How Long Can You Leave Kimbap Out?

How Long Can You Leave Kimbap Out?

Knowing how long you can leave out kimbap after preparation is very essential. And the sad truth, not everyone knows this. Kimbap is an Asian dish and originated precisely from Korea. Some like to refer to it as Korean sushi but that is not what it is.

Kimbap is basically made from rice and other ingredients. It has a sweet, nutty, and tangy flavor thanks to seasonings such as rice vinegar, vegetables, fish, or meat that are rolled in. Sesame oil is added to keep the kimbap from losing its moisture and drying up.

A lot could go wrong if kimbap is left to sit out for too long. This is why the next important thing after preparing delicious kimbap is to be accurate about the ideal timeframe to leave it out. Otherwise, your perfectly made kimbap would get soggy which can be very upsetting.

Want to know more about your most loved Korean dish? You are in the right place as there are a lot of amazing facts that have been compiled for you in this article. Let’s move right into it.

Fun Facts About Kimbap

Kimbap is quite similar to sushi, many people who are very familiar with it would easily mistake them for sushi. However, kimbap is the Korean version of Japanese sushi. It is an indigenous Korean dish and is very popular in many Korean restaurants.

While it is generally known as kimbap, you will not be wrong if you called it gimbap. They may look like traditional Japanese sushi but they taste nothing like it.

Many fans of kimbap love it because it is made out of pre-cooked ingredients and it has a sweeter taste all thanks to sesame oil.

The Korean word “kimbap” translates as rice rolled with seaweed. And although some may consider it the Korean version of sushi, it is very far from it. Kimbap has a sweeter taste when compared to sushi and it is made with cooked fish rather than raw.

delicious kimbap

One very amazing fun fact about kimbap is that it has been reported to help ease hangovers. So if you have had too much to drink, kimbap can come to the rescue.

Depending on the ingredients used in preparing kimbap, one roll can contain 13.71 grams of protein, 6 grams of fat, 12 grams of carbs, and 290kcal.

However, vegans and vegetarians can also have kimbap as there is room for just adding vegetables and opting out on fish.

How Long Can You Leave Kimbap Out?

After preparing your kimbap, the next important thing to take note of is that you most certainly can’t leave it out for long hours. It could be very disappointing to go through all the stress of preparing kimbap only for it to round up getting spoilt.

Kimbap will last for about 2-3 hours when they are left out. Any time after this stipulated timeframe, it would get bad and too soggy to be enjoyed. The seaweed that has been rolled in would get extremely soft and this would affect the texture of the rice.

For a fact, we all know nobody likes to eat soggy kimbap so let’s always make it a rule to consume kimbap right on time. But if it is almost impossible to eat it right away, you can opt for a better method of preserving it.

What Are The Best Ways To Store Kimbap?

Originally kimbap is meant to be eaten right after it is prepared but for some reason, you might not be able to eat your kimbap immediately. Or maybe you have some leftover kimbap that needs to be stored. You may wonder if there are proper ways to keep kimbap fresh for a longer time.

The good news is there are indeed ways to go about it and they are as follows;

1. Refrigerate Kimbap

Kimbap has a better chance of lasting longer in the refrigerator. It can last for as long as 2-3 days due to the favorable cold temperature. The temperature helps prevent the seaweed from getting too soft and soggy for as long as it can.

However, after a maximum of 3 days, kimbap may not be enjoyable as it should be. Take the following steps to properly store kimbap in the fridge;

  • Secure kimbap in an airtight container or a ziplock bag.
  • Ensure that the container or bag is properly sealed.
  • Place the sealed container or bag in the fridge.
  • Make sure to consume kimbap within 2-3 days of refrigerating it.

2. Freeze Kimbap

The freezing method will retain kimbap for a much longer period. But this is not considered the best method to be adopted because the texture and moisture of the kimbap will be compromised in the process. Placing the kimbap in the fridge is your best bet, however, leaving it out will be a terrible idea.

So you can always place it in the freezer when left without the choice of refrigerating it. The great about this is that kimbap can sit pretty and well preserved for 2 weeks or more. On the contrary, I’d recommend you consume them within 5-7 days.

Take these necessary steps to store kimbap in the freezer;

  • Wrap kimbap in saran wrap, as this will help retain its texture.
  • Place the wrapped kimbap in an airtight container or freezer bag.
  • Make sure there is little or no air in the bag.
  • Safely store in the freezer
  • Ensure to consume it as soon as possible to enjoy it.

Can Kimbap Be Reheated?

Of course, kimbap can be reheated. Although reheating it may reduce the quality of its taste but that doesn’t mean you should eat it cold or frozen.

However, reheating kimbap will help terminate any form of bacteria contamination. Frozen kimbap should be thawed at room temperature before heating it.

Most importantly, do not reheat kimbap in the microwave as this method can ruin the texture of kimbap, and cause the rice to get too soft. Rather than using the microwave, it is best to make use of a stovetop and a frying pan.


Kimbap is a unique Korean delicacy that is very popular for its rich taste.

Naturally, kimbap can not withstand being left out for anytime longer than 3 hours. It is not advisable to leave it for too as there is a very fat chance that they can get spoilt in the process.

However, there are ways to preserve them which by the way are recommended especially for leftover kimbap. Also, it has been made clear in this article that kimbap can be reheated. Don’t forget to always enjoy your kimbap!

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