Fix Traeger Won’t Ignite Issues Easily (Guide)

Fix Traeger Won't Ignite Issues Easily

Technical issues impede grilling processes and may cost a lot to fix if the cause is not identified by the users early. A major technical issue Traeger owners may deal with is their grills not igniting adequately.

The reasons your Traeger might not be igniting are covered in detail in this post, along with solutions to the issues. Additionally, we have provided maintenance and safety tips.

Keep reading to discover what may be wrong with your Traeger

Why Is My Traeger Grill Not Igniting?

Here are reasons your Traeger may not be igniting: 

1. Tripped GFCI outlet

GFCI outlets regulate the power that flows through the outlet. GFCI outlet cuts off power to mitigate the effects of a power surge or to prevent accidental electrocution. Once the GFCI shuts off the power, the Traeger will not ignite. A tripped GFCI indicates that your Traeger may be faulty.

2. Blown fuse

A blown fuse prevents power from getting to the control board. Blown fuses are caused by a power surge or moisture buildup. If the wiring of your Traeger has been exposed to moisture, there is a likelihood that the fuse will be affected. You can identify blown fuses through burn marks or broken filaments.

3. Faulty extension or power cable

Your Traeger grill will not ignite if the power cable or extension cord is faulty. The main causes of Traeger’s power cable failure are rodent attack, heating of the cable, moisture in the insulation, and degradation of the cable sheath. An extension is likely to go bad if it consumes more watts than it can handle. 

4. Insufficient pellets and low-quality pellets

If your Traeger is out of pellets, it will not ignite. The grill may also fail to ignite if the pellets are of poor quality or have been exposed to moisture. If you can see the bottom of the pellet pot, your Traeger is almost out of pellets. 

Traeger Timberline 1300
Source: The BBQ King

5. Jammed auger 

A jammed auger will not rotate, preventing pellets from entering the hopper. Rust and wet pellets can sometimes cause an auger to clog. If the auger is exposed to moisture, it will quickly deteriorate.

6. A faulty induction fan

 The function of the induction fan is to maintain the pressure inside a grill while circulating the heat and keeping the exterior from being overheated. If the induction is faulty, your Traeger will not ignite. 

7. Damaged hot rods

Hot rods provide heat to the grill when they are ignited. Your Traeger will not ignite easily if the hot rods are damaged. Damaged hot rods are caused by rust, exposure to moisture and debris buildup, and aging. 

How To Fix Traeger Grill Not Igniting Issues

Below are the procedures to fix the reasons your Traeger is not igniting properly:

Root CauseHow to Fix
Tripped GFCI outletReset your GFCI by pushing the button in the center of the outlet and then plugging the appliances back in.
Blown fuseUnplug and turn off your grill.

Remove the controller from the hopper by unscrewing and pulling it out.

Remove the cover from the tube or box.

Take the fuse out of the box or tube.

Replace it with the spare fuse that came with the controller, or purchase a standard 3-5 Amp, 250 Volt fuse.
Faulty extension or power cableReplace the power cable with a new one (you may need a technician for this).

Avoid placing your Traeger in an area where it will be exposed to moisture or rodent attack.

Combat rodent attacks upon detection.

Check the Traeger manual to determine its amperage rating and then choose an extension cord with an equivalent rating.
Insufficient and Low-quality pelletsInvest in high-quality pellets.

A sign of low-quality pellets is that they crumble easily.

Keep your pellets in a cool and dry environment. Never expose them to moisture.

Always check that the Traeger has enough pellets to run. 
Jammed augerA new auger can be installed after unscrewing and detaching the old one from the control board.
Faulty induction fanContact Customer service to fix the induction fan.
Damaged hot rodsTo replace the hot rods, first, turn off the grill.

Unscrew the hopper.

Remove the firepot, grate, drip pan, and tray.

Remove the hot rod by unscrewing the hot rod screw.

Insert the new hot rod into the side hopper hole.

5 Maintainance Tips For Your Traeger Grill

Here are some safety and maintenance tips you’ll find helpful:

  1. Never keep your Traeger close to water sources.
  2. Always clean your grill after each use to prevent debris buildup.
  3. Once you detect any part of the Traeger is faulty, contact a technician or customer service to fix the issue.
  4. Ensure a fire extinguisher is nearby when the grill is in use.
  5. After usage, the grill should not be stored inside until it has cooled.

Final note

You must have discovered why your grill is not igniting. If you cannot single-handedly fix the problem, we advise that you contact customer service for safety reasons.

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