Traeger Not Heating Up Issues (FIXED)

Traeger Not Heating Up Issues (FIXED)

Problems with a Traeger grill‘s heating process are frustrating since you know your food will be unevenly cooked, making it less enjoyable. If your Traeger won’t heat up, several factors could be at play.

This article has listed every possible reason your Traeger may not be heating up properly. You will also learn how to fix these problems. Tips to extend the shelf-life of your Traeger have been included.

If you do not possess the technical know-how to identify specific components of your Traeger, we advise that you consult a technician before fixing any issue.

Why your Traeger grill is not heating up

These are some of the possible causes of your Traeger grill not heating up:

1. Deterioration of hot rods

Your Traeger is most likely not heating up due to a faulty hot rod. The function of the hot rod is to ignite the wood pellets in the firepot, keeping the wood pellets burning and the temperature rising to grill your meal. Deterioration occurs due to wear and tear from regular use, exposure to moisture, and poor cleaning. 

2. Poor airflow

Your Traeger grill won’t distribute the heat properly if it has poor airflow. Your Traeger will experience poor airflow if it has been exposed to debris buildup, which may be from ash, dirt, and food. Other causes are a faulty induction fan and a deep tray liner blocking airflow.

3. Tightened chimney cap

The function of the chimney cap is to direct and reduce excess smoke into the pellet grill. Tightening the chimney cap might obstruct airflow and prevent your grill from heating up properly. You should only tighten the chimney cap during the rainy season.  

4. Low-quality pellets

Low quality or wet pellets do not burn properly and may prevent your Traeger from heating up. Here is how to identify high-quality pellets. We recommend that you use Traeger All-Natural Wood Pellets when grilling.

Traeger Timberline 1300
Source: The BBQ King

5. Incorrect startup procedure or shutdown cycle

Your Traeger may not heat up properly if your startup procedure is incorrect or you did not correctly shut down the grill.

6. Insufficient pellets in the grill

Your grill won’t heat well if you have run out of wood pellets. The grill will not maintain the required temperature if the pellets are below the fill line and you can see the bottom of the pellet pot. 

7. Blown fuses

Your grill will not heat up if a fuse blows. Electric surges cause blown fuses. A blown fuse can be identified by its burn markings or broken filament.

8. Moisture in the grill

Moisture can cause many problems for your grill. Moisture quickens the deterioration of the hot rod and auger and restricts the movement of wood pellets. Wet pellets can obstruct the auger (the rotator that moves the wood pellets) as they move from the hopper to the fire pot.

How to fix Traeger not heating up

These are the solutions to each of the factors mentioned above:

Reasons Traeger Grill is not heating upHow to fix it
Deteriorated hot rodTurn off the grill’s power.
Remove the attached hopper by unscrewing it.
Remove the grate, drip pan, tray, and firepot.
Unscrew the hot rod screw and remove the hot rod.
Insert the new hot rod into the side hopper hole. 
Poor airflowClean your grill regularly to prevent debris buildup.
Use high-quality pellets as low-quality pellets cause an excessive buildup of ash.
Ensure the deep tray liner is not placed to restrict airflow. 
Tightened chimney cap Adjust the chimney cap between one and two inches.
Pellet qualityRemove ash and sawdust debris from the hopper and the auger tube.
Buy the pellets recommended by Traeger.
Use a moisture meter to determine the quality of wood pellets.
Never use wet wood pellets in your grill.
Store pellets in a dry, airtight container.
Incorrect startup procedure or shutdown cycleCheck here to start up your grill properly.
Here is how to correctly shutdown your Traeger
Insufficient pellet in the grillEnsure that your pellets exceed the Traeger’s fill line.
Blown fusesTurn your grill off and unplug it.
Unscrew and pull out the controller from the hopper.
Remove the tube or box cover.
Remove the fuse from the box or tube.
Replace it with the spare fuse that came with the controller, or buy the standard size fuse of 3-5 Amp, 250 Volt.
Moisture in the grillWet pellets should not be used in your grill.
Never expose your grill to moisture.
Lower the chimney cap during rainy seasons.
Ensure the auger is working properly.

Tips for maintaining Traeger grills

Here are tips to extend the durability of your Traeger grill:

  1. Clean your Traeger after each usage.
  2. Fix all faulty parts as soon as you detect them.
  3. Avoid exposing your grill to moisture from grease, mildew, or rain.
  4. Move your Traeger indoors if you won’t be using it for an extended period, or use a protective cover to shield it from the weather elements.
  5. Never leave your Traeger uncovered. Using the grill lid will protect the grill from pests.

Final Note

With the information provided, you can identify why your Traeger is not heating up. However, if the problem persists, we recommend contacting customer support.

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