Can You Put A Grill Cover On A Warm Grill?

Can You Put A Grill Cover On A Warm Grill?

Can you put a grill cover on a warm grill? No, you really shouldn’t cover your grill until it is completely cool. A warm or hot grill can cause a melt in the cover placed on it, especially a charcoal grill. We are all fans of grills since they give us the best-smoked meat, and it’s also why you need to learn how to care for it properly.

The grill is one of those appliances that can cook quite a lot of food and not everyone knows how to care for it. Caring for kitchen appliances might seem like a daunting task, but it’s quite necessary.

It is recommended that you get a grill cover to prevent rain and debris from getting into your grill, however, you don’t have to use it when cooking.

Grilling will never be the same if you learn some of the basics that can keep it from going bad. Rust is another reason you should learn about your grill. So, it’s time to think outside just using the grill for cooking and rather consider how to keep it from rusting as well.

How to properly shut down a grill is something everyone who uses ought to know. It’s quite easy to ignore this part however to help you stay on the safe side of things, this article helps you understand when to cover and when not to cover your grill.

How to Take Care Of Your Grill

The grill can help take care of all vital meals outdoor and indoor, but first, you need to learn how to care for them. Your grill can easily become rusty if it’s not properly cared for. It is vital to keep your grill clean after each use.

How you choose to clean your grill is up to you, however below is the recommended way to clean it and prevent rust.

  • To carbonize any fragment of food, heat the grill on high setting for about 15 minutes
  • Then use a metal scraper or grill brush to scrub off the food particles
  • For gas grill specifically, ensure it is placed well with a mat grill under
  • Clean with warm soapy water if there is any grease on the outside and dry thoroughly
  • Oil your grill grate to prevent any food particles from sticking to the surface.

There are different types of grill, but the five common ones include gas grill, charcoal grill, electric grills, portable grill, and pellet grill. Their basic cleaning methods are the same but ways of operating tend to differ.

Furthermore, keep your grill clean inside and out to keep it in top performance.

Can You Put A Grill Cover On A Warm Grill?

Can You Put A Grill Cover On A Warm Grill?

One of the safety rules for any type of grill is to cover it only when it’s cool.

Covering your grill when it’s hot can cause the cover to melt or even lead to an explosion if it’s a gas grill, so you need to let it cool. Not all covers are made with a material strong enough to withstand the heat from the grill, hence why it’s best to let it cool.

You don’t have to put the cover on the grill 24/7 so don’t be in a hurry to have it back in place. Let it cool to a safe temperature. Keep in mind that warm grills can still be considered strong enough to melt the cover. Covering your grill gets humidity trapped under the cover which can cause corrosion.

In conclusion, you can put a grill cover on a warm grill provide you are sure it is not hot enough to melt the cover. While grill covers are essential, you really shouldn’t use them when your grill is hot.

Can You Put A Grill Cover On A Warm Grill FAQs

These FAQs and answers below should help if you have other concerns on when to cover your grill.

At what temperature can I put my grill cover on?

Knowing the right temperature to put the grill cover back on can save your grill from corrosion. While you just need to let your grill cool to a certain temperature but if you are looking to be specific then 140F/60C is recommended. However, you can simply cover with heat resistance cover after an hour after shutting down the grill.

Are grill covers heat resistance?

Not all grill covers are made with materials that are resistant to heat. It is best to choose grill covers that are coated with a material that makes them multi-weathered. However, note that no matter the material used, it is best to use it in covering a warm grill but not hot.

Should you cover your grill in summer?

Summer happens to be the season where grills are used the most so if you are keeping it outside during this period, it’s okay to cover when not in use. Grill covers are meant to protect your grill from rain or debris that can cause rust so when not in use, you should cover it.

Does covering a grill make it hotter?

Every type of grill is built differently. Opening the gas grill while cooking in it will keep it cool while opening the lid of the charcoal grill while cooking on it will make it hotter. Charcoal grills tend to be hotter the moment they are lighted. So, you only need to cover your grill to prevent rain or debris from rusting it, you don’t have to keep it covered when cooking.

Final Thoughts

So, why you can go ahead and cover your grill while it is warm, make sure it is really warm and not just in the first stage of warm. The rule of not covering grills apply mostly to gas grills, if you plan to use a heat-resistance cover, you should still wait for 1 hour, 30 minutes.

Gas grills have built-in thermometers, so you get to know when it’s cool which should be something lower than 170 degrees. You should also ensure to clean it before storing it away.

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