Are Lays BBQ Chips Gluten-Free?

Are Lays BBQ Chips Gluten-Free?

As a fan of chips, there is a certain urge to try out every new flavor of different brands that you can find in the stores. It is exciting to find a new chip flavor that you never knew existed and absolutely love after the first try.

Lays chips are one of the most popularly loved chip brands on the market, although there are several flavors to scrutinize we are focused on whether the Lays BBQ chips are gluten-free or not.

Yes! Lays BBQ chips are proven to be gluten-free through the ingredients contained and their appearance on the list of gluten-free Lays chips published by the Frito-Lay company on their official website to ensure people are well informed of the gluten-free or gluten-inclusive chips that are available.

From the crunchy goodness to the burst of flavors that you get from enjoying a bag of Lays chips, it is impossible to not keep going back for more.

However, not everyone has the liberty to eat processed foods without caution because they might have a gluten allergy or be committed to a gluten-free diet. In such cases, we would need to provide adequate information to prove whether Lays BBQ chips are gluten-free or not.

Lays BBQ Chips Explained

Lays chips is a popular brand of potato chips that are manufactured by the Frito Lay company in the United States. This company is also known to produce other popular chip brands such as Cheetos, Doritos, Ruffles, and Tostitos.

Lays chips are produced in different flavors that could either be baked, contain less fat, or less sodium than other chips. This is to make sure that even on a diet or while cutting down on junk foods you can still enjoy a bag of chips.

They come in flavors such as sour cream & onion, cheddar jalapeno, flamin’ hot, baked BBQ, and classic.

Are Lays BBQ Chips Gluten-Free? 

If you are a big fan of Lays chips and you have been making guesses as to whether Lays BBQ chips contain gluten in their ingredients, then you are in luck today because you no longer have to tread lightly concerning that lingering question. 

On a general note, most of Lays chip flavors are gluten-free but there are a few that still contain gluten components in the ingredients used in production.

The most common ingredients that recur during the production of Lays chips are “potatoes, vegetable oil (sunflower oil, corn oil and/or canola oil), and salt” and this does not include any gluten-inclusive ingredient, this is why most Lays chips flavors are gluten-free. 

However, in certain instances where additives, seasonings, or thickeners are added to some flavors of Lays chips and they include wheat, such a flavor becomes gluten inclusive and unsafe for people with gluten allergies and gluten-free diets. It is best to either stay clear of Lays chips flavors that include wheat in their ingredients to be absolutely safe. 

In this instance, we are solely focused on whether the Lays BBQ chips flavor contains gluten or not, and according to the Frito Lays website listing gluten-free flavors of Lays chips, the Baked BBQ flavored potato crisps and the barbecue flavored potato chips are both gluten-free options that you can enjoy without worrying about the downsides to consuming gluten.

List Of Gluten Free Lays Chips

Here’s a list of gluten-free flavors of Lays chips to ensure that you are always making a safe and informed choice when purchasing a bag of Lays chips; 

  • Baked BBQ flavored crisps
  • Baked original potato crisps
  • Baked sour cream and onion-flavored potato crisps
  • Classic potato chips
  • Lightly salted potato chips
  • Simply sea salted thick-cut potato chips
  • Bacon and cheddar potato skins flavored potato crisps
  • Buffalo wings with ranch-flavored potato chips
  • Cheddar-flavored potato crisps
  • Chile limón flavored potato crisps
  • Flavored potato crisps
  • Mesquite barbecue flavored potato crisps
  • Original potato crisps 
  • Salt and vinegar flavored potato crisps
  • Sour cream and onion-flavored potato chips 
  • Wavy lightly salted potato chips
  • Wavy original potato chips.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Lays BBQ chips healthy? 

Lays BBQ chips may be gluten free but they have a lot of saturated fat present in them, if you are on a healthy diet you might want to cut back on them a bit or find healthier alternatives. 

What are the healthiest Lays chips? 

The Lays chips that are considered as most healthy are the baked lays chips that are made with less fat concentration, it has lower calories, and is certified as a healthy alternative for chips. 

Are Lays BBQ chips vegan? 

Yes! The Lays BBQ potato chips are definitely a great vegan option, despite BBQ being connected with meat of different kinds all the Lays BBQ flavors are safe for vegans to consume.


Laying in front of a tv set with a bag of chips has a beautiful spin to it that no one should have to miss out on, sharing a bag of your favorite chips with friends while you have a good time is also so refreshing that everyone deserves to experience it as well.

So if you are being held back from enjoying a bag of chips because of the fear of defaulting on your gluten free diet or getting an allergic reaction then we have good news for you! 

First of all, if the Lays BBQ flavored chips are your favorite then you can still enjoy them because they do not have any ingredient that contains gluten.

Secondly, there are a lot of other Lays chips flavors that you can choose from because they are made with healthy dieting in mind and for people that are allergic to gluten as well. All you need to do is take your pick from the list of gluten free Lays chips we have provided above.

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