Can You Eat Previously Frozen Shrimps?

Can You Eat Previously Frozen Shrimps

It is generally believed that fresh food is usually safer and healthier for consumption.

Before purchasing those shrimp, you might just want to get your facts right about eating previously frozen shrimp (shrimp sold in a frozen state), as opposed to eating fresh ones.

Well, you are certainly in the right place, as we have given information on frozen shrimp and some essential things to consider when buying and cooking shrimp.

Yes, you can eat frozen shrimp, and it is often considered to be safer than eating fresh ones, especially if you do not stay around coastal areas, where you can be sure to purchase truly fresh shrimp.

Shrimps are one of the most versatile and commonly consumed seafood that is very healthy for consumption. You can use them for stir-fries, sauces, and even cocktails. They are highly nutritious, as they contain protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals with low calories.

The frozen shrimp are often sold in groceries because this is how they can be well preserved, as the shelf-life for fresh shrimp is a little above a day or two, while the frozen shrimp can last up to 18 months when properly stored in the freezer.

Simple Methods for Defrosting Shrimps

As much as you know you should defrost your shrimp before cooking, here are some simple methods you should consider.

You should note that these methods are healthier and better for nicely cooked shrimp meals, as opposed to placing them around the kitchen, which can expose them to bacteria, or running either cold or warm water on them, which makes them waterlogged. 

1. Use the refrigerator

You can simply place the frozen shrimp in a colander and put them in your refrigerator, and leave, them to defrost overnight. To achieve this simple method, you have your meal planned, and the day before you need the shrimp.

2. Try poaching those shrimps

This option is great, especially when you still have the shells on the shrimp. Simply place them in a pot, and boil for about 2 to 3 minutes, and then turn off the heat and let the steam from the warm water defrost them. This method takes some level of skill, so the shrimp do not get waterlogged. After defrosting, turn over to your colander, and leave it there to drain the water off the shrimp.

3. Use your Ziploc bag

If you do not have the luxury of time to use the refrigerator, simply place the shrimp in a bag, and then be sure that it is airtight. After this, place the bag in a bowl and run warm water over it for a few minutes.

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying and Cooking Frozen Shrimp

Here are some pitfalls to avoid.

1. Purchasing bad or wrong shrimp

In contrast to always wanting to buy or eat fresh seafood, you might want to consider buying the “individually quick frozen” shrimp, because if you are not living close to coastal areas where you can access fresh shrimp, the supposedly fresh ones you would get might not serve the purpose, and may get spoilt quickly.

2. Removing the shells of the shrimp before cooking

Most people believe that when you remove the shells of the shrimp before cooking, it helps to cook them faster or better. Well, that is not so accurate, and you should avoid it because the shells protect the delicate flesh of the shrimp from burning off, especially when grilling.

Leave the shells on the shrimp when cooking, and you can remove them when it is time to eat. As long as they are properly cooked, the shells would fall off easily.

3. Cooking the shrimp for a long time

This seafood is not the same as meat that requires a long time to cook. You just need to cook your shrimp for a short while, because once it is overcooked, its taste is generally unpleasant, and it becomes tough to chew. Cooking the shrimp should take 5–10 minutes to get done, and once it has been well cooked, you can tell from the opaque color that will show, in contrast to the transparent color it initially was when raw.

Can You Eat Previously Frozen Shrimps
Image: Piyato / Yay Images.

4. Not thawing the shrimp before cooking

To save time, you may consider cooking the frozen shrimp directly, but what would happen is that it would cook unevenly, and you probably would not enjoy eating your shrimp. You do not want this to happen, not after you spent some money purchasing the shrimp. Be sure to defrost your shrimp the right way.

Luckily for you, we have outlined some simple methods for defrosting shrimp

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe to Eat Previously Frozen Shrimp?

Yes. It is safe to eat previously frozen shrimp, as you can be sure that they are well preserved. 

How Do I Tell That the Frozen Shrimp Has Gone Bad?

When the shrimp has a slimy or mushy texture and the color is dull, you can tell that it has gone bad. Also, if you notice that it smells off, then it is off, and you should not eat it so you do not get sick.

What Is the Best Way to Defrost Frozen Shrimp?

The best way to defrost frozen shrimp is to place them in a bowl and keep them in the refrigerator before the day you intend to use them.

What Is the Shelf-Life for Frozen Shrimp and Fresh Shrimp?

The shelf life for fresh shrimp is about two days, while frozen shrimp can last as long as 18 months when properly stored.


You can eat previously frozen shrimp. They are considered safe for consumption and better for storage.

Defrosting them, on the other hand, should not be such a big deal if you follow the simple methods we listed here, and make sure you always check for the expiry dates of both fresh and frozen shrimp before consumption.

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