Why Does My Head Itch When I Eat Spicy Food?

Why Does My Head Itch When I Eat Spicy Food?

The research on why your head itches after eating spicy food has been a really extensive one and this is because it seems quite confusing to people. Spicy sure have some heart benefits but before including as much spice as you want in your foods, there are a couple of things you need to know.

Why does my head itch when I eat spicy foods? The main reason your head can itch after eating spicy foods is due to a chemical compound found in pepper, it sends some heat warning to your head. Another reason will be that you have an allergic reaction to the type of pepper in your spicy food.

Your general response to spicy foods is mostly based on your tolerance. People build up a tolerance for spicy food eventually but scratching your head every time you eat spicy food can be quite annoying.

Turning up the heat on your favorite dish can be exciting but if you have an itchy head to worry about later, it can ruin the mood. If you are not giving up on your favorite spicy dish anytime soon then read on to know why your head itch and what to do.

Why Does My Head Itch When I Eat Spicy Food?

There are a couple of reasons you can get an itchy head when you eat spicy food. There is a chemical compound found in pepper which is known as Capsaicin, this binds with pain receptors and as a result, when you eat spicy foods, it can send heat warning signals that cause the top of your head to itch.

Food excites the receptors in your skin and as such it enables it to respond to heat. The nervous system responds to the chemical in chili pepper and thus responds to it with an itchy head.

Sensitive skin can also be another reason you are getting an itchy head when you eat spicy foods. When your body gets heated up from the hotness of the pepper, your sensitive scalp can tolerate it thus causing the scratching reaction.

There is no real heat in pepper, so it can be quite confusing why spicy foods burn your mouth. Although your body cools off after a while. Many people enjoy spicy food and do not react to it at all while some tend to have an itchy head reaction after eating any spicy foods.

Itchy head after eating spicy food is not exactly something to worry about as you eventually build tolerance for it. However, if the itchy head is accompanied by red spots, this means spicy foods may aggravate some underlying allergy or inflammatory response in your body.

This requires Homeopathic constitutional treatment to get rid of, seek your doctor’s advice and prescription for this.

Can spicy food get you high?

No, the capsaicin in spicy foods binds to pain receptors on your nerves but won’t get you high. However, a study shows that in response to the pain from spice foods, your brain releases some dopamine and endorphins which combined can create some euphoria rush.

Is spicy food healthy?

Yes, spicy food might not be for everyone, but it’s very healthy. It has longevity benefits and other health benefits such as combating inflammation, boosting heart health, protecting cells, and may help fight cancer cells.

Is it OK to eat spicy food every day?

Spicy food can help curb your appetite and in turn help burn fat, but it’s not advised that you eat it every day. If you do this every day, it can lead to the constant loss of appetite which can, in turn, lead to very serious conditions.

Final Thoughts

Itchy head when you eat spicy food shouldn’t be a serious issue to worry about if it is not accompanied by other symptoms.

Furthermore, ensure you are not reacting to any other ingredients in your food. Research shows the itchy head stops after a while but if this is not the case for you then you likely have an allergic reaction to it.

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