Does George Foreman Grill Taste Like BBQ?

Does George Foreman Grill Taste Like BBQ?

Grilling fresh meat to make BBQ is genuinely one of the best arts of cooking, just boiling meat in a pot and eating it is not nearly as satisfying as enjoying grilled fresh meat.

However, you need a quality BBQ grill that gives the BBQ flavor rather than a rusty or burnt taste as could be the case with grills of less quality. Now the big question is “ does the George Foreman grill taste like BBQ?” 

Yes, the George Foreman grill is known to give a quality taste when used to make barbecue, it is smoke-free but still manages to give the smoky, juicy,  and unique taste that BBQ is expected to give. If you are in search of a grill with quality BBQ taste, the George Foreman grill is a great choice to lean towards acquiring.

You can never go wrong with a grill that gives you quality taste because you can always rest assured of enjoying a sumptuous meal, even while you grill your mouth would water from the smell as well. The George Foreman grill also remains promising when it comes to grilling healthy BBQ meals, so it’s a winner in several aspects so far. 

The George Foreman Grill Explained

The George Foreman Grill is a line of indoor and outdoor grills that are manufactured by the spectrum brand and promoted by George Foreman who is a two-time champion of the world heavyweight championship.

It is powered by electricity and there’s a model that is suitable for every household and every budget.

This grill is known to guarantee evenly cooked sides of your grilled meal, it is very easy to clean, it is convenient for use by every member of the family, and it is positioned at an angle where the grease from your meal goes into a plastic boat to ensure that your intake of grease in your meal is cut down heavily and you can enjoy healthy grilled meals. 

George Foreman 5-Serving Removable Plate Electric Indoor Grill and Panini Press, Black, GRP0004B

Image: George Formal Grill (Check price) / Amazon.

Does George Foreman Grill Taste Like BBQ? 

Barbecue comes in different mouth-watering flavors depending on how it is made, it could be sweet, salty, spicy,  or tangy and these are the flavors of BBQ that most people are familiar with.

The mix of these unique flavors and a light smoky taste is what makes BBQ enjoyable for a lot of people. Of course, one would want to know if using certain grills will taint the BBQ taste they desire or guarantee the taste after use. 

Is this case with the George Foreman grill? Does it give your meals a BBQ taste after they have been prepared?

Fortunately, we can assure you that you will certainly get the feel of a perfectly cooked and perfectly flavored BBQ meal using this type of grill. The George Foreman grill ensures that your BBQ is smoke-free while retaining the light smoky flavor that is extremely satisfying, it just might not be as good as the smoky BBQ taste that is attainable with a charcoal grill.

Using A George Foreman Grill Correctly

Here are some extra rules to follow to get the best out of your George Foreman grill.

The Do’sThe Dont’s
You can grill veggies and fruits.Do not flip your food as it could decrease the flavor and increase cooking time.
Spray it lightly with olive oil to improve flavor.Do not grill bony meat as they could end up unevenly cooked.
Grill frozen meat without thawing first. Do not use meats that are too greasy, choose lean meats instead.
You can grill or warm up bread and make sandwiches.Do not wait till your meat is done before cooking side dishes, do it side by side.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is so special about a George Foreman grill?

A George Foreman grill has a few unique features that make it pretty special in the grill marketplace, a unique feature is that it has a floating hinge that is held together by two grill plates and it ensures that both sides of the food or meat being grilled are cooked at the same time which reduces cooking time.

Is the George Foreman BBQ any good? 

The George Foreman grill has been a favorite of several users since it was rebranded as George Foreman in 2003, it ensures that food is cooked evenly, it is easy to clean, gives your food a healthy flavor, and it is convenient to use. 

Are George Foreman grills smokey? 

No, George Foreman grills are designed to be smoke-free, they sizzle while cooking but there would be no smoke in your kitchen while you cook. If you’re worried about smoke then you know that it is not a problem you would experience. 


George Foreman grills have been popular for over a decade, many people hear about them and wonder why so many people boast about owning George Foreman grills, but we can assure you that it is worth all the hype it gets because of its healthy features and durability that can be vouched for.

A George Foreman grill also gives the BBQ taste when used to make a BBQ meal, it might have the unique smoky taste of a charcoal grill but it’s next to none.

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