Can You Store A Blackstone Griddle Outside?

Can You Store A Blackstone Griddle Outside

Cooking equipment is commonly found and used in the kitchen. However, many cooking types of equipment are not designed to be used indoors.

This equipment is designed to be situated outside for several reasons. An example of this is a griddle. A griddle is a flat iron plate, heavy, and is used for cooking. There has been a recent love for the Blackstone griddle and this is for several reasons.

Due to the rise in the number of Blackstone griddle purchases, there have been questions on how and where to properly store the griddle. Can the Blackstone griddle be stored outside?

Blackstone griddle can be stored outside, however, it is recommended that it should not be left uncovered or exposed to harsh weather conditions. We suggest that it be covered with a griddle cover, or be kept in the garage or garden shade. 

What to Do With Your Blackstone Griddle

The Blackstone griddle is one of the recent cooking equipment everyone has something to say about. This equipment was designed to be used outside, it is suitable for large group cooking and makes cooking for a large crowd easier.

It comes in different sizes and models, all designed to suit your outdoor cooking needs. The griddle is versatile as it allows you to cook different food on just one appliance. Interesting right? The accessories of this griddle vary, depending on the size and model you are purchasing.

However, a common feature for all of the models and sizes is the inclusion of a flat top that is made of cold-rolled steel. The use of cold-rolled steel makes Blackstone griddle a choice for a lot of people, this is because cold-rolled griddle comes with some advantages and including;

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  • Cold-rolled is known for its shiny and smooth surface. The entire surface of the Blackstone griddle is free of rust and scales.
  • As a result of the cold-rolled steel, the Blackstone griddle can withstand some stress. This means your griddle is tolerant and can last longer even with some extra work.
  • When compared with hot-rolled steel, cold-rolled steel is about 20% stronger. This makes the Blackstone griddle able to withstand harsh weather conditions as well as last for a longer time.
  • Cold-rolled steels allow the Blackstone griddle to be able to evenly distribute heat. This makes your food get done evenly.

While the Blackstone griddle is made of materials that make it strong and durable, it is still important that the cooking equipment is handled with care. Although the Blackstone griddle is outdoor cooking equipment, you are required to protect it while it is not in use.

It is often recommended that the equipment is kept in a shade, most likely a garden shade or in the garage. If you, however, do not have any of these, your Blackstone griddle is permitted to be left outdoors, however, this is with the condition that it be covered with a griddle cover.

The purpose of protecting your griddle is to ensure that it doesn’t become damaged on time.

This is to say that although the Blackstone griddle is a strong piece of equipment, exposure to harsh weather conditions can cause damage to it.

Storing Your Blackstone Griddle Outside

Due to the lack of space or a sheltered place to keep the Blackstone griddle, a lot of people will opt for keeping their griddle outdoor.

This isn’t so bad, however, there are precautions to take to ensure that your Blackstone griddle is properly stored and doesn’t get damaged while it is outside.

1. Clean The Griddle

This is one of the most important things to do when you want to store your Blackstone griddle. This is regardless of where you are storing it; outdoor or in a shade. It is important that you thoroughly clean your griddle after use. Ensure that nothing is present on your Blackstone griddle after it is used.

2. Oil Before Storing

After cleaning, it is highly recommended that you oil your cooking equipment, this is because oiling protects your Blackstone griddle surface and prevents it from rusting. it is advised that you make use of vegetable or canola oil. Oil serves as a lubricant for your griddle surface and keeps it shiny and prevents it from rusting.

3. Do Not Leave It In An Open Space

A lot of people may not want to take the griddle indoors for various reasons such as space, convenience et. However, you should never place your griddle in an open space. Ensure it is placed in a shade; preferably a garage or garden shade. This will protect your griddle from rain, ice, snow, hailstorms, floods, etc.

4. Keep From Harsh Weather

While your Blackstone griddle is outside, protect it from weather that can cause damage to it. It has been observed that rainwater can be damaging to cold-rolled steel, frequent rainwater on the equipment removes the protective layer of seasoning and causes the griddle to rust. Keep your griddle in places where it cannot come in contact with rainwater.

5. Get A Griddle Cover

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If there is nowhere else to keep your griddle, then it is best your purchase a griddle cover. You can buy the customized Blackstone griddle cover, this fully covers your griddle, protecting it from harm such as weather, pets, and rust.

6. Use a Deck Or Concrete

While your Blackstone griddle is outdoor, it is advised that you do not make use of them on the lawn, this is because your griddle will be exposed to dirt as a result of the grass and moisture as a result of the wet grass. We suggest you make use of a deck or concrete; they are dry and will help your griddle last for a long time.

7. Season Your Griddle

Seasoning your griddle prevents it from harsh weather conditions. It also protects the surface of the griddle from getting damaged.

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How To Care For Blackstone Griddle While In Storage

Properly storing your Blackstone griddle is great, however, what many do not know is that your work isn’t done right after storing. Your Blackstone griddle still requires some form of care while it is in storage. The tips below will help you properly store your Blackstone griddle.

1. Keep The Griddle Clean

While your griddle is in storage, depending on how often you use it, there is every tendency that your griddle will accumulate dust after a while of not being in use. It is recommended that you clean your griddle at least once a month. Get rid of the accumulated dust as this can lead to rust.

2. Do Not Place Items On Top Of The Griddle

Although your griddle is big equipment, it is quite delicate and should be handled with care. Avoid placing other items on your griddle, this can damage the surface of your cooking equipment. Create a space for your griddle, either in your garden shade, garage, or outdoor.

3. Keep Away From Water

If you will be storing your griddle in a shade or garage, we suggest you observe the space properly and confirm that water cannot get there. Blackstone griddles do not do well with moisture as they can lead to damage and rust. Ensure you prevent this from occurring.

Can I Leave My Blackstone Griddle Outside In The Winter?

No, you should not leave your Blackstone griddle outdoor in the winter. This is because the moisture from the winter can cause rust and other damages to occur to your griddle. If you will be placing your griddle outdoor, ensure it is covered with a Blackstone griddle cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Do To Prevent My Griddle From Rusting?

There are some things to do to prevent your Blackstone griddle from rusting, however, some of the most important are to clean your Blackstone griddle right after cooking, oil the surface with some cooking oil, and properly store it in a cool and dry place.

Which Cover Can I Use For My Blackstone Griddle?

It is recommended that you purchase the Blackstone griddle cover. Before purchasing, ensure that the cover matches the size of your griddle. You can get this on the company’s website.

Can I Use My Blackstone Griddle Indoors?

No, Blackstone griddles cannot be used indoors, this is because they were designed to be used outside. The Blackstone company also advises against the use of griddles indoors as they can produce toxic carbon monoxide.

Is Blackstone Griddle Waterproof?

No, Blackstone griddles are not waterproof. Exposing them to rainwater and other humid conditions can cause damage to the griddle as well as cause them to rust. Ensure that you take precautions to protect your griddle from damage.

Why Is My Food Sticking To My Blackstone Griddle?

Food sticking to your Blackstone griddle is an indication that your griddle is either dirty or has a lot of oil on it. Ensure you clean the flat top grill properly and after each use, pre-heating your griddle before you start cooking can also prevent food from sticking to it.

Final Thoughts

Blackstone griddle is amazing cooking equipment that everyone should get. Since it is not a piece of indoor equipment, you must find out how to properly care for it.

This determines how long-lasting your griddle will last. Blackstone griddle can be stored outdoor, however, it should either be kept in a shade, garage, or covered with a Blackstone griddle cover.

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