Is Oyster Sauce Halal?

Is Oyster Sauce Halal?

Seafood is a favorite for a lot of people; from fish to shrimps, codfish, etc. there are so many recipes that include these to make delicious delicacies. Oyster is seafood that a lot of people enjoy, not only for its amazing taste like dumplings but for other reasons such as its nutritional value.

Over the years, there has been the development of different condiments that can help in making your food more delicious.

The oyster sauce is a typical example. Is oyster sauce halal? has become a topic of discussion due to various concerns regarding the Muslim community and their use of oyster sauce in meals. This concludes our research on the subject.

Oyster sauce is not halal according to the majority of the Muslim community; however, some sects believe that the oyster sauce is halal and permissible for them to eat.

According to Islam, there is two division of food; Halal and Haram. Halal is used to refer to the food that is permissible for Muslims to eat and haram is the word used for food that is forbidden. There are some direct instructions as regards some food, however, some others are not clearly stated but are used to infer that some food is haram.    

Is Oyster Sauce Halal?

The ingredients for the oyster sauce—a sweet and salty condiment—include oyster juice, salt, and sugar. Oyster sauce may be a favorite condiment for many; however, the Muslim community does not share this opinion. This is due to the widespread opinion among Muslim scholars that it is forbidden to consume oyster sauce.

The oyster sauce is derived from oyster juice, which comes from the oyster itself, it is forbidden for Muslims to consume it. Oyster sauce is thought to contain part of the oyster’s enzymes, though it is unclear whether the entire oyster is incorporated in the recipe.

According to the sect of the Muslim community who believe that the oyster is haram, they believe that oysters can also be regarded as soft and delicate creatures from the sea, hence they are included among the insects of the sea, and according to the Hanafis, they have no blood in them, making them impermissible.

Other sects in the Muslim community are also of the same belief that it is haram to eat the oyster or its shell. The Hanafis also believe that all creatures of the sea are haram, except fish.

Another school of thought states that it is impermissible since oyster is from the water, which has dead shrimps, fishes, and other sea animals. Since the oyster sauce contains extract and juice from the oyster, it is considered Haram by the majority of the members of the Muslim community.

Halal Alternatives For Oyster Sauce

It is also believed that oyster is probably harvested from seas and places with high pollution. So, here are other alternatives for an oyster sauce that are halal.

1. Vegan Mushroom Sauce

Not only can you use this sauce in place of oyster sauce, but it is a great option for vegetarians. the vegan mushroom sauce is made up of dried mushrooms or mushroom broth cubes, sugar, cornstarch, and soy sauce.

It has an amazing taste and a lovely umami flavor with it. This sauce is not only vegan but is also halal, this indicates that it is permissible for the Muslim community.

Teriyaki sauce
Healthy Teriyaki Sauce by Eat Fresh Glow

2. Teriyaki Sauce

The teriyaki sauce has the same constituency as the oyster sauce and this is one of the reasons it is a favorite for us. Teriyaki sauce is made of soy sauce, sake or mirin, and sugar and this is why it has a sweeter taste than oyster sauce.

Since all the ingredients of teriyaki sauce are plant-based, it is a halal option for an oyster. This sauce is excellent for noodles, dipping sauces, marinades, and stir-fries.

3. Fish Sauce

If you loved to have the seafood taste in your food, then the fish sauce is your go-to. The fish sauce has a thinner feel and tastes fishier than the oyster, however, it is suitable for use in some oyster recipes.

Compared to oyster sauce, the fish sauce also tastes saltier and a little less sweet than the oyster sauce, however, you aren’t missing anything. Fish is halal, hence all products from the fish are considered halal, including fish sauce.  

4. Hoisin Sauce

Although hoisin sauce is a Chinese condiment, it’s a great alternative to oyster sauce. It comes in a thick constituency and has a bit of umami, with a tangy and sweet taste.

The ingredients that make up the hoisin are halal and that makes it a good substitute for a haram sauce. Hoisin is great for stir-fries and marinades. It is also a good option for those who are vegan.

5. Soy Sauce

Soy sauce is an amazing substitute for oyster sauce. It is also one of the most common condiments, so it will not be hard to find. Soy sauce comes in a saltier taste than oyster sauce, however, it is still great for all delicacies.

Soy sauce is plant-based as it is made from soybeans, even better, it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Soybeans are halal and that makes the soy sauce suitable for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vegetarian Oyster Sauce Halal?

Yes, vegetarian oyster sauce is halal and this is because there is no extract of the real oyster in it. Instead, it is made of mushrooms, which also have the umami flavor and give it a similar taste to the regular oyster flavor.

Is Oyster Sauce Fish?

Oyster sauce is not fish and doesn’t have a fishy taste. This is because the oyster sauce is made up of oyster juice, sugar, and salt.

What Is A Vegetarian Oyster Sauce Made Of?

Vegetarian oyster sauce is made up of mushrooms, this can either be oyster mushrooms or shiitake mushrooms. This use of mushrooms gives the sauce a high level of umami flavor, which is similar to the regular oyster sauce.

Final Thoughts

Oyster sauce is haram, making it forbidden for members of Islam to eat or add to their food.

This is because it is derived from oyster, which is considered haram by the majority of Islamic scholars. Although oyster and its sauce is haram, some scholars have permitted that it be consumed or used for medicinal/medical purposes.

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