How to Fix Expert Grill Turkey Fryer Won’t Stay Lit Issues

How to Fix Expert Grill Turkey Fryer Won't Stay Lit Issues

Turkey fryers are a must-have for Thanksgiving meals and other special occasions. It can be frustrating to discover that your turkey fryer will not stay lit when you need it the most. This is a major issue that most turkey fryers face when utilizing their turkey fryers.

It is advisable to be prepared with information that will be useful in a certain situation. This is the reason this article provides all you need to know regarding why your turkey fryer won’t stay lit and what to do about it.

This information is essential because it will save you time, energy, and resources that might otherwise be wasted on futile efforts to fix your turkey fryer.

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Why your Turkey Fryer won’t stay lit

Most turkey fryers that have a problem staying lit are usually gas or electric models. These are the reasons why a turkey fryer, whether gas or electric, may not stay lit:

1. Insufficient gas

If you don’t have enough gas, your turkey fryer won’t stay lit. Check the content gauge to see if you are out of gas or going low on gas.

2. Poor gas flow

If the gas line is closed, there will be insufficient gas flow, and your turkey fryer will not stay lit. To determine the state of the gas line, check behind the grill to ensure the gas line is switched open, not closed.

Furthermore, if the gas pipes are broken, your turkey fryer will not stay lit, which can be extremely dangerous. This is due to the fact that a gas leak can result in an explosion.

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3. Faulty ignition

There is an ignition switch on every electric turkey fryer. If the ignition is faulty, your turkey fryer will not turn on or stay lit. A malfunctioning ignition switch is one that is loose, cracked, or damaged.

In addition, the ignition switch may not be faulty; it could be that you do not hold the ignition button long enough as early release causes the thermocouple to not get hot.

4. Clogged burners

Clogged burners occur when there is a debris buildup. The debris could be grease or food crumbs; an ample amount of these can block gas flow to the igniter. If you notice very few flames or the fryer won’t stay lit, it could be that your burner is clogged.

5. The Pilot Light has gone out

A pilot light is built into some turkey fryer models. The pilot light is a little flame that is kept burning inside the grill. When you turn on the switch, the pilot light is activated, allowing the gas to ignite.

A damaged thermopile is usually the cause of pilot light failure. If the pilot light in your turkey fryer has gone out, it will not stay lit.

6. Regulator setting

A gas regulator is a component that controls the flow and pressure of gas in pipelines.

A wrong regulator setting occurs when a wrong procedure has been used to turn on the grill and off. Another issue with the regulator could be that it is too small for the grill. If it is too small, the turkey fryer would operate inefficiently.

7. Faulty power cable

This often occurs when using an electrical turkey fryer. If the power cable is faulty, the turkey fryer may not stay lit.

A power cable may fail in service for these reasons: the cable sheath can age and degrade due to exposure to moisture, corrosion, extreme heating, rodent attack, and poor weather conditions. This is often the case when using an electric turkey fryer.

Fix Expert Grill Turkey Fryer Won’t Stay Lit Issues

Fixing your turkey fryer depends on the reason behind its malfunction. One of the factors mentioned above is the reason your turkey fryer won’t stay. The first step to a solution is to discover the reason.

1. Insufficient gas

Always check the content gauge before use to determine if it needs refilling. Also, if your gas runs out quickly, you should check for gas leaks.

2. Poor gas flow

Ensure the gas line is switched on before using it.

3. Faulty ignition

For a faulty ignition, you would require the services of a technician or the manufacturer.

4. Clogged burner

Unclog a burner by using a brush or clip to remove debris. If the debris is difficult to remove, you can sprinkle baking soda and warm soapy water on them. This would loosen up the debris and make your burner holes grease-free.

5. A faulty power light

A broken thermopile can only be fixed by a technician. You can also contact the manufacturer, especially if you have a warranty.

6. Regulator resetting

Follow these steps to reset the regulator:

  • Turn off the propane tank’s gas.
  • Disconnect the hose from the propane tank.
  • Turn the burner valve to high.
  • Wait for about 2 minutes.
  • Turn off the burner valve.
  • Connect the gas line back to the propane tank.
  • Turn on the propane tank slowly.

7. Faulty power cable

Change the power cable with the assistance of a technician and take measures to preserve its shelf life.

Source: Howstuffworks

Safety tips when using your Turkey Fryer 

These tips would help you maintain your Turkey fryer:

  1. If you don’t have basic knowledge about fixing fryers, you may require the services of a technician or need to contact the manufacturers.
  2. Always place the fryer on a flat-level surface.
  3. Keep a safe distance away from your home when using the turkey fryer.
  4. Ensure the turkey is completely thawed and dry before frying. This prevents oil from spilling over.
  5. Always ensure a fire extinguisher is kept nearby.

Final note

When your turkey fryer malfunctions, try to identify the source of the problem. In situations where you lack technical knowledge, we recommend contacting a technician.

This is a precaution that should be taken.

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