How Do BBQ Restaurants Keep Food Warm?

How Do BBQ Restaurants Keep Food Warm?

When you go for lunch at a BBQ restaurant and you order a large BBQ meal that would ordinarily take you hours to put together if you’ve ever tried making BBQ at home, it’s normal for you to wonder how your order gets whipped up in less than an hour at BBQ restaurants.

How exactly do BBQ restaurants keep their food warm? 

BBQ restaurants have different ways of keeping their food warm and ready for you whenever you pop into the place for a meal, it could be reheated in a steamer at a low temperature that does not tamper with its texture or placed in a low-temperature oven that warms it up perfectly. 

There’s nothing as frustrating as getting stuck with a cold BBQ meal, it’s soggy, hard to enjoy, and frankly, it messes with your system. So of course, restaurants understand that part of the appeal of a BBQ meal is its warmth asides from being juicy and they find a way to make sure that you always get a fresh and warm BBQ meal.

How Do BBQ Restaurants Keep Food Warm? 

A good BBQ meal is made juicy, tender, tasty, and served heated, and these are what make it a meal worth craving after a long day at work or when you want to go on a cute date.

If a BBQ meal is served cold in a restaurant, it would be distasteful and you would never recommend such a place or set foot in it if the problem is not properly handled. 

This is why BBQ restaurants find a way to serve you properly heated and tasty BBQ meals at any time of the day without having you wait for too long.

However, a BBQ meal is not easy to whip up and that’s one of the reasons several people would rather go out to eat one than prepare it at home. This means that they could not have possibly sped up the cooking process for every customer, every day of the week. 

These are some tricks that BBQ restaurants have up their sleeves to keep their BBQ warm for every order made;

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1. Reheat the BBQ at low temperature in an oven

BBQ restaurants keep BBQ dishes warm in a different manner than they would with other cases because it is best to retain the tenderness and flavor of the BBQ at all costs.

This means that they have to heat it at a low temperature for thirty minutes and monitor it to avoid it losing its texture or flavor while being reheated.

2. Place the BBQ in a ziplock bag to preserve the flavor 

Another trick that is used to keep BBQ juicy even after being reheated, is putting it in a plastic wrap bag, wrapped in foil or a zip lock bag before placing it in an oven.

This oven should then be set to a temperature of 165 degrees to ensure that it is not cooked, just reheated slowly without flavor being lost.

3. Steam the BBQ and add spices to the mix 

Some restaurants decide to settle for getting the BBQ steamed instead of reheated in an oven, as this is also a clever way to maintain the juicy and tender texture of the BBQ.

They spritz the BBQ with a mixture of spices or BBQ sauce to keep your taste buds watering even if it was warmed. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do restaurants keep BBQ warm? 

Restaurants keep BBQs warm by putting them in an oven to reheat at low temperatures, steaming them to keep the tender texture, and reheating them in a ziplock bag or some foil to avoid the loss of juices and texture.

How do BBQ restaurants keep brisket warm? 

BBQ restaurants keep brisket warm by placing it in an oven, it is best to reheat it at a low temperature for less than an hour to avoid losing the texture. 

How do BBQ restaurants keep chicken ribs warm? 

Chicken ribs are kept warm in an oven in BBQ restaurants, most of these ovens are specially for warming food so they are always set to a low temperature which preserves the texture and flavor of the food.


A bunch of people would rather leave a restaurant hungry than be served cold BBQ, and that’s why restaurants have a few tricks tucked in their sleeves to ensure that this is never the case.

You will always be presented with a properly heated BBQ meal, and if they know their stuff right you’ll also enjoy the juicy and tender nature of the BBQ as though it was just taken off the grill moments ago.

This is because BBQ restaurants can reheat their BBQ using steamers, low-temperature ovens, and zip lock bags and still manage to retain the tenderness and flavor of the BBQ meal. This way they keep you happy and you’re revisiting because you didn’t have to wait hours for a proper BBQ meal.

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