Can You Put A BBQ On Artificial Grass?

Can You Put A BBQ On Artificial Grass?

What’s a family picnic or social gathering without a barbecue? Barbecues are a popular menu item in America, therefore, it’s crucial to provide information on how to grill safely. One of the concerns surrounding grilling safely is whether you can use a BBQ on artificial grass.

Yes, you can put a BBQ on artificial grass, but you will need to provide a fire-proof placement for it.

All the information regarding putting a BBQ on artificial grass is right here. We have included safe placement options for your BBQ on artificial grass as well as suggestions on how to use the grill safely.

Can You Put A BBQ On Artificial Grass?

Yes, you can put a BBQ on artificial grass. However, you cannot place a grill directly on artificial grass without using a fireproof surface as a prop-up.

You can place an elevated BBQ on your artificial grass if you are certain the extreme heat from the grill will not damage the grass or that there is no chance of hot grease spilling onto the lawn.

This is unlikely as you are bound to have spilled from hot grease or embers. Despite the fact that artificial grass is not flammable, it can melt and cause damage to your lawn.

Prop-ups give a stable base for your barbecue while also protecting your artificial grass. Protect the area beneath your barbecue, especially if you are using a disposable grill or one with a low height.

There are placement options you can consider when using a BBQ on artificial grass.

Can You Put A BBQ On Artificial Grass?Can You Put A BBQ On Artificial Grass?
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How to Use A BBQ On Artificial Grass

The following are placement options for using your BBQ on artificial grass.

1. Use Grill Mats

Grill mats are non-flammable materials used as a surface for delicate food items that can slip through grill grates, but they have other uses. Aside from the initial function of a grill mat, a grill mat can offer a protective layer for your artificial grass when using a BBQ.

Before you use a grill mat, make sure it’s the right size for your BBQ. Place the grill mat directly underneath the BBQ before use. After each use, be sure to wipe the grill mat. Grill mats can be used for charcoal, electric, and gas grills.

2. Pavers

If grilling is a routine for you, installing a paver may be the most suitable option for you.

You can design a paver based on your desired shape and grill size. Pavers can be brick or concrete. To install a paver, map out an area on your artificial lawn where your BBQ grill is best suited. If you cannot install a paver, the services of a contractor would be needed.

Ensure your patio is installed away from your home or any area with a potential fire hazard. A paver is safer since it ensures that your artificial grass will not be damaged.

3. Brick Patios or Concrete Slabs

Laying out bricks or concrete slabs can serve as a solid surface for your BBQ on your artificial grass.

While it might not be permanent structures for your BBQ, there are still suitable protective options for your artificial grass.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is artificial grass flammable or fireproof? 

Artificial grass is neither flammable nor fireproof. Artificial grass is made of a high-quality synthetic material that does not burn but melts when in contact with extreme heat.

Can artificial grass melt? 

Yes, artificial grass can melt. When exposed to extreme heat from hot objects, such as fire bowls, hot oil, or cigarettes, artificial grass will melt.

Can melted artificial grass be repaired?

No, melted artificial grass cannot be repaired. To fix melted artificial grass, you would need to replace the melted portion with another layer of artificial grass. Ensure the replacement patch matches the rest of the artificial lawn.

Tips For Using A BBQ on Artificial Grass

  1. Check your grill for problems and leaks before use.
  2. Always clean your grill after use.
  3. Keep your BBQ away from the surface of your artificial grass.
  4. When using a BBQ on artificial grass, avoid using flammable chemicals to clean. Warm soapy water can be used to clean your artificial grass.
  5. Pick up hot embers or clean hot grease immediately if there is a spill.
  6. Always keep a fire extinguisher nearby for situations like flare-ups and fire accidents.
  7. Never turn on the gas when your grill is still closed.
  8. Ensure your grill is turned off after use.
  9. Ensure your grill is situated on a stable surface to avoid tipping over.
  10. Always wear the right clothing before grilling. Avoid wearing clothing with frills that can dangle over the grill.


Barbecues would always be a menu item for social gatherings, hence, the importance to stress the need for safety precautions to avoid a mishap.

Practical placement options and grilling tips have been provided for you to have a safe grilling BBQ experience.

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