Can You Eat Oats Without Cooking?

Can You Eat Oats Without Cooking?

Oats are termed whole-grain foods that can make a simple, quick, and nutritious breakfast for both young and old. Oats or Oatmeal have become popularly eaten meals that have been passed down from generations, they are advertised to help with weight loss, give enough nutrients for growing children, and help to keep a balanced diet.

In short: Eating raw oats is healthy but it is highly recommended that you soak the oats in milk or water overnight to remove acids and make them easy to digest. Having to eat raw oats regularly is not advisable as there needs to be some level of heat or liquid to soften the firmness of oats.

Raw Oats are enjoyable worldwide as whole grains meals. It has been removed from Oat shells and pre-processed to make them edible and attain most of the nutritional value of the oat shells.

Oats are linked to various health benefits, longer living, and strengthening the immune system of growing kids. There are various types of oats, that allow one to try various recipes, which can be eaten, either cooked or raw.

Oats that are cooked, have a soft feeling or taste, which many young adults tend to not like.

Thus, many wonder if they can have it raw to enjoy its firmness, in case you are wondering, how to eat oats without cooking them, this article would explain if you can and how best to eat them or use them to garnish your breakfast.

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Can You Eat Oats Without Cooking?

Can You Eat Oats Without Cooking?
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Oats are whole grain or fiber foods that are easy to prepare, cheap, and easy to access in many supermarkets. They offer a balanced nutrition ratio and are best to eat breakfast meals at least twice a week. Raw Oats or Oatmeal are processed from kernels, so the body can digest them during consumption.

After the Oat kernels are harvested, they go through diverse processing methods, such as: separating the kernels from the oat fiber, heating treatment, sizing and kept into categories, and lastly milling. The final results of the processing becomes Oat flakes, which are the whole grain foods that we eat cooked or sometimes raw.

The heating process that all Oats kernels undergo, makes them technically cooked and a guide for easy digestion. Oat flakes are packed with many nutrients, such as protein, fiber, zinc, and magnesium. Due to the many nutrients contained in Oats, they are one of the most healthy grains worldwide.

Oats are highly absorbable grains, which soak easily when cooked or mixed with liquids, thus making them good for easy consumption and digestion.

Is it Safe to Eat Raw Oats?

As a popular breakfast meal across the world, Oat flakes could be eaten raw or cooked according to preference. Due to the heating process and various stages Oat kernels are refined into, it is technically tagged as not completely raw. The steaming has made the oats easy to digest and therefore it can be referred to as “pre-cooked”.

Oats do not need to be cooked for long, as they absorb liquids very easily. Oat is quite easy and quick to make, simply pour into heating water and stir for a few minutes to destroy acids, to be served as porridge or oatmeal with milk, fruits, or vegetables. They can also be added to yogurts, smoothies, protein shakes, breakfast cereals, or baked goods.

Oat flakes that are not cooked or boiled, added into a smoothie or baked good, are advised to soak overnight in the refrigerator with milk or water. This makes the oat easy to digest in the morning and a go-to breakfast meal. although these oats are not technically raw, it is pre-processed and still need a final stage of cooking or soaking to make them healthy for consumption.

Why Eat Oats?

Can You Eat Oats Without Cooking?
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It Promotes Weight loss: Whole grain fiber foods are packed with necessary nutrients, with a filling effect, light, easy to digest. Thus, many dietitians advise people looking to lose weight, to regularly eat oats. Eating oats helps to reduce constipation, promotes a feeling of fullness. a healthy choice of breakfast that helps to reduce fats in the body.

Oats contain high soluble fiber beta-glucan, which is very good for the body as it controls the blood sugar in the body, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol in the body.

Oats help to make the body healthier, makes a filling effect which would last a person through the day feeling light and energetic, helps the heart, immune system, and aids digestion to the body.

Oats encourage the use of supplements to the meal which helps a person have a healthier breakfast or meal. When eating Oats, people prefer to garnish the fiber meal with other nutritional supplements like milk, various fruits, vegetables, yogurts, other grain breakfast cereals, etc. One of the best options for breakfast meal prep is oat meals.

Possible Dangers of Eating Raw Oats

Oats are high in fiber, therefore, they naturally want to absorb liquids around them. If raw oats are consumed while dry, they would instead, soak up liquid from the digestive tract, which is not good for the body.

Eating raw oats whilst they are dry, could lead to blockage as there are no liquids to assist the easy digestion of the fiber. It could lead to constipation or indigestion due to an uncomfortable build-up in the stomach or intestine.

Lastly, Raw oats contain phytic acid, which can act as an anti-nutrient, making it difficult, for the body to absorb and also digest them. It is advised oats are taken with liquids to reduce the phytic acid and encourage the body to absorb them properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to eat Oats raw or cooked?

Oats are high in fibers and acid, which do not encourage the body to absorb the meal properly. It is advised that Oats are mixed with liquids either through boiling, cooking, soaking in the refrigerator, added to yogurts, or smoothies to make it better for consumption.

Can I eat Quaker Oats without cooking?

Quaker Oats is a popular brand of Oat flakes that is easy to prepare and accessible worldwide. No, Quaker Oats should not be eaten without cooking, they are pre-packaged oat flakes that need to go through the necessary stage of boiling/cooking it, and lastly garnished with milk and sugar.

What happens if you eat undercooked oatmeal?

It could cause gas or a bloated feeling when a person eats undercooked oatmeal. The same effect of eating any undercooked meal would be it would cause indigestion or an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach. It is advisable to have fruits, vegetables, or digestion-aid drugs to help settle the stomach.

Are uncooked oats hard to digest?

Yes, they are hard to digest because Oats are high in fiber, which makes them dry and in need to absorb liquids to aid digestion. Therefore, to avoid indigestion or constipation, eat oats with liquids or add them as supplements to meals, to make them easy to digest.


Oats are high fiber wholemeal that are highly nutritious, light with a fullness effect, and easy to digest. They can be served as porridge or oatmeal, or with milk or fruits, they can also be added to yogurts, smoothies, baked goods, etc.

In conclusion, Oats are advised to be consumed when cooked or soaked with a liquid such as cold milk or water, to avoid constipation or indigestion.

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