Is Limoncello Gluten-Free?

Is Limoncello Gluten-Free

You must have heard so much about limoncello but you are not sure if they are gluten-free. Limoncello is a very refreshing drink that is quite hard to resist. It is rich in lemon flavor and does not have the stinging taste of lemons.

Limoncello is basically an Italian liqueur perfect for dessert and commonly used for hospitality. For centuries limoncello maintains its rich taste and the love for it has been widespread. The intense sweetness of limoncello is second to none and it can be enjoyed in several ways.

While there’s a recipe for limoncello cake, and limoncello cookies it is wise to be very certain that it fits into a gluten-free diet before indulging in any of these.

Yes, limoncello is gluten-free. However, some brands do not label there’s as gluten-free, there are other that clearly states that they do not contain gluten. To be safe it is better to go for limoncello brands that label as gluten-free.

Limoncello is no doubt an inviting drink, spiked with so much sweetness and flavors that we don’t normally get from other drinks. And is quite understandable that people on a gluten-free diet for health reasons or personal choice would want to know if it suits their dietary needs.

What Is Limoncello Made Of?

Limoncello is popularly known to be made from lemon zest (peels from lemon without the pith).

Sorrento lemons are commonly used to make limoncello to give it that distinctive traditional taste. Frankly speaking, there’s no limoncello without the lemon zest and vodka.

The vodka extracts the oils from the lemon peel to infuse a lemon flavor into the liquor. Another key ingredient in limoncello is syrup, this balances it all up by giving the drink a sweet, tangy, soothing, and citrusy taste.

Is Limoncello Gluten-Free?

Naturally, limoncello is supposed to be gluten-free as it contains simple ingredients that are not necessarily wheat based. However, the one thing to be skeptical about is the vodka.

Some branded limoncello may have used vodkas that may have an adverse effect on those with health issues like celiac disease and wheat allergies. And most of those brands do not clearly state that the product is gluten-free. To be on the safe side always opt for limoncello brands that are labeled gluten-free.

These are the gluten-free limoncello that we recommend;

1. Pallini Limoncello

For over a century the Pallini family has retained the traditional technique used to make limoncello The carefully hand-picked Sfusato lemons are used immediately after they are plucked from the tree to ensure the flavor and freshness are guaranteed.

This all-natural limoncello is perfect for those on a gluten-free diet as it is gluten and GMO-free.

2. Jdeida Rocks Limoncello

Although new in the market, this limoncello brand has a very taste. Jdeida rocks limoncello does not contain artificial coloring or flavor. It is also labeled gluten-free as the vodka used doesn’t have any trace of gluten in them.

Can I Make Gluten-Free Limoncello At Home?

The best way to avoid gluten limoncello is by making them yourself as this guarantees that the ingredient(vodka) used doesn’t contain gluten or a trace of it.

Although it could really take a while for it to be ready, making is actually very easy and simple.

It saves cost and you can prepare it just as flavorful as the store-bought kinds. The ingredients you need are straightforward and not a tough buy. The one thing you must have in mind is that you will have a wait a long time to ensure that the lemon flavor is properly infused in the vodka.

How To Make Gluten-Free Limoncello

Homemade limoncello are are actually a safe option for a gluten-free diet and it can also be very delicious and tasty.


  • Organic and fresh lemons
  • Gluten-free vodka
  • Simple syrup

The following are the easy steps to take for making a limoncello

Step 1. Peel The Lemons

You want to make sure you properly peel the lemons by trying to get just the yellow part with a vegetable peeler. After that is done, you can use a small knife to scrape off the pith as much as possible because too much pith can make the drink bitter.

Step 2. Put lemon zest in a clean bottle

Depending on the quantity of limoncello you are trying to make, the jar or bottle could either be medium-sized or large. Also, ensure that the jar you intend to use can be tightly closed.

Step 3. Pour gluten-free vodka inside the bottle

Pour enough vodka into the jar of lemon peels. Cover and leave it to infuse for 5 days by the counter. Shake the bottle or jar occasionally.

Step 4. Add simple syrup

After the infusion is done, the next step is to add simple syrup into the bottle to give the limoncello a final sweet and tangy taste. Allow it to rest for about 7 hours or overnight.

Step 5. Strain and enjoy

Stain the drink as many times as possible to separate the solid from the liquid. Transfer the already strained limoncello is the bottle of your choice. Refrigerate and serve cold.


Limoncello a traditional Italian drink can be gluten-free but not all brands make this claim. This is why it is best to always go for brands that are labeled gluten-free such as Jdeida rocks limoncello and Pallina limoncello among others.

Another safe option is making limoncello at home as this saves costs and guarantees your safety. This article contains a how-to guide for making gluten-free limoncello. You should definitely try it out!

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