Traeger Grill Shutdown Cycle Explained

Traeger Grill Shutdown Cycle Explained

How does the shutdown cycle work on the Traeger grill? A Traeger grill is unlike most conventional grills hence many people are not familiar with or do not understand the shutdown cycle.

How you extinguish a Traeger pellet grill tends to vary from model to model, but they go through a shutdown cycle, this is the way to shut down Traeger grills and finish burning up whatever is left in the fire pot.

The Traeger pellet grill was developed in the year 1985 and patented in 1986, it has gone ahead to be the most popular type of pellet grill in many homes. The Traeger company was the first to develop technology that uses pellets for BBQ fuel.

The mechanism of the Traeger grill runs on electricity, so you have to plug it in. There are quite a lot of things special about using a Traeger grill, you can use it for just about anything that a conventional grill can be used for.

If you have recently purchased a Traeger grill then one thing you will need answers to is how the shutdown cycle work. Forgetting or leaving your Traeger grill on after cooking can be quite dangerous so stick with us to learn all about the shutdown process.

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Your Traeger Grill And How It Works

While the name Traeger grill is quite popular, not many people are familiar with the way it works.

The Traeger grill as stated earlier was developed in 1985 by Joe Traeger and there is an interesting story behind the development of this grill. Customers have found the Traeger grill to be special compared to other conventional grills.

Trager wood pellet grills offer a real delicious wood-fired flavor that can’t be gotten from other types of grills. The fire from this pellet grill is 100% all-natural wood pellet. In addition to this, they are quite versatile, they can be used to smoke, grill, bake, roast, braise, and BBQ.

Another reason this pellet grill does have an amazing review is that it is very easy to use. Unlike most conventional grills, it uses indirect heat to cook, which means there is no heat or flame to worry about.

Traeger grill uses electricity to power the auger which in turn feeds hardwood pellets to the fire and the fan that circulates smoke to cook and ensure consistent results. This pellet grill allows you to get the flavor of a wood pellet without any real fire.

Traeger Grill Shutdown Cycle Explained

The shutdown cycle on the Traeger grill is meant for maintenance and safety purposes, so it’s vital that you activate it after cooking. The process of shutting a pellet grill is simply just turning the dial to the correct setting however, it tends to differ depending on the model, but it all has the same purpose and benefits.

With a typical WiFIRE Traeger model, the shutdown cycle can run from 15 minutes or longer.

The shutdown cycle is crucial to the maintenance and high-quality performance of your Traeger grill. When the shutdown cycle is activated, it tells the grill you have stopped cooking, and mechanical components like the auger stop functioning.

The proper shutdown of your Traeger grill is necessary for the safety of your grill, and it prevents a fire outbreak as well. The grill can go on for 10 hours if the shutdown is not activated and an improper shutdown can prevent the grill from burning off build-up wood pellet after cooking and too much wood pellet can cause a fire.

So, the shutdown cycle has to be initiated after cooking, it will stop the grill ignition process and the internal fan also goes further for 15 minutes to ensure the heated air and smoke are all dispersed.

How to Properly Shutdown Traeger Grill

The shutdown Traeger grill should be enabled after you finish cooking your food, and it should run for approximately 15 to 20 minutes, this depends on your previous set temperature on the grill.

To start the shutdown cycle, make sure the food has been pulled off the grill and do it after that, not when you have finished eating, so you do not forget. Here is how to shut down your Traeger grill.

Shutdown on the Traeger app:

  • To shut down using the app, tap the grill banner at the bottom of the app page
  • Then tap the shutdown button
  • Drag the fire button down to confirm the shutdown.

Shutdown using grill controller:

  • If the controller has an illuminated stand button, press it for 3 seconds to initiate a shutdown
  • You can also shut down by turning on the controller if there is no stand button, press the controller knob for 3 seconds and the shutdown cycle should begin.

The shutdown process above is applicable if there is an app or a controller.

However, shutdown on the majority of the Traeger grill range includes using the shutdown button that should be located next to the power switch on the temperature dial. You should see the shutdown cycle written on the actual frame, turn the temperature knob to the line and the shutdown cycle should start.

Wrapping Up

The shutdown cycle should be expected to come with all ranges of Traeger grills however if this is not found on your grill, refer to the customer manual or if your grill has a temperature knob, turn the knob to the lowest temperature and check to make sure there are no pellets still on and wait till it cools.

The goal is to make sure there is a fire pot that is clear as much as possible for the next grilling.

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