Can You Eat Frozen Cooked Chicken Without Reheating?

Can You Eat Frozen Cooked Chicken Without Reheating?

People sometimes wonder if eating cooked frozen chicken without reheating is ideal. This is because when the food is brought from the refrigerator, the temperature is very different from when it was first cooked, and it is often said that your chicken is best eaten when it is piping hot.

Once the chicken has been cooked, it should not be kept for more than 3-5 days, because the pathogens and bacteria can grow on the chicken, and it won’t affect the taste of the chicken, however, it is already unsafe to eat after this duration.

Eating such can cause food poisoning and digestive problems. This is why the perfect knowledge of reheating your chicken is needed.

You can eat frozen chicken, so far it has been cooked and of course, thawed. Trying to get the chicken to be sizzling hot or to the right temperature after the first time cooking is something most people do not achieve when reheating the food. They believe that so far it is warm, and it is good to go. This is not ideal, and it is preferable not to reheat the chicken than to reheat it the wrong way, or more than once.

Though it is not strictly exact that reheating chicken causes food poisoning, you should have the right knowledge on how to reheat the chicken. Before eating your chicken either thawed or frozen, be sure that it has been thoroughly cooked. 

Is It Safe to Eat Frozen Cooked Chicken Without Reheating?

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Chicken is a healthy, delicious, and inexpensive protein dish preferred by many. It can however get unappetizing to eat after the first meal. Hence, you can reheat frozen cooked chicken however there are simple tips and techniques needed to reheat it properly.

Whether the chicken is fried, roasted, or boiled, it is only safe and ideal to reheat the chicken once. You can reheat with a microwave, an oven, a frying pan, on a barbecue, on a skillet, or even on a slow cooker.

The important thing to note when reheating is that the temperature must be at an average of 165 °F. Also, once the chicken has been reheated, make sure to finish in one sitting, rather than reheating several times. 

Reheating Frozen Chicken Properly

It is not recommended that you reheat the chicken more than once if at all you have to reheat the chicken. Be sure not to place the chicken directly in hot water. The steam is enough to make the chicken moist. There are three major steps to reheat the frozen chicken.

1. Preheat The Oven

The oven should be preheated to about 350° F. take the chicken out of the oven and let it thaw for some time. Place the chicken on an aluminum foil and redress with olive oil. This will help to keep the chicken crispy. After this, wrap the chicken tightly with the foil.

2. Add Moisture

This is extremely important to make sure that the chicken is moist when it has been reheated. As soon as the oven has been preheated, place the chicken in the baking dish, double the aluminum foil and add liquid, which can be in form of chicken stock or water. Put enough liquid that is barely visible on the pan.

3. Reheat The Chicken

Bake the chicken until the internal temperature reaches about 165° F. The food thermometer will come in handy to make sure that the temperature is accurate and safe for consumption. The moisture from the baking dish will keep the chicken moist and appetizing for consumption.

If you would like to use a stove to reheat, you can also do this. Just prepare the meat and get a skillet large enough to contain the meat pieces. Reheating on the stove is simpler and faster for chicken pieces, rather than the whole.

Simply add a small quantity of water to the pot and once the water begins to boil, place the chicken in a pan and place it over the steam. leave till the temperature is about 165° F and then enjoy your meal.

How to Best Enjoy Reheated Frozen Chicken

There have been complaints of the chicken tasting different, and having different textures and flavors after reheating. To avoid this, and enjoy your chicken like it is freshly cooked, take note of these tips.

  • Make use of sauce, stock, or seasonings when reheating your chicken.
  • Always add moisture when reheating to prevent the chicken from drying out.
  • Dress your reheated chicken with flavored and colorful veggies.
  • Be creative with your chicken and reinvent your leftover chicken by preparing other amazing dishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to reheat frozen cooked chicken?

No. You do not have to reheat the frozen cooked chicken. Studies have shown that the more food is reheated, the higher the risk of food poisoning. You should however allow the chicken to defrost properly before eating. 

Can you eat cooked chicken cold after defrosting?

Of course! The cooked chicken can be eaten after defrosting. As long as the chicken has been cooked, eat up and enjoy. 

Can you get food poisoning from frozen cooked chicken?

No. You cannot get food poisoning from frozen cooked chicken. You can only get food poisoning when the chicken is not reheated properly or the chicken is reheated too often. When reheating frozen chicken, be sure that it reaches a temperature of 165° F.

Is reheating cooked chicken safe?

There’s nothing wrong with reheating cooked chicken. This isn’t to say there aren’t some trade-offs in the process like minute loss of nutrients, taste, flavor, etc. However, this is not to say you cannot reheat your cooked chicken, just be sure to do it the right way.


Frozen cooked chicken is not unsafe for eating. The danger rests in eating chicken that has been left out overnight or reheated often.

Make sure you keep the cooked chicken in the refrigerator to prevent bacteria growth or spoilage. Also, do not reheat more than once, if you have to reheat at all.

The ideal temperature for chicken that has been reheated is 165 °F, and this must be achieved before consuming the chicken. Before tossing your leftover chicken into the refrigerator next time, remember to debone it, so it can be easy to reheat or thaw when next you will be eating it.

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