Does Rice Cake Expire? What Does Rice Cake Taste Like?

Does Rice Cake Expire?

If you have never had rice cake before you’d probably be wondering what they taste like and if they do expire. For what it is worth rice cakes are very delicious treats that you definitely enjoy.

But then rice has long since been a very sensational meal all over the world, its very inviting taste makes it stand out. However, if you are still wondering if rice cake is worth all the hype it absolutely does!

Rice cake like every other perishable food will expire after its expiry date is due. This very delicious snack with lots and lots of flavor can go bad after a while.

If you are a newbie to Asian foods it might be difficult to really understand what rice cake tastes like and if they expire. But not to worry this article contains all the facts waiting to be explored, so stick around.

Why Is It Called Rice Cake?

I know you are thinking, is a rice cake really made from rice? Of course, it is! Rice is the key ingredient for making rice cake. You can hardly go wrong with this traditional Asian food. A variety of rice cakes are made with whole grain rice compressed together, while some are from rice flour, and other recipe uses grounded rice.

The rice is further molded into a flat shape and flavored with diverse toppings to give it a tangy and savory taste.

Either way, all methods must contain rice that has the accurate attributes to make the perfect rice cake. Precisely, this exceptional meal originated in Korea and it is called Tteokbokk but there are also other versions of rice cake.

Health-conscious Koreans prefer to use brown rice to make rice cake and if you want them to come out looking good and tasty, it’s best to use whole grain brown rice.

What Does Rice Cake Tastes Like?

You must have heard a lot of opinions about rice cakes and it might be hard for you to really determine what it actually tastes like. And I totally get it, sometimes we would love to get a heads up of what a meal tastes to help us decide if it is worth the try or not.

Now let’s explain why there are different opinions about rice cake. Rice cakes are prepared in varieties of flavors, it is possible you heard someone who had plain rice cake tell you it is bland. The whole point is rice cakes may not all taste the same because the ingredients in separate recipes differ.

In a nutshell, rice cake can taste sweet, bland, nutty, fruity, creamy, chocolatey, and so on depending on the unique topping used.

There is a diverse options when it comes to rice cakes, you first have to make up your mind on what flavor you’d prefer to go for. And once that’s out of the picture, and you have a place for rice cake you’ll rice is actually worth the try.

Does Rice Cake Go Bad?

Yes, rice cake does expire or go bad. Sadly all foods have to spoil at some point, and rice cake can also not stand the test of time for long. The shelf life of rice cakes can be really short especially when it is homemade, however, store-bought and sealed rice cakes don’t expire until after 12 months of production.

After the rice cake is opened it is expected to last for about 2-4 weeks in the refrigerator. Note that rice cake expires rapidly so always ensure that it is consumed before that timeframe elapses.

Storage Pro Tips For Rice Cake

To ensure that rice cakes last long enough for you, you have to store them appropriately. You’ll find these pro tips very helpful;

1. Store In A Cool, Dry Place

One of the best ways to keep rice cakes is by storing them in moisture proof area of your kitchen. You can secure it in an air-tight container to ensure that the texture of the rice cake is retained. Ensure rice cake is not left out for too long else it will go bad.

2. Refrigerate Rice Cake

If you know you won’t be consuming your rice cake very soon, you can refrigerate it. However, refrigerating rice cakes may slightly affect the texture so it’s best to wrap them up in aluminum foil paper or saran wrap to lock in the moisture.

3. Do Not Freeze Cooked Rice Cakes

Freezing rice cakes can be a very bad idea, as this will dry out rice cakes completely. The uncooked rice cake can be safely stored in the freezer for as long as 3 months. Cooked rice cake will go bad after 3 days and it can be refrigerated for that long. After 3 days it is best to throw the rice cake away as it is not ideal to go ahead and eat it.

How Do I Tell If Rice Cake Has Gone Bad?

If you are not very familiar with rice cakes you might need some help on how to tell if they are spoilt or expired. Below are eye openers on how to tell apart bad rice cakes from the good ones;

1. It Has Visible Molds

Molds are those brown, pale blue, or green patches you can find on spoilt foods. If you notice molds on the rice cakes, it is a clear indication that it has gone bad. The best thing to do at this point is to throw them away as you can get sick from eating them.

2. Smells Bad

One of the common indications that food has gone bad is the smell. Once the smell isn’t as welcoming as they once were, the rice cake is definitely bad. And you’d want to toss them in the trash now because it would be dangerous to still go ahead to consume them.

3. Passed Its Expiry Date

Rice cakes that long passed their expiration dates are a no-no. They may still look good but there’s a reason why there’s an expiry date on the packaging. Expired rice cakes are definitely not safe for consumption.

4. Has Exceeded Four Days In The Fridge

Cooked rice cakes that have been refrigerated for more than 4 days are no longer great for consumption. The texture may not be as great after exceeding four days in the refrigerator.

5. Has An Odd Taste

Rice cake will never taste bad or sour, but when they are spoilt this will be the case. If your rice cake tastes off it’s best to discard them. The feel in your mouth may be slimy and disgusting. And you’ll be at risk of getting sick from food poisoning.


Rice cakes are no doubt worth the try. Although they are deliciously good, they can easily go bad if not properly stored. It is recommended to discard bad rice cakes as there are a number of repercussions when they are consumed. Expired rice cakes should also not be consumed as it is very unsafe.

This article has explained several ways you can tell if a rice cake has gone bad as well as storage tips for rice cakes. We hope you enjoy a flavorful rice cake soon. Cheers!

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