeing they have acid in them, they can last for a long time, and it prevents bacteria or molds from growing into them.

How Best to Use Distilled Vinegar in Cooking

Can You Use Distilled Vinegar For Cooking?
Source: Epicurious

Distilled vinegar is made by feeding oxygen to a vodka or alcohol grain-like solution, then allowing acetic acid and bacteria to grow on them.

The acid found in distilled vinegar is what makes it sour. We become wary about whether to use distilled vinegar in cooking as it serves other homemade purposes, but this article suggests meals that the vinegar can be imparted into for healthy consumption.

Name of MealHow Distilled Vinegar is Imparted
Pickling (pickles)This vinegar is good for storing your pickles with it. Its neutral color or flavor won’t affect the taste or color of the pickles. It helps for longer storage of pickles, especially in big batches.
BakingAdd a teaspoon or two to your cakes, cupcakes, or cookies to complement your baking soda.  it’s used best for industrial mass production and great for egg-free deserts 
Cooking RiceAdd a teaspoon of distilled vinegar to your cooking rice. It helps for fluffier and less starchy rice.
Supplement for ButtermilkIf buttermilk is needed for a recipe, but you are out of it. Distilled vinegar could be used as a replacement. Add a tablespoon to a cup of whole milk, allow sit for 5-10 minutes before using.
To complement Royal icingAdd a tablespoon to your Royal icing to balance out the sweetness and helps to settle faster. The acid in them also helps balance egg white which is helpful when making a gingerbread house

Basic Difference between Distilled Vinegar and White Vinegar

Out of the wide variants of vinegar, Distilled and White Vinegar are the most commonly used vinegar of the bunch. Therefore, it is needful to understand the basic differences between both kinds of vinegar.

  • This is a distilled variety of vinegar that is commonly used for industrial food preparations. Many industrial bakeries tend to use it to produce baked goods, canned foods, or dressing for food. While White Vinegar is also a common type of vinegar used for food preparations in many households, it is mainly used as a gardening or cleaning agent.
  • When shopping for both kinds of vinegar in the markets, Distilled White Vinegar is also referred to as Virgin Vinegar whilst White Vinegar is called Spirit Vinegar.
  • White Vinegar is made from potatoes beets, sugar canes or molasses whilst Distilled Vinegar is made from grains, alcohol, beer, honey, and also sugar canes.
  • In many households, Distilled Vinegar is used for mass production of baked goods, for industrial food preparations and herb or medicinal purposes. White Vinegar is commonly used for cooking, cleaning, and sometimes gardening.
  • Lastly, white vinegar tend to have more acidic concentration found in them, hence they are suitable as household cleaning agent. It helps for removing dirt and bad odors around the house and on clothing materials. It can be used as a natural herbicide or weed killer during gardening. While, Distilled Vinegar is mainly used as flavoring, food preservatives, for mass production of pastries or baked goods and salad dressings.

Which Vinegar is best for cooking?

Both white and distilled vinegar can be used for cooking, Distilled vinegar is mostly used by industrial bakeries to process food items faster and longer.

They are useful for salad dressing, and food preservatives and are used to supplement some baking ingredients.

White Vinegar is often used in Thai and Vietnamese cooking, also in meat preservation, and in storing pickles. Also, due to its harsh flavor, it is mainly used as a cleaning agent rather than a cooking ingredient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Distilled White Vinegar Edible?

No, it is not advisable to directly consume distilled white vinegar. Although they are edible when imparted into cooking or baking preparations. They also have acidic content and bacteria which is not good for direct consumption.

What Can you Cook with Distilled Vinegar?

It’s best to impart Distilled Vinegar into industrial food preparation like canned goods, pickles, pastries, ketchup, salad dressing, food flavoring, or as a food preservative. Due to the chemicals, it contains, a little amount should be imparted into cooking meals such as boiling rice or pasta, poaching eggs, and tarts. icing sugar or used instead of buttermilk in baking.

Is Distilled Vinegar the same as cooking Vinegar?

In many ways, it can be agreed that distilled vinegar is the same as cooking vinegar since many industries use it interchangeably. Both can be used in many cooking products such as canned goods, frozen foods, salad dressing, ketchup, and baked pastries.


Vinegar is a useful ingredient that should be found in every kitchen. Both the white and distilled vinegar as they help in making many dishes like baked goods, tarts, ice cream, cheese making, pickles, pastries, and many more.

They are also widely important as they can be used for various purposes asides from cooking, they can be used as household cleaning agents, in medicine production, gardening, industrial food processing, gardening, and many more.

It can be said to be cost-effective to buy vinegar today, due to its multipurpose uses, the value of your money will be used.

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