Sliced Vs Chopped Brisket: Which Is Better?

Sliced Vs Chopped Brisket

Is sliced better than chopped brisket? There are so many ways briskets can be enjoyed so the question of which is better between sliced and chopped is understandable. Since brisket has two parts which are the point and the flat and the part you plan to serve will determine if you have to chop or slice it.

The main difference between sliced brisket and chopped brisket is the cutting method and serving method as well. Chopped briskets have high-fat contents which makes them suitable for sandwiches while the sliced work for formal and luxurious dining due to the neat cutting.

Briskets sure make the best barbecue to enjoy with friends and families. The brisket is a cut of meat from the lower section of the cow or beef or veal, and it can be from the breast part as well and honestly often considered the best part of the animal.

Briskets make really tasty smoked meat, which explains why they are many people’s favorite.

The shape and fat content also have a lot to do with how you enjoy your brisket. Your recipe can also play a vital role in this as well. How you cook your brisket is another aspect you can overlook too.

If you are a fan of briskets just like anyone who loves meat then you are sure to be faced with the option of slicing and chopping briskets one day. So, to make your choice a fair one, this article analyses their differences and which is better.

Differences Between Sliced And Chopped Brisket

How To Chop Briskets
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Sliced and chopped brisket might be the same to some, but these two are quite different.

Sliced briskets and chopped briskets are still from the same meat but when smoked correctly, expect to believe they produce a different taste and texture. If you are wondering if you should serve your brisket chopped or sliced, below are the differences between them that can help decide.

Note that the flat part of the brisket is meant for sliced briskets while the point is suited to chopped briskets.

Sliced BrisketChopped Brisket
Sliced briskets are cheaper and widely availableThis is quite pricey and hard to find in stores as well
The cutting process is complicatedEasier cutting process
Can be wrapped in plastic wrapped and placed on a trayBest stored in a vacuum-sealed bag
Cutting consumes less of your timeCutting is time-consuming
Sliced briskets work for formal diningChopped briskets are suited for sandwiches
Has a meatier flavor and juicier meat.Flavour is less meaty and less juicy.

Sliced Vs Chopped Brisket: Which Is Better?

After learning the differences between chopped brisket and sliced briskets, we are sure you still wonder which is better. Both sliced and chopped briskets are great but how you plan to serve them is going to determine which is the best option.

Chopped briskets are not as tasty as sliced briskets, but they are better for sandwiches.

Chopped briskets also have high-fat content hence why it’s topping the chart when it comes to sandwiches. How you plan to serve your briskets will determine if it is better sliced or chopped.

One of the advantages of chopped briskets is that it looks larger on the plate compared to sliced briskets. So, If you are serving a lot of people, chopped briskets are better and if you are looking to create a sophisticated platter then slice briskets are the ideal option.

Deciding which is better between chopped and sliced briskets depends on how you plan to serve it. Chopped brisket is what you go for when you are looking to enjoy the meatier taste and save time. While sliced briskets are more enjoyable for a luxurious meal.

hOW TO SLICE Briskets
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How to Slice Briskets

You can always get sliced briskets at the store but if that is not the case then you can have this sliced at home yourself. Slicing brisket is not as complex as it sounds, you just need some tools and basic ways to go about it which will be listed below, and you are good to go.

Tools for slicing briskets:

  • Sharp knife
  • Large cutting board.

If you are an expert in slicing bread then this should be easier to try.

  • Let your brisket rest for an hour after cooking then place it on a chopping board
  • Place the point near your non-dominant hand and also locate the grain and position the flat and press gently
  • You can feel how tender your brisket is, and it enables you to break up each slice
  • Carve the fat cap away with a knife if it’s still intact
  • So, start slicing your brisket at a 90-degree angle against the grain using long smooth strokes
  • Ensure the slices are around 1/2 inch thick
  • Arrange the slices on a platter when you are done, and they should be ready for serving.

How To Chop Briskets

How To Chop Briskets
Source: Spicy Salty Sweet

Just like slicing briskets, chopping briskets isn’t complex either. Make sure you don’t overcook or undercook your brisker before chopping it as this can ruin whatever flavor or look you are going for.

Chopping briskets can be quite tricky but doesn’t take much time once you get the hang of things.

  • Let your brisket rest up to 3 hours or less but resting it before chopping is vital
  • Separate the flat and the point
  • Chop against the grain, so your brisket doesn’t turn too chewy
  • Chop into a bite-sized bite at a 90-degree angle
  • Adding an acidic ingredient to chopped briskets can balance out the flavor.

Sliced Vs Chopped Brisket FAQs

Before you start chopping or slicing your briskets, these are FAQs to enlighten you more.

Is sliced brisket healthier?

Generally, briskets are healthy and the method of cutting doesn’t change the nutritional composition. However, studies show sliced briskets are healthier than chopped briskets and this is only because chopped briskets have sauces and spices added to them.

What is chopped brisket?

While many understand sliced briskets, some still wonder what chopped brisket is all about. If you are on this boat then it is simply meats cutting briskets into cubes or thinner pieces.

What part of the brisket is chopped?

You can chop any part of the brisket however the part you are serving can influence if it should be sliced or chopped. Briskets have two parts which include the flat and the point. The flat is better for slicing while the point is more suitable for chopping.

How thick do you cut brisket?

If you are cutting the point, it should be a bit thicker than the flat. Using a long smooth stroke, the brisket should be about 3/8 inch thick.

Final Thoughts

If you do enjoy sliced and chopped briskets then you don’t have to choose. The chopped or sliced brisket can be quite enjoyable, however, it can be more so if it is sliced and chopped properly.

Note that the difference between sliced brisket and chopped briskets is not in the cutting alone but the taste differs as well. So, the decision of which is better is finally up to you.

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