Are Public Grills Safe To Use?

Are Public Grills Safe To Use?

Grilling over an open fire in an open space can be quite fun and adventurous, however, you may be wondering if using public grills are safe. Sometimes, you just want to head out to a park or campsite with friends or family, and make amazing food with the grills provided in these places.

Yes. Public grills are safe to use. One major reason we affirm the safety of the public grill is that just as the name connotes, it is used in the public and easier to avoid or curtail fire accidents than when it is used indoors.

However, because you are quite unsure of the safety of the public grills, you just hold back and invite them to dinner. If you do not have the satisfaction you wish to gain from the outdoor hangouts, and you want to know if public grills are safe to use, keep reading.

Are Public Grills Safe To Use?

The public grills provide an opportunity to socialize, and have fun and also reduce the cost of having to purchase a personal grill at home that may be used just once in a while.

So, yes, the public grill is very safe to use once it is properly cleaned and monitored closely. 

Once the grill has been properly cleaned, it is also healthy to use without fear of getting infections or food poisoning. If you are looking to change your environment, you do not own a grill or your house is not large enough to host picnics and get-togethers public grills can be a great idea.

How to Use Public Grills

If you have doubts about using the surface of the public grill directly, here are some tips on how to use the grill surface, without direct contact with it.

1. Use Grill Grates

Any side of the grill grate can be used, depending on what you will be making for your picnic. The grill grate is a great way of making use of the public grills, because it also has a coarse surface like the grill, but is removable and personal.

Once the grill grate has been used, you just clean and pack up till it is time to use it again. The grill grates however do not get hot easily.

2. Grill Sheets

You can just simply place the grill sheets on the public grill. It has a very smooth surface and works best for your burgers. It is also easy to clean the grill sheets, and it’s very compact.

3. Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is the cheapest substitute for placing your food on the grill. All you have to do is to cut enough foil on the grill and make some holes into the foil. The aluminum foil conducts heat easily and is easily accessible to all.

Another important use of aluminum foil on a public grill is that it helps to keep the food from falling into the tray below the grill. 

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4. Hacks For Cleaning The Public Grill

Cleaning the public grill is very important to avoid poisoning. It should be cleaned properly both before use and after use. Here are some tips on how to clean the public grill.

5. Use A Coarse Surface to Scrub The Grill

You can use an iron sponge, grill brush, or folded aluminum foil to scrub the burnt leftovers on the grill. Scrub thoroughly and be sure that there is no leftover on the surface.

6. Use Oil Spray or Tissue With Oil on The Grill Surface

The oil spray or tissue with oil is to prevent the food you are about to grill from getting stuck to the surface of the grill if you are not making use of a foil.

7. You Can Also Make Use of Onions

A sliced bulb of onions will work magic in cleaning the surface of the grill and also giving the surface a pleasant scent. All you need to do is to cut a big chunk of onions into half and then scrub the surface.

8. Clear The Bottom of Leftover Food

Once you have successfully cleaned the surface of the grill, do not forget to clean the bottom for ashes and leftover food. You sure want to make the grill as clean as possible. 

9. Preheat The Grill Before Using

Preheating the grill helps to kill bacteria on the surface. You must preheat the cleaned grill. Pour the charcoal into the bottom of the grill and preheat for some time before placing your food on it.

10. Clean After Using

As the good citizen that you are, you should leave the grill clean enough for other persons to use. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I clean up the grill immediately after use?

Yes, you can clean up the grill immediately after use. You should however not place your hands directly on the grill, because it will still be sizzling hot and if it touches it there is a possibility of scalding your hands, which you do not want. Try to avoid the scalding of those fresh palms by waiting for the grill to cool off for some minutes before cleaning. It is surely worth the wait.

Can I use public grills?

Absolutely! Skip the fear of getting poisoned by using the public grills. Once the grill has been properly cleaned, it can be used to make your grilled and roasted dishes. If you are however skeptical about using the grill directly, you can make use of grill grates or aluminum foils.

How do I know the grill is clean enough for use?

Upon arriving at the park or campsite, you may be unsure it is clean enough for you. Be rest assured that once you can clean the grill with whatever you use in cleaning, it is good enough for use. Preferably, try using the aluminum foil by folding it into a lump and scrubbing the surface of the grill, and also emptying the bottom. 

Must I use an aluminum foil on a public grill?

No. Using a foil on the public grill is not a must but a choice. Using the foil when grilling or roasting tiny pieces of meat or shrimps is advisable, so your shrimps do not fall into the ashtray.

Can I use soap and water to clean a public grill?

Yes, you can use soap and water to clean a public grill both before and after use. If it makes you feel more comfortable using it, then give it a nice scrub. You should however check for the precautions and instructions given by the park managers before using the grill. This will help to have more knowledge on how to go about using the grill.


Using public grills is safe. You cannot get poisoned by using a clean public grill. Make sure that before using, you clean the grill properly, and also after using.

If you are in doubt about using the surface of the grill directly, make use of some substitutes we have listed, such as grill grates and aluminum. Do not be discouraged in planning the next picnic, including open-air grilling. 

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