Left Your Grill Open In The Rain? (What You Should Do)

Left Your Grill Open In The Rain? (What You Should Do)

One of the concerns of grill users is how to extend the durability and functionality of their grills.

The fastest way to damage your grill is exposed to rain for a prolonged period. Leaving your grill in the rain can result in problems that may affect its shelf-life and function. 

This article has been created just for you, to prevent mishaps and mistakes that could occur when trying to fix a grill that has been left open in the rain.

This article addresses everything you need to know regarding what you should do when you leave your grill in the rain. This post also covers what happens when you leave your grill in the rain, maintenance and safety precautions, and other common grilling concerns.

What happens when you leave the grill in the rain?

The effect of leaving your grill in the rain is seen after a long period. When you leave your grill out in the rain for an extended period, the following happens:

  1. Charcoal grills, in particular, may take longer to light.
  2. Rain quickens the combustion of metals. Your grill may rust after prolonged exposure to rain.
  3. For electric grills, the electric components can become damaged, becoming hazardous. When electrical components, such as cables and power cords, are exposed to moisture, they become easily damaged and can cause problems such as a fire or electrocution.
  4. Leaving your grill out in the rain can cause it to rust. You may notice that the paint on the grill begins to chip away and become discolored or dull.
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What to do If You Left Your Grill Open In The Rain

These are the steps to take when you leave your grill in the rain:

  1. Disconnect the grill. 
  2. Take out wet coals, ash, and water residue. 
  3. Disassemble the grill according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. Use a dry towel to dab and clean every wet part of the grill. Ensure you take out the grates and burner.
  5. Leave your grill open to dry faster.
  6. Reassemble your grill. 
  7. Check if the grill works to determine if you need to consult a technician.

Maintenance tips for your grill

These tips would prolong the durability of your grill, regardless of its type.

  1. Ensure your grill is dry before covering it.
  2. Never turn on a wet grill.  
  3. Always close your grill after every usage.
  4. Place the grill under a protective shade such as an umbrella, canopy, tarp, or gazebo.
  5. Avoid using an electric grill in the rain.
  6. Visually inspect your grill regularly to check for rust, leaks, and damage. Any damaged or rusted part should be replaced. Regular inspection also helps you determine if your grill needs to be serviced.
  7. Never move a hot grill indoors.
  8. Clean your grill after each usage to prevent debris build-up and to ward off pests such as ants and raccoons.  
  9. Oil grill parts regularly to prevent rusting.
  10. Move your grill indoors if you wouldn’t be using the grill in a while

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does rain ruin a BBQ?

Yes, prolonged exposure to rain can ruin your grill.

What happens if a charcoal grill gets wet? 

When a charcoal grill gets wet, it prevents the proper ignition of the coals. Wet coals are usually deprived of oxygen needed to retain the heat needed for efficient grilling.

Can you leave a grill uncovered in the rain?

No, you cannot leave a grill uncovered in the rain. Leaving your grill uncovered exposes it to mildew, rain, and harsh heat, all of which can cause rust and damage to your barbecue.

Final Note

If you have been leaving your grill open, thus exposing it to rain or other harsh weather elements, you should consider investing in a protective cover or shade.

The aforementioned tips would help to extend the life of your grill.

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