Can You Freeze Red Beans And Rice?

Can You Freeze Red Beans And Rice?

Red beans and rice are a very delicious combo and it will be great to know if you can freeze this meal. This perfect combination is healthy, contains complete proteins, and is very yummy.

It is way more economical to prepare some red beans and rice at home than to order take-outs every now and then. And guess what? You do not have to break the bank to prepare this tasty meal!

You can enjoy and spice it all up with some nice chicken, beef briskets, sausage, fish, or shrimp, whatever you choose to pair this is just as good. So what if you have some leftover red beans and rice, do you put it all to waste or can you freeze them?

Yes, you can freeze red beans and rice. But all things considered, you must make sure to know how to properly store it to prevent it from getting freezer burned.

Of course, throwing away meals is a no-no, especially when it includes a very relishing meal such as red beans and rice. This article spills all the beans on whether it is a good idea to freeze red beans and rice, and how to properly freeze and reheat this meal.

Can Red Beans And Rice Be Frozen?

I don’t see why not. You can prep red beans and rice that would last you a while and freeze them.

Personally, I prefer to cook and freeze this meal as it saves a lot of time and stress, all I need to do is reach into the freezer and warm up a nice plate of red beans and rice.

Even if you have some leftovers do not consider trashing them, the freezer can help you save and keep them fresh until you are ready to eat them.

Red beans and rice freeze very well and trust me they will still taste really delicious after you reheat them. This is one of the reasons why it is a go-to meal as you don’t have to worry about it losing its taste and texture in the freezer, unlike other meals.

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How To Freeze Red Beans And Rice

This is where it gets a bit tricky, you really love those red beans and rice you have to freeze them correctly, otherwise, it’s not going to look or taste good. A lot of meals if not all, are prone to freezer burn and this can compromise their taste. Red beans and rice are not left out so you have to ensure that it doesn’t get affected.

Now, pay apt attention to the following steps as they are proper guidelines for freezing red beans and rice.

1. Allow It Cool

It is not ideal to freeze meals when they are steaming hot. Storing red beans and rice in the freezer while it is hot can affect the taste and texture of the food due to the rise in temperature.

If you are quite in a hurry to freeze this meal, you should consider transferring the rice from the pot to a flat surfaced pan or tray. this gives more room for it to let out steam and cool off. You can also refrigerate the beans and rice to speed up the cooling process.

2. Store In Portions

You might want to store red beans and rice in small batches. In each freezer-safe ziplock bag or airtight container add a good portion of red beans and rice that’s enough for you to finish at a go.

This is to prevent you from having to reheat and refreeze this meal over and over again. And the freezer-safe bag or container will also save the red beans and rice from getting freezer burned.

3. Label

This helps a lot to keep track of the meal, the amount, and how long it has been in the freezer. So in case, you forget the date of storage labeling it will help you remember all there is to remember about the red beans and rice.

4. Freeze

Now, that all that is necessary has been done, you can go ahead to arrange the bags of red beans and rice in the freezer.

Pro Tips

  • Make sure to press out all the air from the zip lock bag before freezing it.
  • Lay the bags flat on each other to freeze.
  • Ensure to consume the meal as soon as you can.
  • Keep the freezer door shut at all times.
  • Make sure to always divide red beans and rice into portions.
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How Long Can Red Beans And Rice Last In The Freezer

Red beans and rice can last in the freezer for about 6-12 months but you really don’t have to wait that long to eat them. The longer you leave them in the freezer the less fresh and tasty they become.

You also have to ensure that the temperature in the freezer is as cold as it should be to prevent the meal from going bad.

And take all the necessary steps to protect red beans and rice from freezer burn.

Thawing Red Beans And Rice

Unlike some other dishes, red beans and rice do not appreciate slow thawing. When you slow thaw this dish either in the fridge or at room temperature the texture can get all soggy and mushy and we really do not want that.

It is always best to reheat frozen red beans and rice immediately to avoid compromising the texture and taste of the food.

How To Reheat Red Beans And Rice

When reheating red beans and rice you can consider these two methods;

1. Stovetop Method

Reheating this dish is not as complex as some meals. You’ll just be needing a saucepan or a pot, and ensure the stove is on medium heat.

Put in your beans and rice, add a very little amount of water, and stir every now and then to prevent it from burning too much at the bottom and sides of the pot or pan.

2. Microwave Method

The microwave is a faster approach for reheating beans and rice.

Transfer the meal to a microwave-safe dish, and make sure to add some water to the red beans and rice to prevent them from losing moisture in the process of reheating it.

Set the microwave to defrost mode in 1-2 minute increments. Make sure to stir after each heating cycle and add a little more water if it appears dry. Reheat to the desired temperature.

In Closing

Red beans and rice is a very delicious and filling meal, and amazingly they can be cooked and kept in the freezer for at least 6 months. However, it is only safe in the freezer as long as you follow the proper freezing guidelines mentioned in this article.

Slow thawing or defrosting red beans and rice is totally a bad idea, it is best to reheat it immediately with the methods recommended. Now freeze those red beans and rice and enjoy them later!

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