Can Babies Have Dim Sum? (10 Healthy Asian Foods For Babies)

Can Babies Have Dim Sum?

Ready to introduce your baby to Asian foods but you don’t know if babies can eat dim sum? Giving the best to your child is every parent’s top priority and it is basic knowledge that not every adult meals are safe for babies or toddlers.

So feeding your kid with solid meals should be done right as some foods have reportedly caused issues to their digestive systems. And we definitely don’t want that for our kids.

Dim sums which are traditionally an Asian dish are widely known for their tangy and delicious taste. And as a dim sum-loving family you might wonder if this delicacy is great for your little one.

Yes, babies can have a taste of dim sum. As they are considered to be kid friendly. However, it is best to not overfeed them with this meal or force it on them. Dim sum has an excellent nutritional value and babies can benefit from its goodness.

We all know it is much easier to feed the baby whatever the family is eating for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, but it’s best to stick to baby foods rather than replacing them with adult meals. Dim sum poses no potential health threat to a baby but you have to be sure your child likes it before you serve them this meal.

This article will provide you with more insights on this topic, so just stick around for a bit.

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Can Babies Eat Dim Sum?

It won’t be a bad idea to sneak some dim sum into your baby’s mealtime. If they actually love the taste of dim sum well indulge them with a satisfactory amount but if they don’t there’s no point forcing it on them, there will surely be other Asian foods they’d love.

Babies that are ready to be introduced to solid foods can try dim sum, especially homemade ones. You want to make sure the dim sum is wholly baby-friendly and with the right amount of ingredients your baby can eat.

The dim sum made with natural ingredients is practically safe for babies but you can’t be too sure it is so with store-bought dim sums. Some restaurants may use MSG as an additive in dim sum, and this is why homemade dim sum is highly recommended for babies or toddlers.

However, your baby can safely eat dim sum in moderation and also ensure that they don’t have it too often or regularly.

10 Healthy Asian Meals For Babies

Asian foods are deliciously good, it is expected that you might feel the urge to share them with your baby or toddler. Want to know the Asian dishes that are baby-friendly? There’s a list begging to be read below;

1. Baked Chicken Egg Roll

Your baby can enjoy the fantastic Asian dish. And it is possible to prepare the baby-friendly version to make certain that 100% safe for your baby’s digestive system. MSG is usually the toxic ingredient in most Asian meals.

Baked chicken egg roll is great for kids as it is baked and not deep fried like most. This is an awesome treat to give to your baby.

2. Non-Spicy Korean Tofu Soup

If you want to make Korean tofu soup for the family and your baby why don’t you improvise by making the baby-friendly version which is the non-spicy Korean tofu soup? This recipe includes every other safe ingredient except the spice.

Typically, the traditional kind may be too hot and spicy for a baby to handle, so non-spicy Korean tofu soup it is.

3. Whole Wheat Momos

Some momos are usually made from maida but here you make use of whole wheat flour to prepare momos for your little one. Always have in mind that instead of frying momos your can steam them for your baby, as it is a healthier option.

4. Baby Friendly Moo Goo Gai Pan

Moo goo gai pan are stir-fried chicken, mushrooms, and vegetables prepared to be enjoyed and relished. The baby-friendly version is low in sodium or totally sodium free but very flavorful and tasty for your baby.

5. Chinese Vegetable Stir Fry

This colorful dish can be intriguing and exciting for babies as well as toddlers. This healthy dish is packed with a lot of nutrients broccoli, carrots, bell peppers, snap peas, and mushrooms.

6. Japchae

Japchae is a mouthwatering delicacy and your baby would love it. The colors from the vast number of vegetables can be stimulating for babies and kids always ensure to add little sodium as possible.

7. Baby Friendly Sweet And Sour Meatballs Stir Fry

Sweet and sour meatball stir fry is a great meal option for your baby. It is made from ground beef that can be easily consumed by babies. It takes about 30 minutes to put this meal together. This version is perfectly safe for baby-friendly and can also be enjoyed by the whole family.

8. Steamed Pumpkin Muffins

There is a kid version of steam pumpkin muffins. Here instead of using sugar in the recipe, you can use natural sweeteners.

9. Healthy Korean Beef And Brocolli Quinoa

Made from ground beef and vegetables, this Asian delicacy is also perfect for babies. It tastes similar to bulgogi and it is easy to make.

10. Chinese Almond Cookies

Traditional Chinese almond cookies, and it is very healthy for babies and the rest of the family. The ingredient used to make this treat is natural, safe, and delish.


Babies that are ready for solid food can have dim sums. However, some precautionary measures must be taken when feeding your child this Asian dish. Dim sum that contains MSG or too much sodium is strongly advised against for babies.

This article has listed a number of Asian meals and treats that can be safely offered to babies. And you can always prepare the baby-friendly version of these meals.

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