Does Meat Weigh More When Frozen?

Does Meat Weigh More When Frozen?

Nothing beats it when cooked but still, we all love our meats frozen to prevent it from going bad, there are also beliefs that bacteria can’t perch on them when they are frozen.

Generally, frozen foods are considered safer when they are stored, and they can prevent spoilage as well. However, there are certain factors you need to put into consideration if you are planning to freeze your meat, and you can’t help but wonder if meat weighs more when frozen.

Meat does weigh more when frozen and this is because of the ice stuck on them. The frozen air inside them is another reason they tend to weigh more but keep in mind that there is no change of mass of the meat, it’s just the water and air adding to it.

While many enjoy their meat thawed, you can have it cooked frozen. There are some benefits attached to frozen food some of which include; time-saving, less wastage, free from preservatives, and also you can keep it for as long as you want.

Accurate and consistent measurement of food especially meat is vital for most people especially if you are a seller. Your meat weighs differently when cooked which is also one of the reasons some might want to weigh their meat when frozen.

Why Freeze Meat?

If you are not cooking your meat or food, yet then you know it is best to have it frozen.

But this is not the only benefit to be derived from freezing meat. Freezing meat is not a recently adopted method, it has been around for years, and here are some of its well-known benefits.

  • Very convenient, it allows you to keep your meat in bulk till you are ready to use
  • Frozen meat doesn’t need any harmful preservatives when you have to package
  • Sensitive vitamins are not lost during transportation when it’s frozen
  • Better quality meat
  • Optimum freshness
  • Time-saving
  • Keeps as long as you want.

Does Meat Weigh More When Frozen?

Frozen meat

Yes, your meat is going to weigh more when frozen than when it is thawed. Frozen meats are unlikely to give you an accurate measurement due to the ice on the body and the air inside as well.

The water condensed forms ice on the surface and the meat and the water are sure to weigh the same, but the mass of the meat hasn’t been increased.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean the weight of your meat has changed. The addition to the meat is not a drastic one however you can choose to weigh it when it is unfrozen for accuracy. Frozen meat only weighs more only due to the water on the surface but won’t alter the amount you are sure to get.

In conclusion, frozen meat weighs more than thawed meat, but only due to the ice on it.

They are going to weigh the same, so you don’t have to worry about the double number when it’s frozen. The liquid does not change the weight of your meat.

Tips For Freezing Meat

How do you freeze meat? Many believe the method of freezing your meat only requires you to put it in your freezer for a while.

So, you can safely consume your meat, it is best to have it frozen, and to ensure you are doing it the right way, here are easy guidelines and tips for you.

  • Always check the quality of the meat, so you can be sure of how long it can last
  • Avoid exposing frozen meat outdoor or on kitchen counter to thaw
  • Wrap your meat when freezing
  • To make it easier to thaw later, cut into meat portion size
  • Label meat with date of purchase, so you can be sure how long it is meant to last.


If you are still worried about getting the accurate measurement when you weigh your frozen meats. Here are helpful frequently asked questions and the answers that can guide you.

Do you weigh meat before or after cooking?

You should weigh your meat before cooking as it’s the best way you can get a consistent measurement. You should log food especially if it is packaged before cooking, this way you can be sure you got exactly what you paid for. Cooked and uncooked meat are not known to weigh the same.

Is meat heavier when frozen?

Frozen meats are sure to weigh more than unfrozen ones due to the water frozen on the surface. If the meat is sealed when frozen too, it can get heavier. The kind of matter on your meat remains the same, but the ice adds to it being heavy.

Should I weigh my meat frozen or thawed?

The mass of your meat is not going to change, so you can weigh it thawed or frozen. It doesn’t matter if you weigh your meat frozen or thawed, the water on it might add some minimal weight to it, but it makes no specific difference.

Wrapping Up

Ice does not have enough weight to alter your meat mass completely hence why it won’t matter if you weigh it thawed or frozen.

To get an accurate measurement of your frozen meat, you simply need to deduct the required weight from what you get. Freezing things will not change their weight, so the weight added to your meat is minimal and not drastic.

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