Do Wine Coolers Expire? (Complete Guide)

Do Wine Coolers Expire?

Wine coolers are meant to improve your drinking experience and knowing all about them can come in quite handy. If you are a serious wince collector then you sure need a wine cooler and if you are not so into alcohol too, it’s the perfect option for you.

Wine coolers often have lower alcohol strength and their constant temperature can help chill your other wines.

In Short: Wine coolers sure have an expiration date on their bottle but on average it should last 3 to 5 years. Most brands claim to produce high-quality wine coolers that can last 5 years however once the wine cooler is opened, you should consume it within 3 days as it is subject to change and lose its flavor after 2 or 3 days.

Wine coolers have alcohol content and level similar to that of a beer, but it sure contains other mixtures like red or white wine, fruit juices sparkling water, seltzer, and sugar.

Built-in wine coolers are ideal for your wine storage especially if you do have a certain collection. To ensure you are enjoying your wines, stick with us to find out if wine coolers do expire and how you can tell it has gone bad as well.

What Is A Wine Cooler? Drink Or Appliance?

To understand wine coolers, it has to be broken down and this is because many assume it is a certain brand of wine and while this is likely to be true, it is used for more than that. A wine cooler is an alcoholic beverage that is made from wine and juice.

There is a wine cooler fridge which is mainly meant for storing your wine and drinks. The wine cooler appliance varies in size, and it is strictly for keeping your wine chilled.

Wine cooler drink is mainly a carbonated sugar drink with low alcohol content. Wine coolers have low alcohol content compared to beers and some wines, and they have lower ABV since they are partially wines.

Do Wine Coolers Expire?

Wine coolers
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There is no definitive answer to whether wine coolers expire or not, although they do come with an expiration date just like every other drink. A recent study has shown that wine coolers lose some of their flavors after two years of storing, but this doesn’t mean they won’t taste good according to some brands, they are meant to last a maximum of 5 years.

The wine cooler does have an expiry date, but wine is not meant to expire. So, the average lifespan of any wine cooler should be 10 to 15 years but if it starts to taste funky after two years then you have to throw it out. Wine coolers are not designed to expire anytime soon, but your method of storage can ruin the flavor and quality.

The alcohol content also determines how fast a drink expires and when it comes to wine coolers, they are partial wines and are not meant to have a two-year or 3-year expiry date. How long the wine cooler lasts also depends on the quality so ensure you are buying one with high quality.

Regardless, you should consume any wine-based beverage 3 days after it has been opened.

What are the best types of wine coolers to try?

How do i know if wine cooler drink has gone bad?
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If you do know your wines then choosing wine coolers shouldn’t be complicated right? But this is not the case and most often end up choosing wine cooler brands they don’t like. The obvious type of wine cooler you will want to go for will be the fruity, sugar, and refreshing flavor. So, here is a list of high-quality wine coolers you will love to try.

1. Smirnoff Ice

This will only be the first wine cooler drink that comes to mind. The sugary taste sure makes it a great option if you like sweet wine taste and not too much alcohol content. Smirnoff ice is considered the original descendant of the wine cooler and although the taste is light, it is refreshingly great and also has many flavors for you to try.

2. Upslope Snowmelt

Another wine cooler drink that can change your taste in wine is Upslope Snowmelt. This is a bit hard and not so sweet but very refreshing. this comes from a brewing company in Boulder Colorado and sure has a slight stiffness but is a favorite for many. Snowmelt is worth a try.

3. Truly Hard Seltzer

These wine cool used to be offered in cacophony but now have so many flavors you can choose from. This brand is on the list of the best wine coolers to try. Truly hard seltzer wine coolers are delicious, and you get to try so much fruit flavor which includes: raspberry lime, grapefruit, pineapple, mango, passion fruit, lemon, plain lime and so many more.

4. White Claw

White claw sure has to be on the list of quality wine coolers to have in your cooler. White claw is considered ladies favorite, but anyone can truly enjoy it. This is not overly sugary and although it’s a bit heavy like beer, it is smooth and delicate on the palate.

Other popular wine coolers include:

  • Bon & Viv spiked seltzer
  • Mike’s Hard
  • Black Fly Vodka Crushed Orange
  • Caymen Jack
  • Seagram Escapes
  • Jack Daniels Country Cocktails
  • Corona Refresca.

Are wine coolers better than beer?

Wine coolers contain less alcohol, so they might be better in that aspect, but they do contain a good amount of sugar too. Wine coolers have a high sugar content which can also be a problem. Note that some wine coolers can also contain more sugar than beers. But the average alcohol in wine cooler is 6 percent.

A wine cooler is a combination of carbonated beverages and sugar, and it can include sweet soda and tonic as well. While the basic ingredients in beer are malt, water, hops, and yeast.

Wine coolers might be best if you are watching your alcohol intake but still has to be consumed in moderation due to the sugar in them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get drunk on wine coolers?

Yes, you can get drunk on wine coolers if they are consumed in excess. Wine colors have low alcohol content but mixing it with any alcoholic beverage or depending on your alcohol tolerance can still get you drunk. Factors like gender, weight, or if you have eaten can also decide if wine coolers will get you drunk or not.

How much alcohol is in a wine cooler?

An average wine cooler contains 4 or 6 percent of alcohol. Wine coolers are mixed with fruit drinks which reduces the alcohol content and makes it into partial wine.

Are wine coolers addictive?

Some studies show alcoholic drinks can become addictive. So, yes there is a good probability you can become addicted to wine coolers since it contains alcohol although not of it but still ‘alcohol is alcohol.”

Is a wine cooler like a fridge?

Wine cooler drink and fridge are two different things, but the differences are minor. There is an appliance designed like a fridge to keep your wine refreshed. Wines need higher temperatures which is why there is a wine cooler appliance for you to store them.

How do I know if the wine cooler drink has gone bad?

Wine cooler drinks have no record that proves they can hurt you when they go bad. If it is not stored properly then it is very likely to change the taste. If it tastes sour or has a vinegary flavor, it’s time to get rid of it.

Wrapping Up

Your wine-based beverage is unlikely to expire any time soon but ensure you are storing only high-quality ones.

Wine coolers need proper storage to keep them refreshed and stop them from losing their flavor. This partial wine requires a high temperature to make them stay cold so investing in a winter refrigerator will be a worthy investment as well.

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