Is Packaged Foods A Good Career Path?

Choosing the right career path can be overwhelming, whether you are just fresh out of school or you intend to change your career path. You will be required to evaluate many things in deciding on the right career path for you, such as; your interest, course of study, skills, abilities, etc.

If you are interested in food, then we are here to tell you that the food industry is important and you will be doing no wrong in choosing that industry for your career. A division many do not know about in the food industry is the packaged food sector.

While this may look like a not-so-relevant sector, it is one of the most important aspects of the food industry now and in many years to come. In this article, we will be answering the question “is packaged foods a good career path”.

Yes, packaged food is a good career path. Food is a necessity for humans, hence the need for food will always be in demand. The packaged food industry caters to the storing, packaging, and transporting of this food from one location to another. this indicates that the packaged food industry will always be relevant. 

The Food Business Explained

The food business, like certain other industries, includes other sectors that are crucial to the production of food. Surprising to many, these alternative fields are excellent career choices that anyone can do. One of these underappreciated sectors is the packaged food industry.

The packaged food industry contributes to the improvement of the economy’s IGR through tax payments to the government, making it clear that this sector is not a minor one. This industry employs thousands of people each year and generates up to billions of dollars in revenue.

Although the packaged food sector is in charge of keeping food from coming into direct touch with environmental factors like light and humidity, their responsibilities go well beyond this.

We may not even be aware of all the functions that they play.

Roles Of The Packaged Food Industry

While the packaged food industry is an established part of the food industry, not many people are informed about the importance of the sector. The following are some of the roles packaged foods department play;

  1. The packaged foods sector is responsible for ensuring that all the packaged foods such as chips, bread, biscuits, etc. Get to the final consumer fresh and on time.
  1. They are also responsible for the means of transportation of the food consume i.e., they ensure that the different food consumed is packed in the right boxes, cases, bags, wrappers, etc. Putting into consideration what will make the food attractive to buyers.
  1. The packaged food industry is also responsible for transporting their products from one location to another, for the retailers, where the consumers can reach them.

What Benefits Of Working In The Packed Food Sector?

Are there benefits for people who work in the packaged food sector? Yes. There are a lot of benefits for those who work in the packaged food sector and we have listed some of the benefits below.

1. Good Salary

Like many other sectors, the packaged food industry is one of the industries that promise a good salary at the end of the day. The industry is full of high-paying jobs that you may want to explore.

2. Educational Qualifications

While some jobs in the packaged food industry require a certain level of qualifications, some do not. This means that with the right skills, you can get a job in this industry and get good pay.

3. Training

The packaged food industry requires some hard skills. When you work in a packaged food company, you get the knowledge of the skills from the constant training provided by the organizations.

4. Flexible Schedule

The packaged food industry offers its employees a flexible schedule, which means you will not be stuck working all the time or by your desk at all times. You get to choose when is convenient for you to work.

Educational Qualifications And Skills Required In The Packaged Food Industry

Pursuing a career path in the packaged food industry will require that you have some skills and educational qualifications. The following are the qualifications and skills required for people in the packaged food industry.

Educational Qualifications

You need to have certain educational requirements to pursue a job in the packaged food sector, such as a bachelor’s degree in food technology, food engineering, or food packaging.

You can work with a high school certificate or obtain a certification in food packaging, which will be sufficient for entry-level positions, even if you already have a bachelor’s degree in a different field of study.

However, an engineering degree will be necessary if you want to begin your career in a mid to senior-level position.


You’ll probably want to have these skills in your arsenal to work in the industry.

  • Creativity
  • Flexibility
  • Teamwork
  • Communication skills
  • Attentive to details
  • Leadership skills.

Job Opportunities In The Packaged Food Industry

Here are some great jobs you can pick up today.

1. Refrigerator Engineer

The refrigerator engineer sometimes referred to as the refrigerator technician, is in charge of making sure the refrigerator is operating without a hitch. Their job responsibilities include managing and resolving any issues that might arise with the refrigeration system.

This doesn’t just apply to refrigerators in factories; it also applies to refrigerators used in homes, restaurants, trucks, and trailers. You must possess a mechanical engineering bachelor’s degree to be considered for this post.

Additionally, soft skills like problem-solving and teamwork will be expected of you.

2. Food Safety Directors

One of the best-paid positions in the packaged food sector is director or manager of food safety. They are also highly sought after in the sector.

The job of the food safety director or manager is to make sure that the workers and products (food) adhere to all safety regulations and are in the greatest possible condition for consumption by humans. They also look out for the organization’s financial gain.

As the person in charge of hiring employees and those who will act as inspectors, the manager of food safety also doubles as the HR department. You will need a bachelor’s degree in addition to expertise in related subjects if you want to work in this field.

3. Packaging Technician

A person who is involved in every stage of the packaging process is known as a packaging technician or engineer. This includes packaging design, production, durability testing, transportation, storage, and distribution of packaged food.

Other responsibilities include selecting the proper packaging materials, etc. Along with other soft talents, a degree in science or mathematics might be required to pursue a career in this aspect of packaged foods. 

4. Food Taster

A food taster is tasked with tasting the food that will be packaged; their job is to ensure that the food is safe and suitable for packaging for distribution. He takes a bite to assess whether the food’s flavor is appropriate for the consumer.

A food taster is required to rinse their mouth with water in between bites and not swallow the meal. A bachelor’s degree is not necessary to work as a food taster. In actuality, consumers are frequently employed as part-time food tasters.

A diploma or bachelor’s degree in food science or product development is then necessary if you want to work as a professional food taster.

Final Thoughts

Food is a booming industry, and packaged food is a part of it. The industry will always be needed because humans need food.

Over time, many farm products have become easily accessible in local markets and other places. That is now possible for everyone thanks to the packaged food sector. A career in packaged foods is a worthwhile and pertinent one to pursue.

By bringing food closer to others, you will not only be improving yourself but also contributing to humanity.

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