Do Frozen Dumplings Expire?

Do Frozen Dumplings Expire?

Found dumplings in the freezer and now you want to know if frozen dumplings do expire? It could be quite heartbreaking to throw away food, especially when it involves dumplings. Dumplings over time have found a way into people’s hearts and have remained a favorite in so many homes.

Although dumplings can not be stored in the fridge, they can stay in the freezer for weeks and even months. Discovering dumplings that have been left in the freezer for a long time, an expected question you may ask is ”do frozen dumplings expire?”.

Yes, frozen dumplings can expire. Store-bought dumplings usually have an expiry date imprinted on them. However, frozen dumplings can still be eaten 25 days after they expire. Dumplings’ shelf life differs as the time frame of which cooked dumplings last is different from that of uncooked dumplings.

Trashing frozen dumplings can be difficult but it must be done when they are bad and expired. It is quite easy to tell if dumplings are expired, however, we can’t say the same for homemade dumplings.

This eye-opening article, has all the details you’ll be needing regarding this topic, so stick around.

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How Do I Know If Frozen Dumplings Are Expired?

Frozen dumplings that have been in the freezer for so long can get worse especially when it is passed their expected shelf life. Depending on some factors uncooked dumplings can last up to 2 to 3 months in the freezer while cooked dumplings would remain edible for as long as 6 months.

So how can you tell if your frozen dumplings are stomach-worthy or should be thrown into the trash can? Indeed you will find the following tips useful;

1. You can’t Recall When You Froze Them

For homemade dumplings, knowing when you froze them is very important. As it helps determine whether they have gone bad. And when you can’t figure out when you put those dumplings in the freezer, it is just best to toss them in the trash.

Not remembering when you froze them could mean it’s been there longer than it should and it has expired already. 

2. Examine The Expiry Date

This only applies to store-bought dumplings. They usually have expiry dates you can check out to help you determine if they are still good for consumption. Experts are certain that frozen dumplings can still be eaten 20 days after they expire.

Meanwhile, others would advise that you just throw them away right after they expire to avoid food poisoning. 

3. The Texture Has Changed

When the texture of the frozen dumplings isn’t what they are supposed to be it means they have gone bad. This is a pointer you should look out for to determine if the dumplings are expired. Dumplings with questionable textures can not be enjoyed. It is always best to throw them away as well. 

4. It Has A Strange Smell

One way to find out if dumplings are bad is by smelling them. Expired or badly frozen dumplings usually smell weird and different. If you notice a weird odor, toss those dumplings in the trash can, they may not be safe for consumption. 

Image: islandworks / Pixabay.

5. They Are Showing Signs Of Freezer Burn

When frozen dumplings have stayed longer than usual in the freezer they will get freezer burnt. Although freezer burn always doesn’t necessarily mean the food has gone bad, sometimes it shows as a result of not preserving it in an air-tight zip-lock freezer bag. 

Are Expired Frozen Dumplings Safe To Eat?

Regarding frozen dumplings, it can be very confusing to decide whether it’s okay to still go ahead and eat them when they are expired. Many argue that they are still edible after 20-25 days of expiration.

However, it’s best to stick to the expiry date and avoid eating them long after they are past the expiry dates. 

This is because food poisoning is one of the major risks of eating frozen dumplings that are long overdue. Also, be sure that the dumplings are well packed and not exposed to bacteria before eating them. 

Final Thoughts

The shelf life of homemade dumplings depends on whether it is cooked or uncooked.

Cooked dumplings will last longer in the freezer than uncooked dumplings.  However, frozen dumplings do expire. It is easy to tell if store-bought frozen dumplings are expired. 

It is believed that homemade dumplings last longer than store-bought dumplings but some fillings are also a major determinant of the shelf life of dumplings especially when you are considering leaving them frozen for a long period.

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