Is Kraft Mac And Cheese Halal?

Is Kraft Mac & Cheese Halal?

Kraft mac and cheese is one of the fastest foods there is. Although it is quite popular among college students, it is consumed by everyone and anyone and is especially eaten for dinner.

Since kraft mac and cheese is one of the most popular foods out there, we must make findings on its being suitable for everyone and anyone to eat it, including the Muslim community. This curiosity led us to research if kraft mac and cheese is halal or not.

No, Kraft mac and cheese is not halal. Although the animal enzyme present in kraft mac and cheese is from lamb and beef. It is not confirmed that the sources of these animals’ enzymes are halal.

What Makes Food Halal?

Halal is a word from the Quran, it is an Arabic word that means “permissible”. It is simply used for anything that is allowed in the Islamic religion. The opposite of halal is haram and this means forbidden.

The word halal or haram and mostly used for food and when food is considered halal, it means, it adheres to Islamic laws. Concerning food, several foods are highlighted as prohibited by the Islamic laws, these are not just any laws but are said to be the direct commandments from the prophet Muhammed, himself. 

While there are direct instructions from the Quran on some food not being halal, some foods are not mentioned, however, they are considered halal. This leads to the point that food being haram or halal isn’t just about the type of food but how the food is raised, slaughtered(animals), ingredients, and prepared. There are some requirements that a portion of food needs to meet to be considered halal. Here are some of them below

1. An animal considered halal must be alive and healthy before it is slaughtered and drained of its blood.

2. The animal must be slaughtered by a Muslim and such person must do so in the right manner, i.e., the animal’s throat must be cut by a sharp knife, cutting the carotid artery, jugular vein, and windpipe in a single swipe.

3. The food must be cleaned, processed, produced, manufactured, and preserved according to the laws of the Muslim community, with equipment that is considered halal according to Islamic laws.

4. No haram ingredient must be used to either preserve or cook the food. Once the haram ingredient is in it, it makes the whole food/meat haram.

Is Kraft Mac & Cheese Halal?

Kraft Mac And Cheese Haram?

These and many more guide the Muslim community in knowing what is haram or halal. Kraft mac and cheese is short for macaroni and cheese, the product is known as Kraft Dinner in Canada, Kraft mac and cheese in the United States and Australia, and cheesy pasta in the United Kingdom.

Regardless of where it is, this product by the kraft foods group is a favorite among many people, and due to its popularity and presence everywhere, it is only necessary that investigations are made to help people know if it is suitable to eat or not.

After much investigation, it was determined that the animal enzymes used to make mac and cheese come from beef and lamb, not a pig, which disqualifies it from being considered haram and makes it OK to consume. The methods and tools used to obtain and extract these enzymes from the animals are not known because it is unknown where these creatures come from.

We therefore cannot state with certainty that the method of slaughtering, preserving, and the tools used for these animals are halal, even though the cheese is not created from enzymes from pigs. In order to avoid committing sin, it is, therefore, advisable to refrain from eating it if you are unsure.

Halal Alternatives To Kraft Mac And Cheese

You really can still enjoy your mac and cheese without breaking the Islamic laws. There are quite several other mac and cheese brands that are following Islamic laws, hence their products are halal and can be eaten. They are below;

1. Foulds Mac And Cheese

Fould’s Wacky Mac Macaroni & Cheese Dinner, 5.5-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 8)

The Foulds mac and cheese is produced by the Foulds macaroni company and has since produced and packaged some of our favorite pasta products. The mac and cheese are amazing, the pack comes with the cheese sauce in a packet and requires that you add margarine and milk.

The taste is lovely and we do not doubt that you will love this. The ingredients include enriched macaroni, whey, bleached flour, wheat ingredients, milk, and most importantly it is manufactured in a facility that uses eggs. Foulds mac and cheese has no product that is haram, hence is it suitable for your consumption.

2. Wacky Mac

Foulds, Mac & Cheese Wacky Dinner, 5.5 OZ (Pack of 24)

Wacky mac is on the top of our halal recommendations for mac and cheese. Not only is this product halal and suitable for you to eat, but it is also a very easy and quick meal to prepare. The product is manufactured in the United States and distributed under the new world pasta company brands. The wacky mac has amazing taste and is loved by children of all age ranges. the product is also greatly loved because it comes with real cheese.

3. Annie’s Mac And Cheese

Annie's Organic Mac & Cheese Variety Pack (6 oz. box, 12 ct.)

The iconic Annie mac and cheese just can’t go wrong! The only pasta used in Annie’s mac and cheese is organic, and neither artificial flavors nor colors are used. These are just a few of the reasons people adore Annie’s product.

The mac and cheese are halal in addition to being delicious. Because the enzymes in Annie’s mac and cheese come from vegetarian sources, you can be sure that they are entirely halal. This certifies that it is devoid of any prohibited equipment or ingredients.

The Muslim society is encouraged to purchase this item.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kraft Parmesan Cheese Halal?

The kraft parmesan cheese is not halal. This is because it is made using rennet, rennet is an enzyme that is found in the stomach of small mammals, which helps them to digest milk from their mother. Rennet is considered haram and since it is found in parmesan, it renders the parmesan cheese haram.

Is Kraft Mozzarella Cheese Halal?

We are unsure of the state of kraft mozzarella; hence we cannot say if it is halal or haram. Although the process of making the kraft mozzarella includes the use of rennet, however, we are unsure of what type of rennet is used.

Are All Cheese Halal?

No, not all types of cheese are halal. If you need halal cheese, it is recommended that you choose a cheese product that is made with vegetarian rennet and microbial enzymes.  

Are Cheese Balls Halal?

Cheese balls are considered halal; hence they are permissible for you to eat.

Is Kraft Mac And Cheese Halal In Malaysia?

No, kraft mac and cheese is not halal in Malaysia and is impermissible to consume. This is due to the sources of the enzymes used in making the cheese.

Final Thoughts

While kraft mac and cheese is a popular product, it is not suitable for your consumption.

Many other products do not contain the same enzyme and are made according to the laws guiding halal products in Islam. If you will be purchasing cheese, ensure they are halal, by either checking for a halal-certified logo or checking the ingredients and ensuring the enzymes are vegetarian or from microbial sources.

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