The Best Kinds Of Cheese For Roast Beef

5 Best Kinds Of Cheese For Roast Beef

Summer is picnic season, and nothing says picnic like a fully loaded roast beef sandwich, but then comes the age-old question of what cheese pairs best with roast beef.

Roast beef is such rich and tasty deli meat, so you want to find a cheese that can really sing with it.

Worry no longer, because I have compiled a short list of the absolute best cheeses to eat with roast beef, and what makes them so great.

What is Roast Beef?

Roast beef is a beef rump, round, or sirloin roast that has been slow cooked in the oven to lock in its juices. Once cooked this meat can be sliced thick and served up as a warm showstopper of the main dish. The roast can also be cooked, then sliced thinly for delicious cold roast beef sandwiches.

For ages, roast beef has been associated with English cuisine, but there are those who may argue that American delis brought the meat to the next level; by perfecting the spices and thin slicing, then piling it high over bread, the roast beef sandwich became a real attraction.

No matter how you take your roast beef, hot or cold, a great cheese pairing will help elevate your meal to the next level!

5 Best Kinds of Cheese for Roast Beef

Let’s take a look at the five best kinds of cheese to pair with roast beef!

cream cheese cooking

1. Roast Beef With Swiss Cheese

Swiss cheese is a lovely and mild cheese that pairs beautifully with many deli types of meat, especially roast beef. This famously holey cheese has a sweet and almost nutty flavor that shines beautifully against the savory richness of the beef. Roast beef and swiss can be served warm or cold.

Try a delicious cold roast beef on rye with a single slice of Swiss and horseradish aioli, and you will be blown away by the simple classic.

Want something warm? The pairing of beef and Swiss works wonderfully when warm, as well! I love to start this sandwich with either rye bread or a white sub roll and garlic mayo. Warm the roast beef in a small skillet, top the warm beef with swiss cheese, add a tablespoon of water to the hot pan, then cover and watch your gooey sandwich come together!

Once the cheese has melted, carefully transfer the meat and cheese to your prepped bread, and enjoy this deli decadence!

2. Roast Beef With Cheddar

Many of us know the fast food chain infamous for, “having the meats,” and we have tried their classic combo of roast beef and cheddar cheese. Let’s just say this is a classic for a reason!

Roast beef and cheddar paired together make for a bright and interesting flavor combination. Both the meat and the cheese have big flavors, but they both bring something special to a sandwich. I find that the sharper the cheddar, the brighter and more enjoyable the sandwich is.

This cheese is typically served atop a hot beef sandwich. You can simply heat up the meat in a small skillet, top the meat with cheddar, add a splash of water to the pan, cover, and watch your yummy cheddar melt down into a mouthwatering mess! Carefully transport the meat and cheese to a bun or rye bread and top it with a tangy BBQ sauce.

3. Roast Beef With Provolone

Mild, white cheeses go well with roast beef because the beef has such a strong savory flavor that light, yet rich cheese like provolone can really bring out the best in the meat.

Provolone is an Italian cheese made similarly to mozzarella, and its flavor is both creamy and salty. Provolone is a cheese that can sit atop a cold beef sandwich, or be melted down onto a mouthwatering hot beef sub.

Try it on cold roast beef with extra red onions and tomatoes. It is the perfect cold deli combo! Have hot roast beef and provolone hot with extra peppers for a new spin on the Philly Cheesesteak.

4. Roast Beef with Horseradish Cheese

Farmers’ Market Wisconsin Kickin’ Horseradish Cheddar Cheese | The Pounder 1 Lb of Wisconsin Cheese for Shredding or Slicing

This cheese may not be a grocery store staple for everyone, but I highly recommend it! Horseradish cheese comes in two varieties, hard and soft, but both use the hot tangy flavor of the horseradish root to enhance the rich cheese flavor.

Hard horseradish cheese is typically made of white cheddar infused with delicious horseradish. The hard cheese can be sliced and served on a cold roast beef on rye with garlic aioli for an over-the-top lunch special. You can also try melting it over the warm roast beef in a small skillet, then serving on crunchy toasted rye with onions.

The soft horseradish cheese is also typically made of cheddar and horseradish; however, this spreadable cheese is usually yellow cheddar and found near party dips and cheeses in the grocery store.

Soft horseradish cheddar packs a punch of flavor that can’t be missed! Spread it on a bun or sub roll and load it up with beef.  This cheese is so flavorful you won’t even need extra toppings, but you definitely can add them!

5. Roast Beef with Cheese Sauce

This final cheese takes a bit more preparation, but it is a worthwhile culinary endeavor because once you have learned to make your own cheese sauce your whole recipe game will be upgraded! The homemade cheese sauce is perfect for roast beef, and easier to execute than you’d expect!

Nothing says delicious like a sub roll topped with roast beef, dripping in amazingly good cheese sauce!

To make a cheese sauce you’ll make a bechamel. You will need equal parts butter and flour for this; start with a small amount, like 1tbsp each, a little goes a long way here.

Over medium heat, melt the butter then whisk in the flour, continue whisking while that cooks for about a minute or until golden brown.  At this point you will slowly add about half a cup of dairy, whisking constantly. 

Let that cook until thick, about four minutes, then stir in whatever cheese you like and as many spices as you like. Add cheddar and chili powder for a nacho cheese flavor, or stir in Vermont-aged cheddar and garlic oil for an over-the-top fancy dream sandwich.

Once your cheese sauce is perfectly tasty, pour it on top of warm roast beef, and don’t be stingy!

Wrapping Up

Serving cheese with roast beef is something that never occurs to most people, but it actually makes the perfect combo.

Cheese sure adds some rich flavor to roast beef and since both are excellent sources of protein, they make an ideal breakfast. One ounce of roast beef served with any of the cheese listed above delivers gives you the required energy to make it through the day.

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