Is Stubb’s BBQ Vegan?

Is Stubb’s BBQ Vegan?

With summer upon us, it’s the season for smokey goodness and barbecued enjoyed meals, and what better way to enjoy these meals than with BBQ sauce? Do you wish to enjoy gluten-free vegan barbecue sauce, and you’re curious, if the Stubbs BBQ sauces, can offer you this option? Let’s find out. 

Yes, mostly all of the Stubbs BBQ sauces are vegan. Stubbs offers varieties of barbecue sauces and most of them appear to be vegan and gluten-free. However, most vegans avoid the smokey mesquite, sweet honey, and spice flavors because they include honey, and are considered non-vegan.

We love the finishing taste bbq sauce gives to our meal, and Stubbs BBQ has generated a household name for quality bbq sauce. Let’s aid to clear the curiosity on whether all Stubbs BBQ varieties are vegan and which variety is not. 

What Is Stubbs BBQ?

Barbecue (BBQ) saucing is a popular method used in marinating, flavoring, and adding spices to various food items, but it is especially loved when grilled or barbecued. It is commonly sold in many supermarkets, and farmer’s markets and is compared to look similar to ketchup or tomato paste. 

The Stubbs BBQ sauce was founded and created by late C.B. Stubblefield, and he famously made barbecue sauces, marinades, and rubs that are sold, sold in many countries and supermarkets. 

Unfortunately, C.B Stubblefield passed away too early, to witness the massive multi-million dollar progress, the huge market sales, and the opening of a “Stubbs restaurant”. McCormick’s and supporting franchised agencies have assisted in keeping up with the quality bottles of spices, consumers receive from Stubbs BBQ.

Is Stubbs BBQ Vegan Friendly?

In most cases, Barbecue sauces are usually vegan and healthy to use for the required cooking occasion. However, if an animal was in use, the most common animal ingredient would be honey, and it is usually indicated. 

Also, the original flavor of the famously sold barbecue sauces is usually made with vegan-friendly recipes, and the same also applies to the Stubbs BBQ sauce. However, the most common animal extract used is honey, and that is apparent in three BBQ sauce flavors. 

The flavors that include honey are; smokey mesquite, sweet honey & spice flavors. This exception is indicated on the labeling of the bottle, it is best to check the ingredients used to make such BBQ sauce before purchasing.

Recommended Vegan Stubbs BBQ Sauce

The people’s favorite of all the Stubbs available BBQ sauce is the “Stubbs Smokey Brown Sugar Bar-B-Q Sauce, it has numerous reviews from online shoppers, Amazon, and also Walmart.

It is popularly known as “a rich blend and balance of sweet and spicy” and they taste amazing when brushed on ribs, chicken, steaks, wings, and pork. 

Also, other top four popular vegan tasty Stubbs BBQ flavors include; Stubbs Simply Sweet Reduced Sugar Bar-B-Q Sauce, Stubbs Spicy Bar-B-Q Sauce, Stubbs Sticky Sweet Bar-B-Q Sauce, and Stubbs Hickory Bourbon Legendary Bar-B-Q Sauce. 

There are many healthy Stubbs barbecue choice to try out asides from this, this is just mentioned for first-timers wondering which flavors are popularly used, as long as honey and Worcestershire isn’t included in the menu, it’s vegan. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What makes BBQ sauce not vegan? 

BBQ sauces are technically spiced-up versions of ketchup and the main ingredients that would make a barbecue sauce not vegan are honey and Worcestershire. 

Is BBQ sauce vegan-friendly?

Yes, most varieties of barbecue sauces are generally vegan-friendly. However, it is advisable to check the title, labeling or ingredients correctly, to notice if a non-vegan ingredient was used. 

Is Stubbs Hickory BBQ sauce vegan? 

Yes, the Stubbs hickory bbq sauce is vegan-friendly and can be brushed on, marinated with, or used as a flavoring for the dishes you enjoy. 

Is Worcestershire suave vegan?

No, although Worcestershire sauce is very tasty, flavorful, and handy to help dishes come out delicious. However, the only issue is that regular Worcestershire sauce contains anchovies or fish sauce, so it is not vegan. 


It’s the right season, to fire up that grill, invite friends over and enjoy outdoor grilled food with laughter and wine. However adding BBQ sauce to your meal would drive your meal to that tasty edge, you and your loved ones need to enjoy. 

Yes, many BBQ sauces are vegan-friendly and Yes, the Stubbs BBQ sauce is gluten-free and vegan-friendly as well, asides from the flavors made with honey.

Now is the time to enjoy these flavors infused in your meal, with friends and family.

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