(Top 6) Liquid-Based Meat Marinating Recipes

Liquid-Based Meat Marinating Recipes

What liquid do you use to marinate meat? While lots of people have their preferences when it comes to liquid marinade for meat, the best option for it include vinegar or citrus juice. These are the acid type of marinade, and they do produce faster results.

You can marinate meat with any liquids or soups depending on the flavor you are aiming for. However, they all don’t have the same result. There are acid-liquid marinades that are considered well seasoned and effective for changing the surface texture and tenderizing faster.

Marinating meat with liquid requires it to be acidic or enzymatic. Knowing the basics of marinating meat can save you lots of stress and certain ingredients can penetrate beyond the surface which is the best option for tougher cuts.

Soaking your meat in a flavored liquid will only work for the surface and thinner cuts as well. But if you are planning to enhance the flavor of your meat with your recipe, this article contains all you need to choose the best marinating liquid for your meat.

How Marinating Actyually Works

The process of marinating is simply soaking your meat in a well-seasoned liquid. This liquid is known as a marinade and while they are store-bought marinades, most people prefer making their own. The main purpose of a marinade is to add flavor to your meat and also tenderize it.

There are three types of marinade which include acidic, enzymatic, and based marinade. The acidic marinade is a lot stronger than the rest, and it can toughen your meat if you marinate longer than recommended.

Marinating is an effective way to add moisture to your meat and make cooking easy. It also requires one of the liquid ingredients to be acidic or enzymatic. One of the important guides to marinating your meat successfully is to marinate in the refrigerator.

Here are basic guides on how marinating works and what not to do;

  • Never marinate at room temperature or when barbecuing outdoor rather marinate in the refrigerator in a closed container or vacuum seal
  • Discard any used marinade and boil unused part for some minutes before using as sauce
  • Use the 1-2-3 formula for making marinades (1-part acid, 2- parts fat or oil and 3-seasonings)
  • Salty marinades will dry your meat so hold out the salt
  • To mix emulsify and oil, blend them together
  • Turn the meat over once to make sure all sides are properly marinated.

6 Best Marinating Meat Liquid Recipe

The easiest way to make sure your meat is tasty and turns out well is to marinate it. Marinades are similar to bringing but with so much more recipe options to choose from.

Your marinade recipe might depend on what your recipe requires but if this is not the case, then here are some of the best liquid marinades for all cuts of meats.

1. Guinness Marinade

Source: Irish American Mom

Guinness marinade is worth ditching the store-bought ones for. The method of making this marinade is really simple, and it is loaded with flavor since it is made courtesy of the popular Guinness beer, you should find the earthy tone interesting.

To make this, you will need spices, soy sauces, onions, fresh herbs, salt, and of course beer or stout. Your meat can stay up to 2 hours or 24 hours depending on what you are making. This type of marinade works for all kinds of steak, and you don’t even have to use beer.

Get Guinness marinade recipe here.

2. Best Steak Marinade

Best Steak Marinade
Source: Layers Of Happiness

Steak marinade has always been the preferred option for any cuts and with so many ways it can be made, it’s hard not to go for it. Steak marinade is simply a well-seasoned liquid for your meat.

Every household tends to have its secret steak recipe but if you are looking for something else that stands out, we have one for you.

Get the steak marinade recipe here.

3. Zesty Beef Marinade

Zesty Beef Marinade
Source: Allrecipes

Here is another all-purpose recipe you need to have. Zesty beef marinade allows you to enjoy flavorful and tender meats. If tenderizing is your goal, soak your meat in this liquid for at least 6 hours and more if you want it flavorful but nothing more than 24 hours.

Get zesty beef marinade here.

4. Pineapple Marinade

Pineapple Marinade
Source: The Spruce Eats

Pineapple juice specifically can be great for marinating meat and adding other ingredients to it can impact more flavor. However, keep in mind that this can break down your meat texture faster but if you prefer the flavor of pineapple, leave it in for 24 hours but nothing more.

Get pineapple marinade recipe here.

5. Beef Rib Marinade

Beef Rib Marinade
Image: Curious Cuisiniere

The beef rib is a widely consumed type of beef and here is a recipe that makes it even more enjoyable. This is a really easy recipe, and it works for any cut of beef.

This recipe contains vinegar and lemon juice which are effective marinade acids for impacting flavor. This marinade recipe makes smoked beef rib more tasty and tender.

Get the beef rib marinade recipe here.

6. Classic Steak Marinade

Classic Steak Marinade
Image: TheFoodXP

Liquid marinade is considered the best for meat if you want a flavor that goes deeper than the surface. The classic steak marinade is another popular option, and it comprises olive oil or avocado oil, vinegar, onion, garlic, thyme, fresh oregano, sea salt, and other essential marinade ingredients.

Get classic steak marinade.

What liquid is best for marinating meat?

Liquid for marinating meat should be filled with ingredients that can add acidity to it and some flavor as well. There are basic recipes that are used for marinating meat, and it just has to contain basic marinade ingredients such as soy sauce, herbs, lemon juice, olive oil or avocado oil, salt to taste, butter, and red pepper to spice.

What substance is used to marinate most meats?

The process of marinating meat is not as complex as it sounds. The acid ingredient that can easily tenderize your meat is the most important in any marinade. The common acid ingredients are yogurt, wine, lime juice, or vinegar. Other essential ingredients are spices such as ginger or red pepper and herbs like rosemary or thyme.

How do you make marinade penetrate meat?

Marinades are not known to often penetrate deep into your meat, but this can be rectified. To make the marinade penetrate the meat, you need to make cuts into the meat. Using salt or buttermilk also ensures marinade penetrates the meat, but the most effective method is creating gaps in the meat for moisture to get in.

Wrapping Up

A liquid marinade can contain just two or three essential marinade substances and still give you great results.

However, the liquid marinade is the ideal way you can infuse flavor into your meat. Above are the suitable recipe for you to try, and you can always add substitute and acid, spice or herb in the recipe for one you prefer.

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