Can You Put A Glass Bowl In An Air Fryer?

Can You Put A Glass Bowl In An Air Fryer?

With the invention of new appliances, comes questions on how to use, where to use, what to use for, and many other questions. These questions are not bad, they are good and they give you direction on what to do with the appliance and how best to use it.

The latest kitchen appliance we cannot stop talking about is the air fryer. If you intend to purchase one soon, it is only normal that you ask questions about its safety, use ad care. We’ve decided to answer one of the most asked questions on the air fryer, and that is “can you put a glass bowl in an air fryer?”.

Do you have the same question on your mind? We will be answering them right here.

Yes, you can put and use a glass bowl in an air fryer, however, you must know that air fryers are designed differently and the use of a glass bowl was probably not considered during the process of designing. Hence there are some things to consider when using a glass bowl in the air fryer.

What Is An Air Fryer Made Of?

An air fryer is a different appliance from the ones we are used to over the years, however, it has several similarities. The air fryer was designed to help you make healthier food, in less time. The appliance can perform several functions, such as roasting, frying, baking, warming, rotisserie, and a lot more.

One of the benefits and selling points of an air fryer is that it makes use of less oil, thereby reducing the number of calories and fats that you consume. The appliance gets your food done by generating heat and backed up with a strong fan, these two lets your food gets done faster than the regular methods.

Based on its activities, the air fryer comes with most of its accessories and the major one is the basket, the basket is where most of the food goes and the presence of the basket, indicates that the heat, directed by the fan must hit every part of the food to get it done.  

Can You Put A Glass Bowl In An Air Fryer?

What Is Glass Made Of?

A lot of people are familiar with what glass is, however, not many know what glass is made of. Glass is made of natural raw materials such as; sand, soda ash, and limestone.

These materials are melted at a high temperature and this forms glass. Over time, there have been productions of different types of glass, which range from very fragile to very thick. Regardless of how thick glassware is, it is prone to getting cracks and eventually breaking if it is exposed to temperature changes.

In recent times, there has been the creation of oven-safe glass which is designed to withstand temperature ranges. One of the strongest types of glassware is the Pyrex. Pyrex is borosilicate glass and it is designed to resist high temperatures.

Most glasses made for oven use and the high temperature usually carry a label at the bottom. This logo is to indicate to you that it is safe for use in high temperatures. Apart from the use of labels, you can also test your glass cookware to be sure it can be used in the air fryer. Place an empty dish in the air fryer and turn on the temperature to the highest limit. If your glass is not suitable for use in the air fryer, it will result in a crack.

Types Of Glasses That Can Be Used In An Air Fryer

The only type of glass recommended for use in the air fryer is the Pyrex glass. this is because it was made at a 1000 degrees temperature, which means it is strengthened enough to resist the air fryer’s temperature.

Although there is other “oven-safe” glassware that can be used in the air fryer, you may have to run a test first to determine their safety in the oven.

How To Prevent Glass Bowls From Breaking In An Air Fryer

There are some ways to prevent your glass bowls from breaking in the oven. We have provided you with some of them and they are as follows;

1. Maintain A Low Temperature In The Air Fryer

Air fryers have been designed to have gone no high-temperature range such as 500 degrees F. although this Is good for your food, it isn’t safe for your glassware. It is recommended that you cook at a lower temperature as this can help reduce the effect of thermal shock which can happen from taking in and taking out your glass from the air fryer.  

2. Make Use Of Only Tempered Or “Oven-Safe” Glassware

If you have to cook at a high temperature, then it is recommended that you purchase tempered glass, which can withstand the high temperature of the air fryer, this is one of the safest things to do with glassware and air fryers or oven. You can be assured there will be no case of cracked or broken glass and spilled food.

3. Change Temperature Slowly

High temperature isn’t the only reason your glass gets cracked or broken; this can be caused by thermal shock. Thermal shock occurs when there is a sudden temperature change.

There is the tendency for one part of your glass to expand faster than the other, resulting in an uneven expansion and this can lead to cracks. This also occurs when you take your glass out of the fridge or freezer and place it in the air fryer immediately.

4. Don’t Use Damaged Glassware

Before using glassware in the air fryer, ensure this glass is free of cracks and it is still strong. Weak or damaged glass is prone to break easily when placed in high temperatures.

Benefits Of Cooking With Glass In An Air Fryer

Using glassware in the air fryer, comes with its benefits and they are as follows;

  • Glassware allows you to cook food that requires a solid base, such as cake batter.
  • Glasswares are versatile and can hold any type of food. It also doesn’t react to acids and holds heat well.

What Cookware Can I Use In The Air Fryer?

Here are some other cookware types you can use in your air fryer.

1. Metals

Metal is a lot safer for you to use in an air fryer, than glass bowls. They are highly durable and are not expensive. They can be used for a long time as they can withstand high temperatures. They can be hard to clean as food sticks to them easily.

2. Ceramics

Ceramic bowls are quite safe for you to use in the oven. They come in beautiful designs and are easy to clean and care for. Unlike glass, you do not have to do with frequent breaking and cracking. However, we advise that you purchase oven-safe ceramics.  

3. Silicone

Silicone bowls are good for use in the air fryer. They can be used for a long time, are not expensive, and are quite easy to clean. Although they are usually designed for some type of food and this means you may have to buy each cookware for each food.

Final Thoughts

While you can use glassware in the air fryer, ensure your glass bowl isn’t too big as the air fryer requires that the food being cooked gets enough air flow as possible.

This is why it comes with its accessories such as racks and baskets, which will enable the food to get enough air.

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