Are Scallops Halal? (What You Should Know)

Are Scallops Halal?

When it comes to the meal that has raised the most eyebrows in the Muslim community, seafood is leading the pack. Different types of seafood have been the subject of numerous discussions on Islam’s position on eating it. One of the various types of seafood that Muslims have raised concerns about and inquiries about is scallops.

Yes, scallops are halal and are considered permissible according to Islamic laws. This is because they are from the sea and all seafood is permissible according to the Prophet Muhammad. 

Whether a type of food is halal or haram is one thing every Muslim need to find out. This is because, according to the Quran, some foods are forbidden (haram) while some others are permissible (halal). This means that Muslims can only eat permissible food, according to the Quran.

The halal and haram rules don’t only apply to food, however, much importance is placed on what is eaten.

Are scallops Halal? Or are they considered haram according to Islam? Read the article below to find out what we have for you concerning this subject.

Are Scallops Halal or Haram?

While there are explicit instructions on certain food being either halal or haram, some are just inferences and due to this, there have been various debates between the different schools of thought in Islam.

Seafood is the general name for aquatic animals that are regarded as consumables, such as fish, crab, shellfish, and other mollusks.

Among the many types of animal food that we have, seafood is one of the types of food that has brought different debates between the schools of thought in Islam. And while some types of seafood have been considered haram by most schools of thought, some have been named halal.

Scallops are an example of mollusks; this means that it has a soft inner body, but are covered in two shells. They are also regarded as seafood because they live in the water, typically, in estuaries, bays, and shallow waters on the east coast, and can be eaten. Scallops are full of nutrients and are known to be rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which are good for human health.

According to the Quran and Islamic teachings, all Seafood is haram and can be eaten by the Muslim community. This implies that since scallop is known as seafood, they can be consumed by the followers of Islam. This saying and decision are also backed by different schools of thought, except one.

This means that regardless of your school of thought (except Hanafi’s) you can eat scallops.

Are There Muslims That Believe Scallops Are Haram? Why?

All the different schools of thought, are in support of scallops being halal, except one; the Hanafis. While other Muslims believe that scallops are halal, the Hanafis believe that scallop is haram and is forbidden to be eaten, even though it is clearly stated in the Quran.

They believe that scallops are haram for several reasons;

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1. Principle of Quiyas

The Hanafis Muslims are of the belief that all things from the sea are haram and forbidden for them to eat. if you are a member of the Hanafis, then eating scallops is haram for you. they follow the principle of qiyas, which means to judge something by its similar attributes, and based on this, anything from the sea can only be haram.

2. Scallop Caught on Purpose

Some other members of the Muslim community believe that scallop can only be halal if it is caught mistakenly or if found in the fishermen’s net coincidentally. However, since it is mostly caught on purpose, it is haram and should not be eaten.

3. Process of Preparing

A number of the Muslim community also believe that since the process of catching and preparing scallops is unknown, it is haram. According to Islam, you should not use the same equipment for both haram and halal animals or food, this renders everything haram. Since the process of catching, cleaning, and processing some foods are unknown, it is impossible to detect if it has come in contact with a haram animal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Scallops Halal Shia?

According to the laws of Shia Muslims, scallops are not halal and should not be eaten. This is because they believe that everything that comes from the sea is haram and forbidden. This belief can also be traced to the time they were instructed by the Prophet Muhammad against eating scallops. However, they do not have any problem with non-Muslims eating scallops.

Are Scallops Halal Hanafi?

Hanafis are of the belief that scallops are haram forbidden for them, they are seen as part of the Mollusca family. The Hanafis believe that fish is the only seafood permitted for them to eat. 

Are Scallops Halal Sunni?

The members of the Sunni school of thought, believe that all seafood should be eaten as instructed by the prophet Muhammed, hence scallops are halal.

Are Scallops Halal Wahhabi?

The Wahhabi school of thought believes that scallops are halal and can be eaten by members of the Muslim community because it is from the sea.

Final Thoughts

Scallops are halal and can be eaten by the members of the Muslim community, according to the laws of Islam. If you belong to the Hanafis, then scallops are haram to you and you should not eat them.

Scallop is rich in nutrients, that are beneficial to the body, such as Omega-3 fatty acid, in addition to this, it has little to zero cholesterol, making it a healthy option for you.

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