Can You Eat Stingray? (MUST READ)

Can You Eat Stingray? (MUST READ)

Deciding on whether to eat stingrays might be difficult because they are unique sea animals. You might even be wondering if they are, in fact, edible. Check this out for all you need to know about eating stingray fish.

Yes. You can eat stingrays. They are very delicious and healthy for you. The parts of the stingray that are edible are the wings, the flesh around the eyes, and the liver. The other parts are usually considered inedible due to the cartilage surrounding them.

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Are Stingrays Edible?

Stingray is a common seafood dish in many countries, which include Asia, Singapore, Malaysia, and many others. The fish itself may not look appealing for consumption, but the flesh of the stingray is a tasty, tender, and flavorful delicacy. The skin is usually gray or darkish brown, and it has a long tail with poisonous stingers.

It is a type of fish that is related to sharks but is safe to eat. This is because the mercury levels are low, and it is highly nutritious. It contains calories, vitamins, minerals, and protein. You can also trust that it has low fat, which is an advantage to the heart.

It is, however, always advised not to eat the spine because it contains venomous barbs that are unsafe for consumption.

Stingray Nutrition Data

Fats 9g
Data Source: USDA.

Stingray Fish Selection and Cleaning 

Let’s start with some things you want to look out for when you go to purchase your stingray fish.

The fish should be tender and firm, and when you notice that they are falling apart, they probably are not so fresh anymore. You should also check out the smell.

Once it smells like ammonia, it is no longer fresh and unsafe for eating. Now, after purchase, and as you are about to clean the stingray fish, follow these tips.

  • If you are not grilling the fish, you can chop it into smaller pieces.
  • The next step is to put the chopped pieces in a basin and rinse them.
  • After this, add salt to the fish, rub it gently, and clean it thoroughly. Repeat this about three times. Be sure you rinse the salt from the stingray completely.
  • Drain the water from the basin, and you can make use of tropical flour to rinse.
  • Lastly, wash with plain running water, and be sure to drain the water properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Stingrays Tasty?

Yes. The stingray has very tender, delicious flesh that is very tasty. You should try it out. 

Is It Safe to Eat Stingray?

Absolutely! Eating stingrays is safe and has its own health benefits. You should, however, note that eating the spine is unsafe as it contains venomous barbs.

Can You Eat Stingray Raw?

Well, you can eat stingray raw, but it is not advisable because of bacteria, which can cause food poisoning. If you want to eat stingray raw, be sure to wash thoroughly and cut out the flesh from the skin.

Do People Eat Stingray?

Of course! People eat stingray, and it is more popular in areas such as Malaysia, Singapore, and Asia. It is a versatile dish that you should try eating as well. 

Do Stingrays Contain Heavy Metals?

Yes. The stingray might contain heavy metals and make them unsafe for consumption. However, the level of heavy metal in the stingray is relatively low, and so you can still enjoy your stingray fish but eat it in moderate quantities.


Stingray is an edible and delicious meal that you can eat. Be sure to cut out the flesh and avoid the slimy areas and the venomous barb. We do not advise that you eat the stingray raw.

You should cook your stingray fish, just to be safe from food poisoning.

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