9 Great Substitutes For Lillet Blanc (2022)

9 Great Substitutes For Lillet Blanc

Because of its perfect blend of flavors and aroma, Lillet blanc is frequently enjoyed as a perfect wine for any occasion. It is typically served chilled as a sipping wine to stimulate taste buds before a meal or as an ingredient in cocktails to add a tangy blast to the beverage.

If you run out of Lillet blanc or it is not available at your local liquor store, there are some alternatives you can try. These substitutes may differ in color, flavor, and price, but they all taste great.

Alternatives to Lillet blanc include sweet white vermouth, Cocchi americano, reserve jean de Lillet, dry vermouth, Salers aperitif, St. Germaine, dubonnet, and amaro Angeleno.

This article contains everything you need to know about substituting Lillet blanc.

9 Great Substitutes For Lillet Blanc

The wines and spirits listed below are excellent substitutes for Lillet blanc, whether as a standalone drink or as an ingredient in cocktails.

1. Sweet white vermouth

Sweet white vermouth is a great substitute for Lillet balance because it tastes great both as a sipping wine and in cocktails. Sweet white vermouth, unlike Lillet blanc, has a sweeter flavor.

When used as a Lillet blanc substitute, use sweet white vermouth in small amounts, especially in cocktail recipes.

To make a perfect blend, combine sweet white vermouth and orange bitters in your cocktail. This drink is refreshing and it works well as an aperitif. They can also be mixed into gins or tonics.

2. Cocchi Americano

Lillet blanc can be replaced with Cocchi americano from Italy. This drink can be enjoyed on its own, but it also adds a tangy and sweet kick to any cocktail recipe to which it is added to create the perfect cocktail blend.

Lillet blanc has a subtle bitterness when compared to Cocchi Americano.

Cocchi Americano tastes best when served cold. To enhance the tangy flavor, add lemon or lime juice. Like Lillet blanc, Cocchi Americano is widely available in liquor stores across the United States.

3. Reserve Jean de Lillet

Reserve Jean de Lillet is made with citrus peels, making it a good substitute for Lillet blanc as a sipping wine or an ingredient in cocktails. Reserve Jean de Lillet has the bitter and sharp kick that every great martini calls for. Reserve jean de Lillet is not as popular as Lillet blanc and may not be available in liquor stores.

However, you can order it online. This drink is best served chilled. The alcohol content of Reserve Jean de Lillet is 17% by volume.

4. Kina l’avion d’or

Kina l’avion d’or is a white wine with a sour and sharp flavor derived from citrus peels and various species, making it an excellent substitute for Lillet blanc.

This spirit is well-known for its aroma of quince and marmalade. Kina l’avion d’or, like lillet blanc, has a balanced sweet and bitter flavor.

Because Kina l’avion d’or has a more bitter flavor than Lillet blanc, you should be cautious when using it in cocktail recipes. If you don’t mind the bitter taste, use a 1:1 ratio.

5. Dry Vermouth

Dry vermouth has a similar flavor to Lillet blanc, making it an excellent substitute.

Dry vermouth contains 15–18% alcohol by volume. Despite their similar flavors, dry vermouth, unlike Lillet blanc, is made with citrus ingredients.

When used as a Lillet blanc substitute, you can add orange bitters, lime, or vinegar to create a tangy and sweet bitter flavor that is ideal for cocktails. Dry vermouth can be used to whet your appetite before a delicious meal. You can also use them in desserts.

6. Salers aperitif

If you need to replace Lillet blanc in a recipe that calls for a citrus burst, Salers aperitif is a good option. Salers aperitif is a popular French aperitif with a tangy, bittersweet flavor similar to Lillet blanc.

This wine has nearly the same amount of alcohol as Lillet Blanc. Salers aperitif has a dry flavor that makes it an excellent alcoholic beverage. They are ideal for stimulating your taste buds before a meal.

7. St. Germain

People with a sweet tooth frequently substitute St. Germain for Lillet blanc.

If you prefer a sweet flavor in your cocktail, St. Germain is your best bet. St. Germain tastes similar to Lillet blanc, but without the bitter kick. In terms of alcoholic volume and color, St. Germain is similar to Lillet blanc.

This beverage can be consumed as a sipping wine or as an ingredient in sweet cocktails.

8. Dubonnet

A drink made with a blend of herbs, spices, and wine is a suitable substitute for Lillet blanc; dubonnet is that drink that has the perfect blend to serve as a Lillet blanc substitute, whether served alone or in cocktails. Dubonnet has an unmistakable sweet kick that complements the beverages to which it is added.

Dubonnet is widely available in liquor and wine stores. The French version has 14.8% alcohol by volume, whereas the American version has 19%. It is commonly consumed before the first-course meal, but many people have adopted it as a digestif to be consumed after dinner.

9. Amaro Angeleno

Lillet blanc can also be substituted with amaro Angeleno. This spirit has a similar flavor to Lillet blanc because it is made with an infusion of herbs, spices, and citrus peels.

Unlike Lillet blanc, amaro Angeleno has a bright color that may change the color of your cocktails, but it is still a great substitute.

Amaro Angeleno can be used as an aperitif or as a digestive. Because amaro Angeleno is not as widely available as Lillet blanc, it may be more expensive.

Final Note

You can easily substitute Lillet blanc with any of the alternatives provided albeit they vary in flavor, color, and alcohol volume.

It’s worth noting that some of these drinks are more widely available than others, so if your preferred option isn’t available, you can look into other options.

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