Does Cooking Wine Have Alcohol?

Does Cooking Wine Have Alcohol?

There is a certain art that comes with cooking because cooking is an expression that is influenced by the creativity and trying out new things. Therefore, Cooking with wine helps to achieve the creative expression of trying out new tastes, and adding a certain richness to one’s sauce, stew, or desert. Cooking wine is a chance to spice up any dish.

In short: Yes, cooking wines have a certain (16%) percentage of alcohol in them, but cooking wines also have a flavorful, salty, and earthy taste when used in cooking. Cooking wines brings richness and balances out the flavors in a meal, also do not worry, the alcohol in them evaporates whilst cooking.

People tend to think “cooking wine” and “cooking with wine” mean the same thing, there’s a difference between wines that are used for drinking and the wines used for cooking. They serve different purposes and are made differently.

Also, it is usually advised to seal back the wine and refrigerate it, to keep it from turning stale and to prevent air from entering it.

Cooking wine is popularly known for tenderizing meat, and it’s not intended for drinking, but technically you can still drink it. Cooking wine might be different from regular wine however there are concerns you might get a buzz after eating food that contains cooking wine.

Read on to find out the purpose of cooking wine and everything you need to know about its alcohol content(s).

What Are Cooking Wine Use For?

Does Cooking Wine Have Alcohol?
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Cooking wines are used to complement the flavor or richness of food, they are technically wines that are labeled and produced for cooking only. They contain alcohol, salt, and preservatives inside them for longer shelf life and to add taste to one’s cooking.

When using cooking wine to cook, it is advised to reduce the quantity of salt added to the dish, because cooking wine already contains a generous amount of salt and preservatives in them.

There are various popular cooking wines, such as Chianti, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Riesling, and many more. Cooking wines are useful to make a dish look creative, bubbly, rich, and add a greater degree of pleasure to the dish.

Many dishes can be made with cooking wines, like Chicken and Red Wine Sauce, Creamy Chicken in white wine sauce, Chocolate cakes, Rich red wine beef stews, Mini Cheesecakes, Mashed potatoes with wine glazed lamb chops, Grilled ham-cheese with strawberry wine jam, pastries, and rich tasty soup dishes.

Lastly, when shopping for cooking wine, it is better staked you go for a cooking wine placed in the wine section and not the salad dressing or vinegar aisle of the grocery store.

It is also important to read the label of the wine to determine which is for cooking and which is for drinking. Cooking wines do not taste good for drinking, they are better made for cooking instead. Although some drinking wines can be used to cook, according to one’s preference.

Can You Drink Cooking Wine?

Cooking wines can be white wines or red wines, although the most common are red, and there’s a certain sweetness, color, and flavor red wine gives to naturally garnish a meal.

cooking wine

It is not advisable to drink a cooking wine because of many health problems, it also contains a high level of sodium and could lead to heart issues which are not healthy for anyone. There’s also the danger of abuse from minors, as there’s no age limit to buying cooking wines.

When it comes to drinking cooking wine, many people are curious if they can and if they should. One should solely use cooking wine for cooking, but many chefs and dietitians advise against the use of cooking wine because it’s packed with so much salt and preservatives.

Also, cooking wines have various added ingredients that are not enjoyable for drinking and can cause some allergies.

Drinking cooking wine could get you drunk as it contains alcohol as any wine should, but cooking with it would not get you drunk as most of the alcohol is cooked off it.

Drinking cooking wine feels like drinking a heavier red wine, that is merged with a high level of salt and preservatives, it would not be a healthy combination for the body, and that’s why many are advised against drinking a cooking wine.

Does Cooking Wine Have Alcohol?

Cooking wine generally has an average of 16% alcohol by volume (ABV) content found in them. Cooking wine just like drinking wine is made to be long-lasting and contains various ingredients and preservatives, that can be used to make a meal delicious.

Yes, the alcohol content in cooking wine may be higher than some drinking wines, but it helps give, a rich body and taste to meals. There is a high alcohol content in cooking wine because most of it would be burned off during the cooking process.

Lastly, after cooking, it is advised to seal back the wine and refrigerate it, to keep it from turning stale and to prevent air from entering it.

Some white cooking wines tend to have a lower percentage of alcohol than red cooking wine, therefore it is necessary to read the label before using it. The alcohol level is important when cooking with wine, and it is advised that you stick with a dry white wine when cooking with it.

Also, pregnant women can consume foods made with cooking wine because most of it would be burned off during the cooking process, but they are not allowed to drink them because it is heavily dosed with alcohol.

Does Cooking Wine Go Bad?

Does Wine Go Bad

Cooking wines tend to have an expiration date of a year after being opened, cooking wine will eventually go bad even when covered and stored properly, if it wasn’t opened, it could last longer, but as long as it’s opened, it would go bad after some time.

Cooking wines should be closed, stored properly, and refrigerated, so it doesn’t get contaminated. When shopping always checks the expiration date before purchase, and always pick a bottle you feel comfortable with its contents for cooking.

As this is a sensitive wine that would be consumed, it is important one picks wisely, cook it properly, and store it properly, so it can be used again. Read more details about this here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does wine in cooking contain alcohol?

Yes, cooking wine contains about 16% of alcohol by volume (ABV), it is processed with a generous amount of salt and preservatives, that aid in cooking for a rich taste and help the wine last longer.

Does boiling wine remove alcohol?

Cooking wines have an average of 16% ABV, it is estimated that about 15% of the alcohol in cooking wine burns out after the cooking process, leaving about 1%. That’s why it is generally safe for pregnant women to also consume meals made from cooking wine.

Is cooking wine the same as regular wine?

Cooking wines and regular or drinking wines are made for two different purposes, so they are processed differently, cooking wines have a salty flavor and rich taste to them which was made to be imparted into food or dishes.


Cooking wines helps to add a creative, rich, and tasty effect to many dishes, soups, pastries, and stew meals. They are a great way to enhance the flavor of food and add a greater degree of pleasure to one’s cooking.

Cooking wines should be used solely for cooking, and it is recommended that they are not healthy for drinking. They are high in salty flavors, preservatives, and alcohol, therefore you need to ensure the ingredients used in cooking are to a minimum, to blend with the dish.

Meals made with cooking wines can be consumed by pregnant women, but they are not allowed to drink cooking wines because it has alcohol in them. When buying a cooking wine ensure you check the labels, and content and buy from the wine section aisle in supermarkets.

Cooking wines can last up to a year after being opened up, just ensure to store them properly and refrigerate them.

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