How Long Do Hello Fresh Meals Last?

Curious about how long hello fresh meals last? We must admit that we all look forward to our customized hello fresh meal kit being delivered to our doorstep. Hello Fresh is the top choice for those who want a more defined meal plan for their diet.

The company offers the convenience of not having to go through so the stress of finding ingredients for a particular recipe you’d love to enjoy. However, there are days you might find it almost impossible to prep this meal. Hence, the curiosity of how long hello fresh meals would last.

The lastingness of hello fresh meals depends on what ingredients the meal kit contains. Dairy products most definitely do not have the same shelf life as vegetables and ingredients as the case may be.

Typically, foods are expected to get spoilt at some point. On that note, you should always the preservation guidelines recommended by FDA to store hello fresh meals adequately or follow the “prep by” dates stated by the manufacturer to ensure that your hello fresh meal doesn’t go to waste.

If you are finding answers to how long hello fresh meals would last you are definitely in the right place. After reading this post to the end you are sure to gain as much information as you’d need regarding this topic.

Hello Fresh Meals Explained

Hello Fresh meals are basically customized meal kit services provided by a popular meal kit company known as Hello Fresh. These meal kits contain food recipes according to what you prefer and what is available in your kitchen.

It saves you the stress of coming up with meals you can enjoy for the week as the meal kit caters to meals you can have for a week or month depending on how long you subscribe.

This package is convenient as it allows you to easily put together a meal without brainstorming so much on what you can eat. One of the numerous reasons why people go for Hello Fresh meals is because the ingredients are carefully picked and fresh.

It caters to your daily dietary needs and also offers a “how to” guide, let’s say for instance you’d like to have some kimbap, all the necessary ingredients and instructions will be provided for you on how to cook this dish.

Vegetables are packaged separately from other meat-based ingredients as well as the seasonings, herbs, and other important condiments. Easy peasy, right? Just make sure these ingredients contained in the meal kit are stored appropriately.

How Long Do Hello Fresh Meals Last?

The shelf life of hello fresh meals differs depending on if they include seafood, meat, or raw ingredients. That being said, hello fresh meals are meant to be consumed as soon as it is delivered to you. However, you should expect hello fresh meals to last for as long as 3-5 days.

This is because the whole essence of hello fresh meals is that they are eaten fresh and not wasted. Hello fresh producers understand the importance of delivering these kits to you fresh this is why they include ice in some packages.

Ingredients like pork, beef, chicken, seafood, and vegetables should be kept at a favorable temperature as soon as possible in order to avoid wastage.

What Hello Fresh Meals Can Be Stored?

Sometimes leftover foods are inevitable, if for some reason you have a leftover dish on your plate, it is normal to be curious if you can freeze or refrigerate them. The following are various meals that you can securely store;

1. Plant-Based Meals

For hello fresh recipes that are vegetable-packed you can safely store them in the fridge or freezer but we highly recommend storing them in the fridge.

Although raw vegetables will be better off in the freezer that may not be the case for cooked veggies. Plant-based hello fresh dishes should be eaten after 2-3 days of storing them in the fridge.

However some vegetable-filled recipes offer by hello fresh may contain ingredients such as cream, cheese, and milk. And some of these ingredients do not do well when frozen, so do ensure to take my advice by making the refrigerator your first option for storing this category of hello fresh meals.

2. Meat-Based Meals

Hello Fresh meals kits also provide meat-based recipes to their customer. If one of your desired meal recipes is meat-based, then you’d definitely like to know if your can store them or not. Of course, you can your meat-based cooked meal in either a fridge or a freezer.

Unlike the previous meal mentioned above, the freezer is your best bet when it comes to meals that contain grounded pork, shrimp, chicken breasts, fish, and others as the primary ingredient. You can secure them in a freezer-safe bag or container to prevent loss of moisture and food contamination.

3. Sauces And Salad Recipes

Sauces can be stored in the freezer while it is not advisable to store the salad in the freezer. This is because the salad would get soggy while thawing it. However, if you choose to, sauces and salad can both be kept in the freezer. The salad recipe must be sealed in an air-tight container before freezing them.

4. Pasta

If you have a leftover hello fresh pasta recipe rest assured that you can safely preserve them in the fridge or freezer. Always make sure that you seal this dish in an air-tight container or freezer-safe bag. Pasta is most likely to have a different taste after 2-3hours of being left at room temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for hello fresh meal kits to be delivered?

After becoming a member, the next step is usually to select meal plans and recipes that suit your dietary needs. And you have paid for the package, delivery is always as stated on the Hello Fresh app. On some occasions, it takes about 2-3 days for the meal kit to be delivered.

Can you freeze Hello Fresh meals?

Some hello fresh meals require you to put them in the freezer. Especially the raw ingredients such as meat, and veggies. However, this storage strategy is not ideal for all kinds of Hello Fresh ingredients.

Is it possible to get a bad Hello Fresh meal kit?

Hello Fresh rarely sends out bad meal kits to their customers. Their main objective is to deliver high-quality products so it is not common for spoilt meal kits to be delivered. However, we are not saying it is not slightly possible but it is highly probable.


Hello fresh meal kits make cooking easier and more convenient. It takes off the stress of having to go to the market in the quest for some essential ingredients for your preferred meals and also gives straightforward instructions for preparing the meal.

However, it basically depends on son what ingredients are included in the kit for you to determine how long they can last. Make it a point to preserve them immediately after they are delivered to you and also store leftover cooked meals to prevent them from getting spoilt.

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