Can You Eat Raw Corn? (What You Should Know)

Can You Eat Raw Corn?

Raw corn is a cereal grain that is on the list of foods many households can do without.

Eating corn can be quite understandable considering how delicious it can be and the recipes that call for corn are increasing. Corn was originally found in Mexico by Native people but has become a staple in many countries around the world. It is also known as Maize.

Yes, you can eat raw corn. While eating raw corn is not popular, it is completely healthy and risk-free. One of the ways farmers decide corn is ready to be harvested is by taking a bite out of it. The juicy burst of flavor indicates your corn is ripe and can be included in many dishes or simply enjoyed raw.

When you think of corn, we are quite a lot of things come to mind. It is not just enjoyed in its corn form but made into grains for cereals and there is also popcorn, sweet corn, and corn soup. Raw corn is a summer salad and while craving grilled corn or corn soup is the norm, raw corn can be on that list too.

Corn sure deserves to shine on its own and surprisingly, not so many people know what you can do with corn. So, if you don’t have an allergy to corn, then read on to find out if you can eat raw corn and some amazing ways you can include it in cooking.

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The Types And Benefits Of Eating Corn

Corn does contain a fair share of minerals and vitamins which vary depending on the type of corn.

But one of the key benefits of corn is that it contains antioxidants that can protect your cells from damage. Eating corn regularly has been associated with warding off diseases such as cancer and heart diseases. Corn is great for the eyes as well.

Another major benefit is the high fiber content. Sweetcorn is filled with amazing benefits, and it can help you stay stronger and fuller for a very long time. Corn’s amazing benefits are not the only reason it is special but there are so many meals you can create with corn and also ways you can be used it as well.

Here are some of the common types of corns:

  • Sweet corn
  • Flint corn is also known as Indian corn
  • Baby corn
  • Popcorn
  • Flour corn
  • Heirloom corn
  • Dent Corn (Field corn).

Most of the corns are named according to their use and look. Note that dent corn which is also called field corn is used in processing foods it’s the type of corn that shouldn’t be eaten raw.

Corns also come in different colors like yellow, white, brown, red, black, and many more.

Is It Safe to Eat Raw Corn?

Raw corn
Source: Creative Market

You can enjoy raw corn just as much as you enjoy it grilled or cooked. While most people enjoy corn when it’s cooked and all garnished with some toppings or just butter and oil, it is also safe when it’s eaten raw. However, not all types of raw corn can be eaten raw. Young tender corns are believed to be just as juicy as the yellow ripe corn.

Corn on the cob can be enjoyed raw at any time of the day, but it is very time that you go for the organic corn on the cob if you are going to be eating it raw. Raw corn deserves to have its delicacy without having to cook or grill it first.

Just like vegetables, eating corn raw has some amazing nutrients and nutrition. However, it can be hard to digest due to the high amount of cellulose it contains but the simple trick to avoid this is to chew it well before you swallow it.

How To Choose And Clean Corn Before Eating

Note that you can’t eat any type of raw corn. There are quite a few things you should put into consideration before eating corn on the cob raw.

You have to first make sure you are buying organic corn straight from the farmer to avoid any form of illness after eating raw corn. So, below are simple tips and pointers to guide you on buying raw corns.

  • Buy directly from the farmer and ensure it hasn’t been grown with any herbicide or pesticide
  • Make sure the corn hasn’t been sitting around for too long
  • Select corn with ears that feel dense and heavier than their size
  • Remove all the silk from the corn
  • Shuck and rinse thoroughly to remove the dirt, bugs, and debris
  • Consume fresh and avoid keeping till the next day(can start tasting grassy due to starch break down).

How Can You Eat Raw Corn?

You don’t have to eat corn direct from the cob if you don’t want to. There are so many ways you can incorporate raw corn into your dish.

Corn is excellent for vegans and vegetarians. You can have it cooked, grounded to make cereal, or grilled. Ensure the cob of corn doesn’t sit around for too long, or it will lose its taste.

Many people have claimed to enjoy raw corn by simply adding olive oil and sprinkling it with some salt. You can also enjoy raw corn by adding the raw form to your salad. There are endless ways you can add raw corn to your diet.

There is raw corn salad, raw corn soup, and raw corn with vegan ice cream which is a staple for vegans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is raw corn better for you than cooked?

Raw corn is its purest form, so it’s more nutritious, but this doesn’t make the cooked one less good. The raw corn nutrients are still preserved and as long as it is thoroughly cleaned and fresh then it’s considered better for you than cooked.

What does raw corn taste like?

Raw corn tastes milky and sweet just like milk candy. It has been described as milky corn candy.

Can you eat corn straight from the field?

Not all types of corn can be eaten straight from the field. Some type of corn needs to be processed before they can be consumed unless it’s sweet corn which is the type of corn that can be eaten raw. You can enjoy sweet corn straight from the field.

What is the difference between field corn and regular corn?

The regular corn is known as sweet corn, and it is soft and looks sort of short. The tall field corn has fuller leaves, and it is much taller as well. Sweet corn is grown for its taste, used in cooking and eaten raw, and is fairly high in moisture while field corn is dry and used in creating food products like cornmeal.

Final Thoughts

Raw corn is completely safe for you to consume, you just need to make sure you are buying the soft fresh sweet corn.

If you are looking to get the most from corn in terms of its benefits, then it is better consumed raw however just like every other type of vegetable, moderation is key. It does have high starch content so keep the consumption minimal.

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