Does Smirnoff Ice Expire? (Definite Answer)

Does Smirnoff Ice Expire?

Smirnoff ice might not be that strong alcoholic drink, but it sure is refreshing and ideal for all occasions. This is a malt beverage that is regarded as the original descendant of the wine cooler, however, this contains only 4.5% alcohol.

This beverage is not made with vodka rather it’s more like a traditional beer made with malt, and it’s distilled from corn with over 36 different flavors.

You can enjoy a chilled bottle of Smirnoff ice and although the alcohol percentage is low, it can get you high if you have low alcohol tolerance or haven’t had any alcohol drink before. Hence, you should be mindful of the alcohol in it and due to the sugar content as well, moderation is key with this malt drink.

No, Smirnoff ice doesn’t expire, it does have an expiry date but doesn’t go bad. Smirnoff drinks are just like wine coolers hence there is no definitive answer on whether this expires or not but know that if it is closed, it should still be safe to consume even after its expiry date. Smirnoff ice however does not have a defined shelf life so no it doesn’t expire if you keep it tightly covered.

Smirnoff ice is made with the perfect blend of spirit and other exciting flavors are added to it. It is considered a vodka mixed drink with refreshing notes of citrus and a zesty finish. So if you are looking to stock up on this refreshing drink, read on to learn if it does expire and how to store it properly.

Smirnoff Ice Alcohol Percentage

The alcohol percentage in Smirnoff ice is very low since it is a pre-mixed alcoholic drink. It is a premium malt drink with a 5.5% alcohol content, while the original Smirnoff ice has 4.5% ABV. The beverage is not made with vodka hence why the alcohol content is really low and it can be enjoyed by anyone as it enhances mixers but does not overpower them.

How Is Smirnoff Ice Made?

The processing of Smirnoff off is considered similar to beer however this refreshing wine is made by combining vodka with lemon lime soda.

To enjoy the DIY Smirnoff, you can fill a glass with ice, pour vodka over then add sweet and sour lemonade with club soda to it. Smirnoff is a very popular drink among adults especially females as it is considered lighter and tastier compared to beer.

The soda in Smirnoff lends the drink its carbonation which helps create a more refreshing taste different from drinking hard vodka. This drink is a favorite for many lovers of liquor soda and since it’s mild, it is known as a ladies’ drink.

Does Smirnoff Ice Expire? (Definite Answer)

Will Smirnoff Ice Go Bad?
Source: Smirnoff

Smirnoff Ice is a classic drink, and it never gets old so the No, it doesn’t expire. Smirnoff ice is a malt beverage and is regarded as the descendant of wine cooler, and it won’t make you sick when it’s past its expiry date either but note that the taste might change.

The expiration date on the bottle of Smirnoff ice is the only way you can be sure it has expired and if it does have an expiry date it is not going to ruin the quality.

Provided Smirnoff ice is closed tightly and stored properly, it doesn’t go expire. There is a printed date on the bottle and people believed this to be the expiry date however this has been discovered to be the date it was brewed but if it does have an expiry date, it should still be good at least after 3 months of its expiry date.

Expired alcohol doesn’t make you sick and the same applies to Smirnoff ice too. Since Smirnoff is just like malt beer then yes, it does have an expiry date but this doesn’t mean it has gone bad or expired. Every drink is meant to be given its expiry date so unless your Smirnoff ice is homemade then it does have an expiry date.

Will Smirnoff Ice Go Bad?

No, Smirnoff ice does not go bad, and it does have an expiry date but can’t make you sick if consumed after that.

This iconic drink has been around since the year 1876 and the expiration date is always stamped on it but as long as it remains airtight and well sealed, there is no reason to worry about it going bad.

While there is no record of Smirnoff ice causing a bad reaction when it’s past its expiry date, you will notice a slight difference in the taste and quality as well. Smirnoff ice sure has a long shelf life, so you can store it in the fridge for as long as you want, provided it is covered properly.

Wrapping Up

Smirnoff ice might be just 5% alcohol, but it does have a long shelf life and freezes easily as well, so you can store it in the fridge for as long as you want.

Smirnoff ice might have an expiry date on the bottle, but it doesn’t exactly expire or go bad. Some things can alter the taste and quality of your Smirnoff ice, but it doesn’t expire, and you can expect it to be good for at least 3 months after its best before date.

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