Can I Use Unopened Expired BBQ Sauce?

Can I Use Unopened Expired BBQ Sauce?

BBQ sauce is the holy grail of every BBQ meal and this fact is simply indisputable, the flavors it brings to a BBQ meal are what keep you going back for more of it.

When you decided to stock up on BBQ sauces to enjoy BBQ meals on the porch or in a restaurant you run, it is common for you to lose sight of the expiry dates of the BBQ sauces over time. In such cases, is it safe to still use those unopened expired bottles of BBQ sauce?

Yes, The best buy date or the expiry date of a BBQ sauce does not necessarily mean that it can no longer be eaten. It just means that in a month or so, it is unsafe for consumption, but as long as you stored the BBQ sauce correctly and did not open the seal, it is safe to eat. However, to be on the safer side, if you’re able to lay your hands on a fresh version of the sauce instead, it’s always better.

Of course, we all panic when we see that an item has passed its expiry date, the first instinct of most people is to throw it out without question to protect their health.

We understand that BBQ meals are sometimes only as good as the BBQ sauce used, so we are eager to provide you with a solution when your favorite BBQ sauce has expired while unopened.

Is It Safe to Use Unopened Expired BBQ Sauce? 

At one point or another, you must have risked eating some expired packaged food either because it was your favorite snack and it did not matter to you, it was unintentional or you did your research and realized that in some cases an expiry date does not mean the food is unsafe for consumption.

An unopened expired BBQ sauce is safe for consumption but only after a few boxes have been correctly ticked, these conditions that make an expired BBQ sauce safe for consumption are explained below; 

1. How the BBQ sauce was preserved 

BBQ sauce is made with large amounts of tomatoes alongside vinegar, sugar, and other spices depending on the flavor. The large amounts of tomatoes in BBQ sauce make it a requirement that you preserve it in a refrigerator with a constant power connection.

This keeps it in its best state at all times, such that it can last long after its expiration date has passed.

2. How long after expiration do you decide to use the BBQ sauce 

While we will back you up anyway when you claim that BBQ sauce can be eaten even after its expiration date has passed, we will also need to question how long after its expiration date you decided to consume it to be sure your health is not at risk.

Source: Girl Canivore

BBQ sauce can last some months after its expiration date when it is refrigerated properly, but if it’s past 3-6 months and preservative measures have declined, you should not consume it.

3. Whether the BBQ sauce had been left open prior to its expiration 

It is certain that we are focused on BBQ sauce that is unopened and being eaten after its expiration date but to make things clear let’s also touch upon a scenario where the BBQ sauce was open before its expiration date.

In this case, you should consider throwing it out because the flavor is likely to have been lost or is gradually being lost, and molds may begin to appear a while after especially if it was not properly refrigerated.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does BBQ sauce last? 

BBQ sauce has a very promising shelf life that is solely based on proper preservation, BBQ sauce can last up to a month after being opened. It will also last for up to a year while being refrigerated properly.

How long is unopened barbecue sauce good after the expiration date? 

After an unopened BBQ sauce has passed its expiry date, it can still last as long as 6 months to a year in a refrigerator and during that period, it is safe for consumption but it is best to eat it in the first six months.

Will expired BBQ sauce hurt you? 

No, expired BBQ sauce will not hurt you if it is being refrigerated properly, if it was kept sealed, and if it has not begun to show signs of mold growth or lost its taste.


Your health is wealth but the only way you can be sure that you’re protecting your health is by having a wealth of knowledge to back up certain situations.

In this case, it’s based on whether you should eat an unopened can of BBQ sauce or not, and for very good reasons we are sure that it’s a safe bet.

It is safe to eat unopened BBQ sauce past its expiration date as long as it was refrigerated properly, you opened it within 3-6 months after its expiration date passed and you are ready to properly refrigerate it for the rest of the month after opening it.

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